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SVPlight is an SVP addon for controlling various LED backlight (also called "Ambilight-like") devices.

See the User Manual for detailed instructions.

How it looks like: Example of hardware:
Lightpack-demo-2.jpg Lightpack-demo-1.jpg

Compatible hardware

  • Lightpack
  • Paintpack (plus any custom Twinkling Plug-based devices - link only in Russian)
  • other LED backlight systems (like Adalight, Ardulight, AlienFX, etc.) are supported through 3rd-party software:

Why not just use an all-in-one control software?


There're many multi-functional controlling software for these devices, for example

  • Prismatik (developed mainly for Lightpack but supports some other devices)
  • AmbiBox (developed mainly for Paintpack but supports Lightpack and other devices too)

All of them work in the same manner: the user has to define screen capture zones for each LED (or several connected LEDs) and the software sends a zone's average color to the desired LED.

First problem is continuous screen capturing which is a rather "heavy" task (at least prior to Windows 8) leading to high CPU load and system UI freezes and stuttering.

Second problem is just for watching video - most real videos have aspect ratio (AR) different from screen's AR so user have to create separate "zones profile" for each general video format (16:9, 4:3, 21:9, etc) and manually switch between them, otherwise the software will capture nothing but a black field.

SVP knows better

SVP knows literally all about video playing because it already has a whole video frame in it. So it's a very easy task to get several LEDs colors from this video frame.

  • SVPlight doesn't need any additional system resources and doesn't affect system and UI responsibility,
  • SVPlight automatically works with any video aspect ratio,
  • SVPlight can control LEDs with maximum refresh rate acceptable by the hardware,
  • SVPlight knows when a scene changes occurs in a video so it can change lights immediately.

Also don't forget SVP can fill black borders inside the screen working together with external LED device and all of this is done with real 60 frames per second (and higher) rate.