2021202020192018201720162015SVP 3
Manager – – 2021-06-08

+ added support for RIFE AI interpolation (BETA, needs add. package)
+ AVSF: added support for Vapoursynth DirectShow filter (BETA)
+ added fast HDR tonemapping in SVPcode and SVPcast
= minor fixes…

SVPflow – – 2021-06-08

= fixed visual artifacts in some scenes when using HDR color recovery/tonemapping option
+ Vapoursynth: added HDR tonemapping option

Code extension – – 2021-06-08

+ added interpolation via RIFE AI engine (BETA)
+ added fast HDR tonemapping (enabled by default, see “Try to recover HDR colors” option; auto-off when using ffmpeg’s tonemap filter)

Cast extension – – 2021-05-09

+ show audio streams titles
= fixed playback not started from the beginning of the video
= fixed playback may not reach the end on AppleTV
= fixed not working streaming from SVPtube for some web sites

SVPflow – – 2021-03-14

= (hopefully) fixed not so smooth video when using NVIDIA Optical Flow on RTX 3xxx (Ampere) cards

Manager – – 2021-02-19

+ macOS: added support for native VLC for Apple M1 (ver.
= VLC: fixed various visual issues playing non-4:2:0 and/or 10-bit videos
+ Windows: AVSF: added dithering when converting high bit color depth video into 8-bit
= ‘override.js’ moved to %APPDATA% (won’t overwrite it after update)

Cast extension – – 2021-01-06

= fixed NVENC error with mpv 0.33
= fixed possible Chromecast hanging with x264 and AMF encoders due to exceeding 12 Mbit limit because of incorrect CBR encoding options

Manager – – 2020-12-17

+ macOS: supports native ARM mpv / mpv-based video players on Apple “Silicon” M1 systems (+50% performance over x86 version)

SVPflow – – 2020-12-17
+ macOS: native ARM plugins
Code extension – – 2020-12-17

+ macOS: supports native ARM mpv
= fixed error after muxing via ffmpeg

Code extension – – 2020-12-12

= fixed NVENC error with mpv 0.33
+ added a few predefined ‘lavfi’ presets (e.g. HDR tone mapping)

SVPflow – – 2020-10-23

= faster seeking with GPU acceleration on

Manager – – 2020-09-30

+ Windows: added support for the Avisynth Filter (AVSF) – a modern ffdshow replacement with a 10-bit color depth and HDR support
= fixed regression – some profile conditions were broken
= PotPlayer “native interface”: fixed script may not reload sometimes
= Windows: fixed white titlebars in “dark mode” on Windows 10 ver.2004
= NVOF: fixed possible script error with some block sizes on video smaller than FullHD

SVPflow – – 2020-09-30

+ DirectShow: supports 10-bit/16-bit color depth when using Avisynth Filter (AVSF)
= NVOF: uses SDK v2.0 when available

SVPflow – – 2020-08-13

= NVOF: fixed regression in rev.195 leading to broken scene change detection and reduced smoothing quality
= Avisynth: possibly improved stability and compatibility with newer AVS+ (thanks to pinterf)

Manager – – 2020-07-11

+ added “Always on top” option
+ Windows: added “Utilities -> Set environment variables” to simplify setting the correct %PATH% for VLC/libmpv
– confusing “frc.target.max” value replaced with a dedicated “Ignore HFR sources” video profile
= fixed some mess with opening video in mpv with “mpvSockets” script enabled
= fixed incorrect SVP index value in some cases
= Windows: fixed not working opening video through launcher shortcut
= minor UI improvements

SVPflow – – 2020-07-11

+ added 24 px “grid” option for NVOF
= improved smoothness of panning scenes in some cases

Code extension – – 2020-07-11

+ added warning when encoding done but remuxing failed due to incompatible codecs / containers / etc.; keep the video file in this case
= fixed wrong aspect ratio when encoding videos with DAR ≠ 1:1 (e.g. DVDs) and crop enabled

Tube extension – – 2020-07-11

+ Windows: show subtitles in MPC-HC
= ‘sticky’ Play/Download button
= minor UI improvements

SVPflow – – 2020-05-19
= Vapoursynth: fixed possible “no PTS after filter” error in mpv
Manager – – 2020-04-11

+ added support for SMPlayer >= (2020-04-06)
+ added support for multiple mpv windows opened (via mpvSockets script)
= Windows: fixed wrong SVP window size with screen scale >100%
= VLC: fixed broken Hi444p playback

Cast extension – – 2020-04-11

+ added “dynamic DNS” service – use www.svp-team.com/cast as a shortcut to the local IP address/port
+ added fallback to software/H.264 in case hardware encoder doesn’t support input video format (useful for QuickSync)
= fixed wrong audio/subs reading via MediaInfo for some MP4 files

