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Setting up Kodi (formerly XBMC)

  • versions used: 17.6 (26 Nov 2017) (Windows only)
  • download the latest version from official Kodi forum

This guide applies to Kodi for Windows only!

Official Kodi builds can't be used with SVP. Luckily there's a special version (a.k.a. DSPlayer) available from the community, but 17.6 is the LAST version ever.


  • Choose DSPlayer and scroll down to the Filter section Show picture
  • Click on Video decoder and set Hardware decoder to use to DXVA2 (copy-back) Show picture

Configure with AVSF

  • Click on Filters management, choose Media rules and Filters configuration
  • Click on Filters configuration -> Add new filter... -> System filters list, choose AviSynth Filter, click on Filter type and choose Extra Filter, then close this dialog Show picture
  • Switch back to Filters management -> Internal filters
  • Click on Extra external filter and choose AviSynth Filter (avisynth_filter) from the list

Configure with ffdshow

  • Click on Extra external filter and choose ffdshow raw video filter (ffdshowrawfilter) from the list Show picture

Extra steps:

  • Disable automatic display mode switching under Videos -> Playback -> Adjust display refresh rate

First run (32-bit only)

  • Start playing any video, SVP should catch the playback and popup warning message about 4GB aware patch


  • Close Kodi and then press Patch button

And that's it!

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