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Setting up MPC-BE

Requires: ffdshow, Intel Media SDK DLLs (for BD3D)

Basic settings

  • Open View -> Options main menu item.
  • Open Video section, set Video renderer to Enhanced Video Renderer (custom presenter).
  • Open External Filters section.
    • Click Add Filter... then select ffdshow raw video filter in the list and press OK.
    • Select ffdshow raw video filter and set Prefer mode then click OK.

Show pictures

How to check

  • List of filters in use should be like this:


  • Useful information about current renderer stats can be seen with Ctrl+J keyboard shortcut.

BD 3D setup

  • Install Intel Media SDK DLLs.
  • Open View -> Options main menu item.
  • Open Internal filters -> Video decoders page and mark the H264 (MVC 3D) checkbox.
  • Open the video and choose the desired stereo mode in View -> Stereo 3D Mode sub-menu.

Additional comments

  • Video renderer can be set from Options -> Video section.