Manager – – 2020-04-02

+ supports screen scale changes on-the-fly w/o restarting
+ drag-n-drop files to open via mpv
= read MediaInfo correctly when opening BD as a folder
= updated to Qt 5.14

Cast extension – – 2020-04-02

= fixed streaming not started on AppleTV
= fixed stream may stutter in Android video players
+ prevent computer from sleeping while streaming

Code extension – – 2020-04-02

+ choose encoding in auto/8/10-bit in Advanced mode
+ prevent computer from sleeping while encoding
+ ability to drag-n-drop files to the Transcoder panel

Tube extension – – 2020-04-02

+ Windows: Daum PotPlayer can now play YT videos (DASH format) with sound
= load URL from clipboard (if any) on SVP launch
= Windows: updated to Python 3.8
= youtube-dl updated to ver. 2020-03-24

Light extension – – 2020-04-02

= fixed wrong behaivor when controlling >100 leds via Ambibox

VLC plugin – – 2020-04-02
= Windows: load python.dll correctly, supports Vapoursynth/Python 3.8
Code extension – – 2020-02-17

+ ability to apply ‘deband’ filter in Simple mode (OFF by default, turn ON with code.simple.deband)
+ ability to encode video only (w/o audio and subs) in Advanced mode

Manager – – 2020-01-12

= faster black fields detection
= Windows: tuned seek detection in DirectShow players
= Linux: requires Qt >= 5.9

Manager – – 2019-12-22
+ VLC: added support for variable frame rate videos
VLC plugin – – 2019-12-22

+ handle interlaced video correctly

Manager – – 2019-12-20

= updated for the recent VLC plugin changes
+ Windows: simplify VLC usage (auto-set required folder permissions)
= Vapoursynth: apply dithering in 10-to-8-bits conversion
– removed a few confusing messages

VLC plugin – – 2019-12-20

= now replaces ‘postproc’ filter instead of ‘deinterlace’
= fixed possible crash on some network streams
+ correctly switch settings on network stream quality change

Manager – – 2019-12-10

= Windows: fixed seek detection in DirectShow players (again)
= Windows: fixed possible video hang after seeking when using Intel GPU
= fixed possible false frame rate change detection after seeking in mpv
= Windows: fixed possible crash on start when running in VM
= fixed possible SVP crash after closing mpv

Manager – – 2019-11-09

= Windows: don’t apply “recover HDR colors” to the files containing “hdr=on” madVR’s tag
= fixed not needed script reloading in some cases when entering fullscreen mode
+ automatic registration in trial mode

Code extension – – 2019-11-07
Cast extension – – 2019-11-07

= added support for mpv 0.30

Manager – – 2019-09-27

+ Windows 10: experimental “dark mode” support (see “App. settings” menu)
= Windows: fixed possible stuttering because of false seek detection
= fixed wrong frame size detection for some 4K rips
= Windows: updated to Qt 5.12.5
= Mac: mpv build/install scripts updated to reflect recent changes in 10.15 Catalina

Tube extension – – 2019-09-27

+ option to force download in Matroska (MKV) format (supports ASS subtitles)
= VLC: fixed 2nd audio and subtitles streams don’t load
+ show several subtitles for one language if exist
= youtube_dl updated to git-master as of 2019-09-27

Manager – – 2019-08-22

+ VLC: support for major updates in VLC plugin ver.
= use last selected video profile when there’re several equally scored profiles available

VLC plugin – – 2019-08-02

+ added video prefetch: removes stuttering in most cases
+ extract URL of the playing video
= simplified usage: just turn on “SVP control” interface or run VLC from SVP’s menu once
= improved performance with HW decoder
= splitted into two separate plugins: “vapoursynth” video filter and “svpcontrol” interface

Manager – – 2019-07-28

+ VLC: HDR detection, DX11 hardware decoder support
+ added 80/144 Hz as a target rates in UI
= Windows DPI change: don’t restart when some code/cast/download jobs are running; keep “SVP disabled” status
+ more weight for the “Video player” profile condition
= Mac: ignore /Applications/mpv.app = fixed various minor UI issues

SVPflow – – 2019-07-28

= Avisynth: further improved HDR tone mapping in GPU mode: brighter, less yellowish, 1st SVP shader fixed
= Vapoursynth: fixed audio desync in VLC

VLC plugin – – 2019-07-28

!!! Only VLC 3 is supported now !!!
= fixed audio sync problems
+ preliminary support for hardware video decoders (Windows: DX11 only)

