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FAQ for legacy SVP 3 moved there.

Common questions

How to set up my favorite video player?

All instruction for supported video players are listed there.
If you see that some instruction is outdated feel free to contact us!

It doesn't work!

By design SVP 4 should work fine "out-of-the-box" but due to the complexity of the whole software system there's always a chance that something can go wrong.

Here's a TODO list to use in this case:

  • Don't panic!
  • Try to turn it off and on ;)
  • Ensure that SVP is NOT running as administrator, as well as the video player.
  • (re-)Read article about setting up your video player and repeat the exact steps mentioned there.
  • Read all the answers below.
  • Search through our forums, there's 99%-chance that your problem was already solved.
  • Ask our support service, preferably via Information -> Send problem report window.
  • Start a new forum thread.

In Windows SVP is able to detect a video playback only if both SVP Manager and the video player was started by the same user account. Particularly, you should not run SVP Manager "as administrator". The following line at the very beginning of SVP's Events log should give you a hint that something is wrong:

18:15:42.553 [I]: Main: running as Administrator

Can I watch live video with SVP?

Yes, if your video player can play it, but not with a protected content like Netflix.
We even have SVP 4 Pro extension module called SVPtube based on youtube_dl to simplify video streams extraction.

How to remove strange blurry bars from both sides of video?

This feature is called "outer lighting", and we love it! If you don't - feel free to turn it off via main menu -> Outer lighting -> Disabled.

How to watch blu-ray discs?

All video players supported by SVP can only show unprotected content.

This means you have to decrypt the disc before opening it in MPC-HC or any other player.

I installed K-Lite/CCCP/Kawai/... codec pack and SVP can't find any video, why?

DO NOT install "codec packs", they are almost useless now because all major video players already contain all the required codecs (mostly via LAV Filters).

I've a 120 Hz monitor and SVP doesn't work for native 60 fps videos

Interpolating high frame rate video can be very CPU consuming, e.g. 30 -> 120 fps conversion is almost two times simpler comparing to 60 -> 120 fps.

Because of this SVP has built-in limiter for the source frame rate to process. You can override it via All settings window, see frc.target.max value.

SVP doesn't work for interlaced video

SVP can't handle interlaced video. To process interlaced video with SVP you have to de-interlace it first i.e. convert the source to progressive video stream with, depending on the de-interlacing method, either source or doubled frame rate.

Lets take a look at LAV Video decoder options as an example: Show picture

You can choose between:

  • 25p/30p (Film) mode - in this case you need to uncheck Assume double frame rate for interlaced videos in SVP's Application settings;
  • 50p/60p (Video) mode - you'll get "native" 60 fps video that do not need to be processed by SVP.

SVP doesn't work for movies I ripped from DVD

As DVDs often contains interlaced video - see the previous answer.

Performance issues

What are system requirements?

It depends on what videos you'll watch. For SD size (DVDs for example) low-end system (like Core2 Duo) should be good enough but for FullHD 3D you probably will need Core i7.

The performance depends almost linearly on video frame size: 1080p FullHD frame is 4 times larger than 720p and 720p is 4 times larger than DVD. Note that proper video card could improve performance significantly but for high quality 1080p interpolation you still need powerful CPU and having 4 cores at 3 GHz is a good start.

However because of a great SVP's flexibility one can expect acceptable results with FullHD video even on a slower hardware like modern Intel i3/Pentium CPUs

In any case dedicated / modern integrated video card is a must for hardware video decoding, high quality rendering and computation assistance to SVP. The minimal acceptable performance level for the GPU part is 4th gen. Intel Core "Haswell".

What are the best settings?

Most likely SVP 4 already choose the "best settings" based on your hardware's performance level. If the CPU load is above 70% you may adjust "quality-performance" slider manually.

Do not try to max-out blindly all the manual options in Pro version unless you know what every value means. If you attempt to do so you'll end with very high system load plus high level of artifacts and low video fluidity.

Can't use SVP on my laptop

Modern laptops are thin and beautiful, this's why they can't handle continuous high system load, especially in cases when both CPU and GPU are loaded. The main problem is CPU/GPU thermal throttling.

