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Frequently Asked Questions

Is my device XXX supported

We support Apple TV 4K 2017 and later, however with frame rate conversion active 1st gen (2017) can only handle 1080p videos, and even 3rd gen (2022) won't handle 4K videos in a 4K mode.

Can I use my existing SVP license key with this?

No you can't. SVPlayer for tvOS is only sold via Apple App Store.


Yes. Good news is that ATV's subscription will also work in SVPlayer for iOS devices (iPhones/iPads), but not wise versa.

My device lagging / stuttering!

Ensure your ATV is cooled properly. Note that ATV 3rd gen (2022) lacks active cooling, so it's always overheating heavily.

Attaching passive radiators help a lot:


Common performance advices:

  • upscaling 60fps video to 4K is rather complicated, so it's better to switch ATV's output to 1080p mode.
  • if you don't want switching to 1080p then at least set "upscaling" to "bilinear" and turn off "deband".

There're various methods to lower CPU consumption:

  • on the "Frame rate" page move the performance/quality slider to the left, step by step;
  • on the "Size and light" page set the "Decrease frame" to at least 1080p, or even to 720p.
  • turn off hardware decoder (the HW button), this may help in some cases

There's no video / green screen / etc

Try to turn off hardware decoding (via options, or with the HW button). Not every SoC supports hardware decoding of every video format or codec.

Interlaced video is not detected as interlaced

Again, turn off hardware decoding.

What is "Adaptive refresh rate"?

SVPlayer can switch display refresh rate to match the content. For example, when FRC is off then it will switch display refresh rate to 24 Hz while playing 24 fps videos, and then switch it back to 60 Hz when FRC is on.

You must turn on Video and audio -> Match content -> Match frame rate in Apple TV's Settings for this feature to work.

Note that this will also switch display to non-HDR mode if Match dynamic range is set (as SVPlayer currently doesn't support HDR output).

Where are all the advanced options iOS version has?

Look at the WebUI, there're plenty of stuff there ;)

Can I open Youtube (P**nhub, etc.) video?

You need a direct link to the M3U8 stream, and put that URL into WebUI.