Code extension – – 2019-07-28

= corrected default encoder options in “basic” mode
+ Windows: proper check for AMD AMF availability (see utils/amfchecker.exe)
= Windows: fixed error with too long input file names

Tube extension – – 2019-07-28

= show VP9 streams by default
= don’t run autoplay on startup
= Windows: fixed error when WMP is the default video player
= youtube_dl updated to ver. 2019.07.27

Light extension – – 2019-07-28

+ added option for lights smoothing on scene changes
= fixed: lights doesn’t turn on when SVP starts with video already playing

Cast extension – – 2019-07-10

+ added support for external subtitles
+ save known streaming devices, added force rescan option
= fixed streaming may not finish after playback ends

Manager – – 2019-06-08

+ ability to reset manual profile options to predefined values
= improved HDR color fix for DirectShow players
= artifacts masking improved and it’s now on by default
+ option to launch SVP disabled
= Mac: fixed /tmp permission issue – use $TMPDIR instead of /tmp for mpv socket

SVPflow – – 2019-06-08

= Avisynth: improved HDR tone mapping in GPU mode
= improved SAD masking and 13th SVP shader (thanks to Mystery)
= Linux: fixed memory leak in some cases
+ Win, Mac: requires SVP Manager rev.165 or later to work

Tube extension – – 2019-04-24

+ pass cookies to mpv/ffmpeg when needed, may fix playback on some sites
= fixed external mpv executables set via ‘Choose application’ not worked correctly
= Dailymotion: better streams filtering
= youtube-dl updated to 2019.04.24 – fixes Youtube

SVPflow – – 2019-04-24

= NVOF: fixed wrong MVs alignment in some cases
= NVOF: fixed init error with some video files

Manager – – 2019-03-29

+ preliminary support for full HW acceleration via NVIDIA Optical Flow (Turing GPUs only!)
+ “Adaptive pattern” video profile option
+ Windows: auto-restart Manager when switching display scaling (fixes fonts and UI scaling)
+ search in “All settings” window
= Windows: updated to Qt 5.12.2

SVPflow – – 2019-03-29

+ support for MVs calculation via NVIDIA Optical Flow API

Tube extension – – 2019-03-29

= VRV.co: filtering of hardsub streams

= fixed not respected User-Agent string -> fixes Crunchyroll

SVPflow – – 2019-02-12

= Vapoursynth: fixed wrong frame timestamps in some cases resulting in audio de-sync

Code extension – – 2019-02-08

+ can set FFmpeg video filters in Expert mode
+ when transcoding an active video, also import additional settings, including detected black fields and manual cropping
= may fix DAR value for a non-square pixels videos
= removed double-dot from the resulting file name

Tube extension – – 2019-02-05

= may fix partiall missing sound when downloading from Youtube
= Crunchyroll: filtering of hardsub streams (again)
= Bilibili: don’t filter streams (there’s nothing to filter)

Light extension – – 2018-12-27

= Prismatik: fixed remote API authentication error

Manager – – 2018-12-14

= fixed mpv crash on pause
+ “remove every other frame” video profile option

Light extension – – 2018-12-05
+ Prismatik: supports more than 100 light zones with unofficial Prismatik build
Manager – – 2018-11-16

+ added 30-days evaluation mode
= updated Chinese, Korean and Japanese translations
= fixed registration error in rare cases

Code extension – – 2018-11-22
Cast extension – – 2018-11-22

= fixed missing AMD AMF encoding option on some AMD systems

SVP 4 Pro – – 2018-11-16

!!! REQUIRES Windows 7 OR LATER !!!
= improved 4K performance
+ HDR support: colors recovery in DirectShow players, added profile condition
+ simplified VLC usage (“Run VLC with SVP” in main menu)
+ various UI improvements

SVPflow – – 2018-11-15

= improved performance playing UHD video with GPU acceleration on
+ Avisynth: added HDR colors recovery mode
= fixed crash with empty black borders lighting playing 3D video

Tube extension – – 2018-11-15

= allow downloading of audio-only tracks
= fixed loading subtitles from the previous video in some cases
= youtube-dl updated to 2018.11.07

Code extension – – 2018-11-15

+ output file name template (see code.path.name in All settings)

SVP 4 Mac – – 2018-10-10

!!! REQUIRES MACOS 10.11 “El Capitan” OR LATER !!!
+ macOS 10.14 “Mojave” support, including “dark mode”
+ ability to run in evaluation mode w/o the license key
= fixed autostart at system’s launch may not work
+ various UI improvements
= rev.151: fixed possible too long SVP initialization after video player starts

