RIFE AI interpolation

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Please be aware that RIFE support is currently at BETA stage.

RIFE is a Real-time Intermediate Flow Estimation algorithm based on a neural network named IFNet, that can directly estimate the intermediate flows from images.



  • very high quality of the intermediate frames
  • runs completely on GPU


  • very slow (comparing to SVP's interpolation method), do not expect it to run in real time unless you have a high-end video card and want to interpolate low-resolution video (up to 720p).
  • only frame rate doubling is supported


  • SVP 4.5.210 is required
  • Install an additional package via SVP menu -> Utilities -> Add. programs and features, called [VPS_64] FIDE AI interpolation engine, restart SVP
  • You'll notice a new video profile called RIFE AI interpolation added.



  • browse for a video file
  • choose a RIFE video profile
  • start transcoding!

Alternatively if you own a high-end video card you may try it in a real-time playback:

  • start playback in mpv (preferably) or VLC (DirectShow players may also work via Vapoursynth Filter)
  • manually switch to the RIFE video profile (it will be in the Other profiles sub-menu)
  • be patient ;)