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3D Video Playback

SVP supports 3D (stereo) video in a stereopair format. Stereopairs can be of two types:

  • "Horizontal" or "side-by-side": two images are located from left to right in the frame.
  • "Vertical" or "over-under": one image is located above another.

For the proper operation of all functions, SVP needs to determine the type of stereopair. This can be done automatically by the following features:

  • Special tags in the file name: "3D", "OU", "HOU", "TB", "SBS", "HSBS" and others. For example: "Some.Move.Name.2017.1080p.SBS.mkv".
  • Non-standard video aspect ratio, for example, doubled Full HD format (1920 x 2160, 16:18). You may want to turn off this feature if you have a lot of ordinary (2D) videos with non-standard aspect ratios. To do this, deselect Turn stereo mode on by aspect ratio in the Application settings → Additional options submenu of the SVP Main Menu.


Sometimes, these attributes do not help correctly identify a stereopair type. To manually specify the type, use the bottom part of the Profile for an active video menu (for more information, see the Using a Profile section) or the Toggle 3D stereo mode keyboard shortcut:


BD3D (3D Blu-rays) playback is currently possible using MPC-BE video player only.

Blacklist of Players

Sometimes, you need to limit SVP operation in some programs. Add such programs to the blacklist.

For example, if the video encoder FFmpeg uses ffdshow as a video decoder, SVP can interfere with the process which will result in disrupting the FFmpeg operation. Therefore, FFmpeg must be added to the SVP blacklist.

Some players incorrectly display the video after the frame resizing (as a result of cropping, scaling, or adding black bars lighting). Such players are also added to the blacklist with all SVP functions that change the video frame size prohibited for them while the frame interpolation function is still allowed.

To create a list of players in which SVP using should be restricted:

  1. Open the Control options section in SVP Control panel.
  2. To add a program:
    • Start the player and click the Add active button during video playback, or
    • Manually select the executable program file by clicking the Browse button.
  3. Select the restriction mode:
    • Don’t use – to completely prohibit using SVP.
    • Don’t change size – to prohibit any SVP functions that change the frame size. The frame rate conversion will still be available.
  4. To remove a program from the blacklist, click the Enable all SVP features in this video player button.Uik6ukr7.png


Hotkeys are keyboard shortcuts for performing various actions in SVP. Some combinations are available during video playback only.

To view and assign the hotkeys which you can use when using SVP:

  1. Open the Control options section in SVP Control panel.

A list of keyboard combinations appears at the bottom of the section. You can disable all the keyboard combinations (for this, click the Off button) or select specific combinations and disable just them.

  1. Select the action for which you want to change the shortcut:
    • Enable or disable SVP processing;
    • During the playback:
      • Open the Video profiles section to edit the active video profile;
      • Switch to the next video profile from the set of matching profiles;
      • Enable or disable black bars lighting;
      • Switch to the next black bars lighting pattern;
      • Enable or disable automatic black bars cutting;
      • Re-analyze the presence of black bars;
      • Enable or disable the last used frame cropping mode;
      • Enable or disable video processing as stereopair.
    • Open Performance graphs window;
    • Enable or disable Fluency test, see Fluency and tearing test in the Main menu;
    • Extensions – shortcuts, specified by additional modules (SVPtube, SVPlight), see modules description.
  2. To change a key combination, click it and then press a new key combination on the keyboard. Note that "Meta" means "Windows key" in Windows.

Control SVP Remotely

You can control SVP remotely with the help of the HTTP REST API. This feature is turned off by default. To enable remote control, do the following:

  1. Open Control options section in SVP Control panel.
  2. In External control via HTTP click On, after this, SVP will be awaiting commands on TCP port 9901.
    • To view a list of available commands, click the View help page link.
    • The port number can be changed in the All settings section, the "main.api.port" parameter.