Tube extension – – 2018-09-11

= load subtitles with Autoplay turned on
+ added HEVC and AV1 video codecs support
+ Crunchyroll: filtering of hardsub streams for the new HTML5 player
+ Vimeo: HEVC and HDR streams detection

Tube extension – – 2018-08-31

= fixed HTTP headers for downloading from some sites (e.g. Bilibili.com)

Cast extension – – 2018-08-26

+ added subtitles selection
= Windows /mpv 0.29-1: fixed possible streaming failure due to encoder error
= fixed broken SVPtube->SVPcast handover with mpv 0.29
= fixed streaming may not start on AppleTV

SVPflow – – 2018-08-11

= Vapoursynth: fixed audio sync issues in some cases, especially with VFR sources

Code extension – – 2018-08-09
Cast extension (BETA) – – 2018-08-09

= fixed wrong bitrate using NVENC/AMF with mpv 0.29 (defining ‘time_base’ is mandatory now)

Manager – – 2018-07-31

+ supports variable frame rate (VFR) sources in mpv
= fixed MediaInfo for some files
= Linux /rev.141: fixed Manager random crash when idle

SVPflow – – 2018-07-31

+ Vapoursynth: correctly process variable frame rate (VFR) sources

Code extension – – 2018-07-31

+ supports variable frame rate (VFR) sources
= supports mpv 0.29
= do not allow duplicated files in queue
= fixed incorrect bitrate value for 3D videos
= fixed incorrect muxing in some cases (several video streams in output file)

Cast extension (BETA) – – 2018-07-31

= supports mpv 0.29
+ Windows: can discover AppleTV w/o Bonjour service installed

Light extension – – 2018-07-09
+ added support for Boblight server API (also works with Hyperion)
Manager – – 2018-05-06

= one more attempt to fix incorrectly reported source frame rate: “Treat 23.810 as 23.976” option

Cast extension (BETA) – – 2018-05-06
Code extension – – 2018-05-06

+ force deinterlace when needed

Manager – – 2018-05-04

+ mpv: automatically turn on deinterlace mode if needed
= mpv: match SVP settings with the deinterlace mode set by user
+ “Is variable frame rate” profile condition
+ attempt to fix incorrectly reported source frame rate: “Treat 23.810 as 23.976” option
+ empty “outer lighting” for fixing stereo pairs aspect ratio
= lowered minimum allowed buffer size for ffdshow (will reduce lag if needed)
= fixed heavy stuttering caused by false seek detection in some cases
= fixed ffdshow script error when Windows user name contains characters absent from local code page
= fixed SVP’s “Open file via mpv” may open video in other mpv-based video player running
= fixed VLC script error when Windows user name contains characters absent from local code page
= fixed GPU acceleration error after hardware upgrades
= fixed incorrect frame size alignment after cropping in some cases (may lead to green line at the bottom)
= fixed non-zero disk usage in idle state
= various small fixes

Code extension – – 2018-05-04

+ option to transcode currently playing video
= fixed default subtitles burned into the video
= do not delete intermediate file until the “Finish” button is pressed
= fixed transcoding failure with some files due to mkvmerge warnings
= fixed incorrect frame size reported for 3D videos
= more verbose error reporting

Tube extension – – 2018-05-04

+ re-stream via SVPcast instantly
+ option for Adobe Pass authentication
+ pass “HTTP referer” to the video player if possible (required by some video hosting services)
+ pass media title to the video player if possible
= fixed possible crash due to conflicting Python installations
= youtube-dl updated to 2018.05.01

Cast extension (BETA) – – 2018-05-04

+ AppleTV via AirPlay (requires Bonjour installation on Windows)
+ option to stream multi-channel AC3 audio (may not be supported by some devices)
+ can re-stream another live stream (from SVPtube)
= fixed streaming may abort before the video ends

SVPflow – – 2018-05-04

= fixed incorrect outer lighting when light.length=0 (needed for 3D AR fix)

SVPflow – – 2018-03-13

= fixed wrong colors and video blinking in 10-bit mode
= Mac: fixed crash on some files with OSD turned on

Cast extension (BETA) – – 2018-02-01
Code extension – – 2018-02-01

= Linux: added VAAPI encoding option

Cast extension (BETA) – – 2018-01-05

= may fix playback initiation on TVs with embedded Chromecast server
– removed ffmpeg dependency

Cast extension (BETA) – – 2017-12-27

= reduced CPU overhead (do not run ffmpeg process)
+ added video seek bar
+ Windows: added AMD AMF encoding option (needs latest mpv built with ffmpeg-master)

