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Downloading VLC 64-bit for Windows

Setting up VLC

VLC support in SVP 4 Pro, SVP 4 Mac and SVP 4 Linux is at the BETA stage now.

Discussion thread on the forums

Not supported in SVP 4 Free!


  • Only 64-bit versions are supported

Installation - Windows

  • Install VLC support package via SVP -> Utilities -> Additional programs and features
  • Make VLC\plugins\video_filter folder writable to the SVP Manager process

How to set folder permissions

SVP ver. 4.3.155 and later:

  • Choose Utilities -> SVP in VLC from SVP's main menu.
  • Open VLC via Run VLC with SVP... from SVP's main menu.

Earlier SVP versions:

  • Adjust some system settings to allow VLC find the Vapoursynth installation:
    • add SVP 4\mpv64 folder to the PATH environment variable
    • add new env variable called PYTHONPATH, containing the same SVP 4\mpv64 path

How to set environment variables

  • Restart the SVP Manager
  • Turn off Hardware acceleration in VLC -> Preferences -> Inputs/Codecs

Installation - macOS

Using SVP in VLC

  • Run SVP -> Utilities -> SVP in VLC to replace VLC's deinterlace video filter with the vapoursynth filter from SVP.
  • Open any progressive video (note that interlaced videos won't work!) in VLC and choose Video -> Deinterlace -> On
  • Set Tools -> Preferences -> Video -> Deinterlacing to On if you want SVP to kick in automatically.


  • If you see VLC: unsupported input video format message in SVP's log - try to turn off Hardware acceleration in VLC -> Preferences -> Inputs/Codecs
  • Ensure that the video filter is correctly installed in VLC:
    • Open VLC, navigate to Tools -> Preferences, click on Show settings - All, scroll down to the Video -> Filters and ensure that "Vapoursynth" filter is listed here. If it isn't then something is wrong with the Vapoursynth installation.

Examine both VLC and SVP logs:

    • Open Tools -> Messages, open any video and turn on Video -> Deinterlace -> On. You should see some messages from the deinterlace filter in the Messages window:
deinterlace info: Running in IPC mode
    • At this point SVP Manager should "see" the running VLC:
14:12:16.415 [I]: VideoPlayer: VLC connected, waiting for the video info...
14:12:16.467 [I]: Media: video 854x480 [PAR 1.000] at 24.000 fps [constant] (via video player)
14:12:16.467 [I]: Media: codec type is i420
14:12:16.467 [I]: Playback: starting up...
14:12:16.495 [I]: Playback: playing at 60 [24 *5/2]

and the VLC's messages should contain something like this:

deinterlace info: Running in IPC mode
deinterlace info: Initializing VS filters...
deinterlace info: Using 7 threads
deinterlace info: Output 848 x 476, FR = 60/1
deinterlace info: Initialized
  • In some rare cases the PYTHONPATH environment variable is not enough for some reason and you'll get VapourSynth engine error - possibly corrupted installation error in the VLC's messages log. This can be fixed by copying all the files from SVP 4/mpv64 into VLC's folder.

Limitations and known problems

  • Deinterlacing filter is not available (obviously)
  • Interlaced videos are not supported
  • Frame rate conversion is limited to x3
  • If you see VLC: unsupported input video format message in SVP's log - try to turn off Hardware acceleration in VLC -> Preferences -> Inputs/Codecs.
    • VLC 3.0 specific: "Hardware acceleartion" may be missing from "Input/Codecs" section, in this case open all settings by pressing Show All button, in Input/Codecs -> Video codecs set Preferred decoders list to FFmpeg
  • The filter can't increase frame size on-the-fly, so all SVP's options that increase source frame size won't work, for example:
    • Any frame size adjustments except for "Resize to screen" - YES
    • "Resize to screen" is the screen size is larger than the video size - NO
    • 4:3 video on 16:9 screen with "outer lighting" enabled - NO
    • 16:9 BD with black bars cutted off - YES
    • 16:9 BD with black bars cutted off and "outer lighting" enabled - YES
  • Video profile conditions based on the file name or path won't work
  • Do not minimize VLC window while running with SVP - strange things may happen
  • Audio sync! If audio track goes out of sync try to:
    • wait for a half a minute cause it may normalize automatically,
    • change the number of processing threads to some other value,
    • minimize VLC's window and restore it back,
    • wait for some next version of the "vapoursynth" video filter...