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To minimize installation problems please consider using at least macOS 10.15!

Compatible video players

  • mpv with Vapoursynth support
  • Plex Media Player - requires libmpv built with Vapoursynth support
  • IINA - requires libmpv built with Vapoursynth support
  • VLC 3.0 or later



  1. Mount SVP 4 Mac DMG image
  2. Move "SVP 4 Mac" icon into Applications
  3. Control key + double-click on Install mpv.command script to install all the stuff listed below and write default mpv.conf.
    Note: you DON'T need to run this on every SVP update.


Updating SVP app:

  1. Download an updated DMG package
  2. Mount it and replace SVP 4 in Applications
  3. That's it! You DON'T need to run Install mpv.command when updating SVP!

Updating mpv to the newer version: open Terminal and type

brew upgrade mpv


To remove SVP simply delete the SVP 4 from Applications.

Additionally if you want to remove all the Homebrew packages including mpv video player run this command from the Terminal:

/bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL"

Note that it will remove EVERYTHING from Homebrew, not only mpv dependencies.

Manual installation

  • Take OS X 10.11 "El Capitan" or later, preferably 10.14.6 "Mojave" or later.
  • Install Homebrew:
/bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL"

Note that on Apple M1 systems this will install native ARM binaries into /opt/homebrew. You can either add /opt/homebrew/bin/ to your PATH, or call '/opt/homebrew/bin/brew' instead of simple 'brew' in the following commands.

  • 10.11, 10.12 only: install Java:
brew install homebrew/cask-versions/adoptopenjdk8
  • Install mpv (this will also automatically install Vapoursynth) (DO NOT install it via 'brew install --cask mpv' !):
# macOS 10.14 and later:
brew install mpv
# macOS 10.13 and earlier
# mpv 0.32.0 with some unnecessary dependencies removed
# this will BUILD everything from sources and will take A LOT of time!
brew install svpteam/mpv/mpv-build

Note: this step is essential even if you don't want to use mpv at all.

  • It's recommended to install Intel Power Gadget for the SVP to be able to show real CPU frequency in the Performance Monitor.

Error: Xcode alone is not sufficient

In some cases Homebrew may ask for the additional command line tools installation. Type

 xcode-select --install

and in the window opened press Install button.

Error: mpv can't start with 'Library not loaded: @rpath/libswiftAppKit.dylib'

macOS 10.14: install Swift 5 Runtime Support for Command Line Tools package: download

Apple M1 (Apple Silicon, ARM64) systems

SVP 4.5.205 and later supports both x86 (Intel) and native ARM video players. Native SVPflow libraries + mpv give ~50% performance improvement over x86 versions running via Rosetta 2.

Homebrew will install native ARM binaries in /opt/homebrew. Still you can install x86 binaries side-by-side in case you have any problem with the native ones.

Tell SVP which version to use

Open Application settings -> All settings, search for player and set main.setup.player to either /usr/local/bin/mpv (default path for x86 build) or /opt/homebrew/bin/mpv (default path for ARM build).

mpv configuration

Just add --input-ipc-server=/tmp/mpvsocket to mpv args (or config file, usually located in ~/.config/mpv/mpv.conf) and SVP should find it.

# create ~/.config/mpv directory for the first time
mpv --version  
echo "input-ipc-server=/tmp/mpvsocket" >> ~/.config/mpv/mpv.conf

Alternatively you can "open" video file via SVP - it'll launch mpv with the correct argument, assuming that mpv is actually installed either in $PATH or in /usr/local/bin (you can also define the actual path in SVP's settings - see main.setup.player and main.setup.player_args values).

Note: only "copy-back" hardware video decoders are compatible with Vapoursynth filters, use --hwdec=auto-copy.

Recommended minimal mpv.conf:


VLC configuration

SVP's plugin for VLC replaces the "deinterlace" filter.

Install SVP's plugin via SVP main menu -> Utilities -> SVP in VLC.

macOS 12 Ventura or later: you have to allow SVP to modify apps on your Mac - go to System settings -> Privacy & security -> App Management and turn it on for SVP 4 Mac.

Then you'll be able to quickly "install" and "uninstall" SVP's plugin.

You must turn on deinterlace in VLC via Video -> Deinterlace -> On to start using SVP's plugin. Alternatively you can turn it on permanently: Tools -> Preferences -> Video -> Deinterlacing = On

Transcoding with SVPcode

Muxing .MKV files

If the output format after transcoding is Matroska (.MKV) then it's highly recommended to additionally install mkvmerge command line tool (which is part of the MKVToolNix package):

brew install mkvtoolnix