Code extension – – 2017-12-27

+ Windows: added AMD AMF encoding option (needs latest mpv built with ffmpeg-master)
= minor UI improvements

Cast extension (BETA) – – 2017-12-22

+ initial public release

Code extension – – 2017-11-28

= mux Matroska and WebM files using mkvmerge (fixes various issues with mkv files playback)
= fixed: do not auto-load external subtitles
+ custom command-line arguments for mpv, ffmpeg and mkvmerge via “All settings”

Code extension – – 2017-11-18

+ added a “Pause transcoding” button
+ list all video profiles, even if they don’t match the video
= minor UI improvements

Code extension (BETA) – – 2017-11-15

+ added transcoder queue
+ added encoder choice in “Simple” mode: x264, x265, NVENC and QuickSync
+ added encoder profiles in “Advanced” mode
+ added option to set output and temporary folders
+ added option to sleep / shut down computer

Manager – – 2017-10-19

+ added SVPcode extension for simple video transcoding
+ Windows: added support for full-resolution BD3D playback via MPC-BE
= fixed not working “Width of top coarse level” option
= other minor fixes

SVPflow – – 2017-10-19

= fixed OSD image blinking
= fixed minor (?) error in the motion vectors search algorithm (“cross search”)
+ updated ASM code from x264 (supports AVX-512)

Code extension (BETA) – – 2017-10-19

+ initial public release

Tube extension – – 2017-10-19

+ added HDR filter and tag (note that YouTube’s HDR are always encoded in VP9)
+ show multi-part videos as playlists
+ partial detection of 3D formats on YouTube
= youtube-dl updated to ver.2017.10.15
= updated to Manager rev.122 API

VLC plugin – (BETA) – 2017-10-04

+ restored support for VLC 3.0.0 nightly builds

Manager – – 2017-09-01

+ added alternate profile conditions groups (i.e. <condition 1> OR <condition 2>)
+ added user manuals (in English, Chinese, Japanese and Russian) plus corresponding help buttons
+ all network requests are made using system default network proxy now, turn this off with “-no-proxy” arg
+ Windows: added “Launcher” app for faster opening when SVP is pinned to Windows 7+ taskbar
+ b/w icon when SVP is off
= Windows: fixed crash on start in rare cases
= more information messages for run-time errors, more Events log verbosity

Tube extension – – 2017-09-01

+ b/w icon when clipboard monitoring is off
= fixed incorrect video size selection with “preferred resolution” > 1080p
= youtube-dl updated to ver.2017.08.27
= updated to Manager rev.118 API

Manager – – 2017-06-21

+ option to force the exact target frame rate value
+ profile priority can now be lower than ‘Automatic’
= fixed ‘QBasicTimer’ errors on first start
= fixed incorrect value when cropping to 16:9
+ Linux: “minimize to tray” option in the main menu
= Linux: correct VLC plugins path in Ubuntu 17.04

Tube extension – – 2017-06-21

+ download queue
+ can import cookies in JSON format
= updated to Manager rev.114 extensions API
= youtube-dl updated to ver.2017.06.18

Light extension – – 2017-06-21

= fixed possible crash with mpv/Plex
= updated to Manager rev.114 API

VLC plugin – (BETA) – 2017-06-03

+ Windows: supports VLC 2.2.5 and later

Manager – – 2017-04-09

= Windows: adjusted memory and threads limits for Avisynth to minimize crashes and stuttering with UHD videos
= Windows: Avisynth 2.6 32-bit replaced with Avisynth+
= Windows: fixed not detected source frame rate change in some cases
+ “Processing threads” value can be modified via video profile

Manager – – 2017-04-05

+ new profile condition: “video player”
= some UI elements improvements
+ keyboard shortcut to toggle frame cropping
= fixed incorrect memory usage monitoring of 64-bit players
– removed unneeded high precision timers

Tube extension – – 2017-04-05

+ authorization with two-factor code
+ ability to choose video player depending on the web site
+ tray icon shows download progress
+ group large playlists into sub-menus
+ playlist navigation keyboard shortcuts
= youtube-dl updated to ver.2017.04.03 (fixes Funimation)

SVPflow – – 2017-04-05

= fixed high CPU load with frame interpolation off

Manager – – 2017-03-03

+ can render video in 10 bit color depth (mpv and VLC only)
+ Mac: added Homebrew/mpv installation script

Tube extension – – 2017-03-03
= updated to Manager rev.105 extensions API = youtube-dl updated to ver.2017.03.02
SVPflow – – 2017-03-03

+ rendering in 10 bit color depth (Vapoursynth only)

