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An Android video player using SVP real-time motion interpolation (ME/MC) engine, including:

  • Target frame rate selection (48 fps, 60 fps, 120 fps, x2, x3 rate...)
  • Flexible configuration
  • Black bars detection and lighting

Please be aware that SVP engine requires a recent and powerful CPU and a vendor-specific OpenCL support. At least Snapdragon 855 performance level is highly recommended for 1080p playback. SVPlayer WILL drain the battery as top games do and it MAY NOT WORK at all on old/slow devices. Please don't write bad reviews just because your device can't handle it.

Based on mpv video player supporting:

  • All video and audio formats out there
  • Hardware video decoding
  • Playback of network streams
  • High quality scaling and rendering
  • HDR tone mapping
  • and much more...


Google Play

This is the preferred version. Install, try, update and purchase via Google Play market.

Purchases made via Google Play are valid for any device using the same Google account.

Standalone APK

If you don't have Google services (GMS) installed or have trouble paying via Google then this version is for you.

You'll need to buy a separate license key for this version (similar to SVP 4's license key).


FAQ (Android)

Tips and tricks

  • Long press on the play/pause button to open another video.
  • Long press on a subtitle track will set it as a secondary track appearing at the top edge of the screen.