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SVPtube 2 is a SVP 4 extension to extract direct URLs to live streams from almost any online video hosting (thanks to youtube-dl!) and send it to your preferred video player that can play this stream as normal video with SVP and/or any post processing enabled. Just copy any link to clipboard - and that's all!

A free standalone legacy application (version 1.xx) supporting YouTube and Vimeo only is there.

Works best with MPC-BE (MPC-HC) and mpv.


  • Windows: install it via SVP's main menu, Utilities -> Additional programs and features

Windows XP is NOT supported by SVPtube 2! Please use legacy SVPtube instead.

  • OS X, Linux: enable "svptube" extension via SVP's main menu, Application settings -> Additional options -> Extensions.
  • Linux: Python 3.5 is required, otherwise you won't even see "svptube" in the "Extensions" menu.

What this app can

  • Monitor clipboard for online videos links and extract direct links to video/audio/subtitles streams in different formats.
  • Navigate through playlists.
  • Send any available stream(s) to selected (or system default) video player.
  • Do this automatically with "Autoplay" option enabled (from tray context menu).
  • Choose preferred video size and subtitles language.

Video players compatibility

MPC-HC MPC-BE mpv VLC Other players
MP4 streams via HTTP Yes
YouTube DASH formats (video and audio in separate streams) Yes, but may "hang" on long clips Yes Yes No
Subtitles on YouTube (VTT) No Yes No No
Other subtitles (SRT, SSA) Yes Local only No
RTMP protocol streams Yes (?) No Yes No Maybe
M3U8 protocol streams Yes No Yes Yes Maybe


  • It's completely up to video player to start playback / hang / crash / etc while opening the link.
  • Some web sites provide only geo restricted content (e.g. Funimation)
  • To achieve better results use the latest versions/builds of MPC-HC / MPC-BE / mpv.
  • MPC-HC doesn't yet support new Youtube subtitles format (VTT)
  • Don't forget to set video player to open videos in the same window:
    • MPC-HC: "View" - "Options" - "Player" - "Use the same player for each video file"
    • Daum PotPlayer: "Preferences" - "General" - "Multiple instances" - "Disable: Play files in existing instance"

YouTube and 1080p


Most of MP4 streams on YouTube are now splitted into two streams - one for video and one for audio. This is called DASH and those video formats are marked with (*) mark in SVPtube. As of November 2013 all "old" (video plus audio) formats below 1080p are still available but formats greater or equal to 1080p available in a new (splitted) mode only.

To play these formats with sound video player should be able to merge different streams on-the-fly. Following video player are known to be able to do this: MPC-HC,MPC-BE, mpv, VLC. It may (or may not) change in future.

Authentication and privacy


SVPtube 2 can pass required authentication data to youtube-dl engine. To make it work you should enter username and password for some web site via SVP's "Authentication data" dialogue.

After that you have two options:

  1. Not to save this data permanently - this's a default behavior.
  2. Save it locally to make SVP "remember" it on the next launch.

Choosing the second option may compromise saved passwords cause they will be stored on the local drive without strong encryption.
Be aware that attackers potentially will be able to extract your passwords stored by SVP.

SVP is not using provided passwords in any ways other than:

  • pass them to youtube-dl,
  • store them on the local drive in encrypted form

Authentication via cookies


Some web sites (e.g. Crunchyroll) need more than just a user name/password pair to log in. See technical details there.

Crunchyroll requires all the cookies plus the exact User-Agent string, so to make it work with SVPtube one need:

  1. Log into via web browser using user name and password,
  2. Export cookies into text file in Mozilla/Netscape format (see Chrome extension, Firefox extension),
  3. Determine web browser's "User-Agent" string via some online service,
  4. Open "Add web site authentication data" window in SVPtube and
    1. Browse for the saved cookie file and
    2. Paste the "User-Agent" string.
    3. Note that user name and password fields should be left blank.

Using proxies

Some examples of valid Proxy server values:

  • - assuming port 80
  • socks://
  • socks5://

Video downloading


Downloading and optional muxing of the video clips requires ffmpeg.

In SVP 4 for Windows you can download 64-bit ffmpeg package via SVP's Additional programs and features. If for some reason you prefer to use either 32-bit or non-static ffmpeg builds, feel free to download the desired version directly from ffmpeg's web site.

In OS X and Linux it's completely up to you how to install ffmpeg.

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