VLC plugin – (BETA) – 2017-03-03

+ supports 10-bit and/or non-4:2:0 output

Manager – – 2017-01-19
+ added option to switch between main and Chinese mirror server
= fixed possible incorrect source frame rate detection while playing streams in mpv/Plex
Tube extension – – 2017-01-18

+ authentication with cookies file (required by Crunchyroll)
= Linux: fixed clipboard monitoring
= youtube-dl updated to ver.2017.01.14

Manager – – 2016-12-30

= fixed buffer overload when using SVPlight, especially for 4K
+ can talk to multiple mpv pipes simultaneously (comma-separated list in main.main.setup.mpv_pipe)
= more buffered frames by default in ffdshow
= minor UI improvements and fixes
= updated to Qt 5.7.1

Tube extension – – 2016-11-25
+ various UI improvements (clip title field, context menu, remember window size) = improved Funimation support
Manager – – 2016-11-22

= Mac, Linux: fixed broken libmpv-based players support (e.g. Plex Media Player)
+ Mac: added real CPU frequency monitoring via Intel Power Gadget API

Manager – – 2016-11-18

+ Windows,Mac: option to use outer lighting in full screen mode only
= fixed crash on Manager start
= fixed crash in “hard reset on seek” mode
= Windows: Pro users can now use single license from different user accounts
= fixed incorrect font sizes in Windows 10 in some cases
= minor UI improvements and fixes

Manager – – 2016-09-16

+ Windows: added preliminary support for direct Avisynth and Vapoursynth interfaces in Daum PotPlayer (see there)
= fixed Pro license reset on every start in some cases
+ added support for rv32 codec in VLC (for the capture and stream function)
= minor UI improvements and fixes

Tube extension – – 2016-09-16

= youtube-dl updated to ver.2016.9.15 (fixes Crunchyroll and Twitch)
= updated to Manager rev.93 extensions API
= fixed some mess in the system environment

VLC plugin – (BETA) – 2016-09-16

+ added support for RGB (rv32 codec) input

SVPflow – – 2016-08-25

= fixed random crash in mpv and VLC

Manager – – 2016-08-23

= fixed incorrect MediaInfo extraction in some cases, especially clip duration value
= Mac: added video player window tracking in multi-monitor configurations

Manager – – 2016-08-18

+ open videos in the same mpv instance
= Linux: fixed ‘ui-scale.txt’ not working with Qt 5.5 installed
+ added option to ignore short (less than 15 secs) clips
= minor fixes

Tube extension – – 2016-08-18

+ added proxy server address to authentication options
= better and faster playlists parsing
+ VLC player can now open V+A clips
= youtube-dl updated to ver.2016.08.17

SVPflow – – 2016-08-18

= fixed video corruption with smooth.cubic=0

Tube extension – (BETA) – 2016-07-31

+ added web sites authentication option

Tube extension – (BETA) – 2016-07-24

+ added video downloading feature (requires ffmpeg)
+ added ffmpeg 64-bit package (optional download)

VLC plugin – (BETA) – 2016-07-22

= fixed “hang” on video pause
? may fix exchanged color channels in some cases
+ added support for 10-bit input
= VLC 3.0 nightlies supported up to 2016-06-29 build

Manager – – 2016-07-18

+ profile condition for the stream’s host name
+ deactivate hot keys when no video is playing
= updated to Qt 5.6.1

Tube extension – (BETA) – 2016-07-18

= improved UI
+ stream protocol filter (HTTP, M3U8, RTMP)
+ adjustable window position (see tube.pos.screen and tube.pos.corner in “All settings”)

Tube extension – (BETA) – 2016-07-06

+ Mac: initial public release
+ added playlists support
+ added subtitles support
= fixed absent audio stream with some YT clips
= many minor fixes

Tube extension – (BETA) – 2016-07-01

+ Windows, Linux: initial public release

Manager – – 2016-06-17

= updated installer, “DirectShow 32-bit core” installation is not mandatory now
= fixed mpv crash while playing audio files with embedded cover art
+ added option to completely disable SVP for the selected video profile
+ Mac: added support for OS X 10.9

Manager – – 2016-05-28

= improved VLC support
+ Linux: no registration or license key needed anymore
= better user control over video profiles
+ added black bars detection mode selection
= fixed MediaInfo isn’t extracted correctly for some files
= fixed unnecessary resetting of the frame crop fine tuning
= other minor fixes

VLC plugin – (BETA) – 2016-05-26

+ Linux: initial public release
= better error handling

Light extension – (BETA) – 2016-05-15

= fixed Lightpack doesn’t turn on in some cases
= fixed Paintpack not working until the Manager restart

VLC plugin – (BETA) – 2016-05-01

+ initial public release

Manager – – 2016-04-30

+ added support for the VLC player
= minor fixes and UI improvements

SVPflow – – 2016-04-30

= Win: fixed random crash in some cases

Manager – – 2016-04-10

= fixed handling of interlaced videos with mpv
+ Mac, Linux: added support for extensions
+ control UI scaling on HighDPI displays via “ui-scale.cfg” file
= minor fixes and UI improvements

Light extension – (BETA) – 2016-04-10

+ release lighting device when it’s not in use
+ Mac, Linux: initial public release

Manager – – 2016-03-18

+ Win: mpv+Vapoursynth 64-bit supported
+ added HiDPI icons
= removed unnecessary script resetting in some cases
= Mac, Linux: fixed issues on mpv start
= Mac, Linux: monitors configuration changes was not handled
= updated to Qt 5.6.0

SVPflow – – 2016-03-18

– Win: dropped legacy Avisynth 2.5 interface support
+ Win: added SVConvert function in 64-bit version

Manager – – 2016-03-04

+ Mac: initial public release (preview)
= Win: 64-bit players are now allowed in the public version
+ Linux: option for external video player selection

SVPflow – – 2016-03-04

= Mac: initial public release
– Linux: removed Qt dependencies

SVPflow – – 2016-02-27

= may fix crashes in some cases
= fixed wrong colors in SVPlight

Manager – – 2016-02-25

+ Linux: initial public release (preview)

SVPflow – – 2016-02-23

= fixed crash with SVPlight enabled

Manager – – 2016-02-22

+ SVP logo in the Control panel now shows main menu
+ “Reset to defaults” option
= “1.5m” mode now works the same way as in SVP 3
+ MT mode = 1 for SVPflow functions

SVPflow – – 2016-02-22

+ improved multi-threaded performance and stability

Manager – – 2016-01-29

= fixed stuttering with some “magic” number of threads
= fixed “communication error” issue

Manager – – 2016-01-12

= fixed wrong appearance on High DPI screens
= fixed wrong black bars detection in some cases
+ faster initialization, should not hang BD drives now
+ remote control via HTTP API

Light extension – (BETA) – 2016-01-12

= fixed wrong colors with “outer lighting” enabled
= better sync with the video in some cases
= fixed possible crash while importing Prismatik/Ambibox configuration

Light extension – (BETA) – 2015-12-23

= initial release supporting SVP 4 Pro

Manager – – 2015-12-18

+ added PAR/DAR detection for video streams
= fixed error getting frame size for video streams
= fixed inability to completely disable keyboard shortcuts
= removed excessive script resets for some VFR videos

Manager – – 2015-11-29

= fixed crash on start when updates are available
+ adjustable frame width alignment

Manager – – 2015-11-20

+ video player blacklisting feature
+ experimental BD-3D (MVC) support (Pro version)

Manager – – 2015-11-18

+ experimental BD-3D (MVC) support (Dev.build only)
= fixed hangs and crashes is some cases
+ scrollable performance graphs
= fixed black bars detection in some cases
= fixed corrupted OSD in small resolutions

Manager – – 2015-11-14

= fixed broken “auto” mode for FullHD videos in CPU-only mode
= better support for VFR videos

Manager – – 2015-11-12

+ option to turn off keyboard shortcuts
= “SVP 4” renamed to “SVP 4 Pro”
= finalized licensing stuff

Manager – – 2015-11-09

= attempt to fix cyclic seek detection issue

SVP package – 4.0.0 – 2015-11-08

+ New SVP Manager
+ New component-based installation system (can update madVR as well :))
+ Settings selection in auto mode
+ Multiple conditions for video profiles selection
+ Translated into 9 languages

SVP 3  package – 2011-03-31 – 2015-06-07

See changlelog

SVP 2 package – 2009-02-25 – 2010-12-30

See changelog (in Russian only)

News feed

October 3, 2020

SVP 4.5 marks a new era for SVP: we can finally move away from the good-old ffdshow. ffdshow used to be a great piece of software and SVP won't ever be possible without it, however it isn't maintained for years now, doesn't support neither high bit depth colors nor HDR and doesn't work correctly anymore with the newer Avisynth 3.6. Luckily for us, a brand new "Avisynth Filter" (yep, it isn't a very catchy name) can do all of these! Many thanks to CrendKing @Doom9 who bring it to us. Please note that it's still work-in-progress, so we're not pushing every SVP user to switch from ffdshow right now. But you're very welcome to try it!

April 12, 2020
SVP / 60 fps on Android via SVPcast

How to start and watch the 60 fps stream directly on your phone w/o even touching the PC. It also shows the "dynamic DNS" service introduced in the latest SVP 4.3.191.

More info: https://www.svp-team.com/wiki/Manual:SVPcast#Web_UI

How to convert & stream video in high frame rate on-the-fly from desktop PC to any device - Android, Chromecast or AppleTV. In this example we're starting an...

November 22, 2019

You asked for it, and here it is - the Black Friday sale 😎 The full-featured SVP 4 license is only 🌟 $12.99 🌟 now. As always, the price includes:
* Frame rate conversion up to 60/120/144+ fps
* GPU acceleration, including NVIDIA Optical Flow support
* Most video players, including VLC
* HDR support (in selected players)
* VR and BD3D support (in selected players)
* Simple video conversion
* Streaming to AppleTV / Chromecast / Android
* Up to two computers sharing the license
* A single license for Windows and macOS
* Regular updates
and finally...
* Great support!

November 9, 2019

Thanks to the recent mpv commit we now have three ways to watch HDR content in real HDR mode (still no dynamic HDR though :()
1. mpv - good performance, supports 10-bit, Windows 10 only;
2. VLC - worst performance, 72 fps max, supports 10-bit, Windows 10 only;
3. madVR - best performance but 8-bit only and needs manual file renaming.
More info: https://www.svp-team.com/wiki/SVP:4K_and_HDR

September 27, 2019
ffmpeg 4.2.1 by chenrui333 · Pull Request #42827 · Homebrew/homebrew-core

Sad news for Mac users: Homebrew developers recently removed mpv from Homebrew because of some odd misunderstanding with mpv developers. More details there: https://github.com/Homebrew/homebrew-core/pull/42827#issuecomment-521474699

We believe this can be solved and they will return mpv back soon enough, but right now there're no simple ways to install mpv with Vapoursynth on Mac.

We're trying to figure out a workaround, stay tuned.

Created with brew bump-formula-pr.

July 29, 2019

Good news everyone! VLC audio sync problems finally got fixed. This means you can use VLC 3 with SVP, at last.

The only major problem left is very low performance playing 4K, which is kinda sad because VLC is now the only video player capable of playing HDR content on the HDR screens with SVP enabled. We're working on solving this one too.

BTW, here's a guide to 4K/HDR playback with SVP:

March 29, 2019
An Introduction to the NVIDIA Optical Flow SDK | NVIDIA Developer Blog

Introducing full hardware acceleration for NVIDIA Turing GPUs (20xx + 1660) in SVP 4 PRO rev.160!

Thanks to the NVIDIA Optical Flow (NVOF) API we can now offload most of the motion vectors search job to GPU.
Note that these motion vectors are completely different from what we got from the "software" calculations, so the quality may and is differ and not always in a good way. Please consider this first version as a preview, we'll try to improve NVOF quality in future releases.

Sadly, macOS is not in a list of NV's supported platforms 🙁

More info here: https://devblogs.nvidia.com/an-introduction-to-the-nvidia-optical-flow-sdk/

Turing GPUs introduced optical flow, which computes optical flow between images at high performance. The Optical Flow SDK 1.0 now enables developer access.

November 20, 2018

It's the Black Friday, again 😀
So we give a 50%+ discount on everything, including purchasing "additional computers" from the License Manager, until Sunday.
Enjoy: https://www.svp-team.com/wiki/Purchase !

Please note that we're not planning to update the Free version anymore, so consider switching to Pro. There will be a full-featured trial version available very soon - in fact, macOS users already have it.

August 1, 2018

Just the summary of recent updates:

- Variable frame rate videos was a big problem for SVP in mpv/VLC since the first Vapoursynth-enabled version, but now this awkward issue is fixed. SVPcode transcoding now also supports VFR videos (needs the newest mpv 0.29 installed).

- SVPlight now supports Boblight protocol, which makes it also compatible with a popular software for DIY "ambilight" - Hyperion

May 4, 2018
Changelog - SmoothVideo Project (SVP) - frame doubling interpolation

Good news, everyone: new version is out!

This is generally a bug fix release (really long list of issues fixed), plus Apple TV support in SVPcast streaming extension and a few more cool features such as ability to "re-stream" videos (SVPtube -> high frame rate -> SVPcast). macOS and Linux builds will come in a few days.

Also, please consider updating SVP/cast/code translations in your native language! Thanks! 😉

+ mpv: automatically turn on deinterlace mode if needed = mpv: match SVP settings with the deinterlace mode set by user + "Is variable frame rate" profile condition + attempt to fix incorrectly reported source frame rate: "Treat 23.810 as 23.976" option + empty "outer lighting" for fixing stereo pai...

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