Monitor CPU temperature and real CPU frequency while playing some video (SVP shows real frequency in Windows 8 and later, but for any other OS it's recommended to install Intel Power Gadget. If you see that temperature is raising and CPU frequency is not stable or is just too low then you get the problem.

Another issue is about Intel's IGP performance which is LOW, but it's always in use for video rendering even if the laptop has dedicated graphics.

Steps to try:

  • Plug in AC power,
  • If the laptop has dedicated graphics card then switch to the integrated one: main menu -> Application settings -> GPU acceleration,
  • Switch to more basic video renderer in the video player (e.g. from madVR to EVR),
  • Don't use "Bicubic" resizer in EVR-CP settings, fall back to "Bilinear" option instead,
  • Move "performance - quality" slider in SVP to the left to reduce CPU usage,
  • As a last resort completely turn off GPU acceleration.

How to lower settings or disable SVP while on battery?

You need a Pro (or Mac, Linux) version to do this. Show picture

  • Add new video profile,
  • Add profile condition: "Is on battery" = "Yes",
  • Turn off "Do frame rate conversion" button.

Pro version

Is the Pro version better than Free?

Yes ;), because:

  • Pro version allows fine tuning of many options,
  • it works with mpv, Plex and VLC,
  • it has SVPtube and SVPlight extension modules (and more in the future),
  • purchasing Pro motivate us (the developers) to continuously make SVP even better ;)

Is SVP 4 better than SVP 3?


  • SVP 4 is a way more "modern", it's like Windows 10 while SVP 3 is more like Windows XP :D
  • it supports 64-bit video players,
  • it supports mpv, Plex and VLC,
  • motivation, again (see previous answer).

I've lost / not received my license key / download link

Use the License Manager to restore the key, after that log into the Manager and get all the download links.

I've bought SVP 4 license key and can't find where to put it

SVP 4 Free and SVP 4 Pro are different applications.

When you buy SVP 4 Pro you should uninstall SVP 4 Free and install SVP 4 Pro via the download link provided in the message containing the key.

I can't register the app after OS re-installation / update

Use the License Manager to de-activate previous registration first.

Linux version

It doesn't work in Linux <PUT-YOUR-DISTRO-NAME-HERE>

We build and test SVP 4 Linux using Ubuntu 14.04 and 16.04, because of this SVP 4 Linux works best in Ubuntu.

As we can't guarantee it'll work on any other of the 100s existing distros, in many cases your should figure out the installation and run-time problems by yourself. Of cause you're very welcome on our forums ;)

After all, SVP 4 Linux contains all the "Pro" features and is free.

Error message - Unable to find mpv's pid

SVP 4.1 and later uses lsof utility to find which mpv instance is on the other end of the local socket, so ensure that lsof is installed.

SVPtube 1/2

Legacy SVPtube is not working

Sorry but we can't keep it updated forever. Consider switching to "youtube-dl"-based SVPtube 2, which is always up to date with recent YouTube site changes.

SVPtube 2 doesn't work on <SOME-WEB-SITE>

Yes, it can happen. Web sites change their design/layout/etc rather often, after that youtube-dl won't work until the extractor for the site will be fixed. And after that we'll need some time to update our SVPtube package.

  1. Check that the site is in youtube-dl's list
  2. Ensure you don't forget to enter authentication data in case it's essential for the site
  3. Check known issues in the GitHub repo, there's a good chance that the problem was already described and even solved. In the latter case SVPtube 2 will be updated soon enough.


VLC is not working good for me

Yes we know, this's why it's in the "beta" stage now.

Error message - SVSmoothFps unable to init GPU-based renderer

This's common error especially in Windows 10, for example after "Anniversary update".

  1. Re-install graphics drivers,
  2. If simple reinstalling won't help, clean graphics drivers first with Display Driver Uninstaller.

Video hangs when SVP kicks in

There's known issue with NVidia drivers for Windows 10 - it hangs when hardware acceleration mode in LAV Video Decoder is set to "NVIDIA CUVID". Just switch to "DXVA2 (copy-back)" mode.

Error message - 32/64-bit SVP engine is not installed

This means you're running 32-/64-bit video player while the corresponding 32-/64-bit SVPflow component isn't installed. Go to "Utilities" -> "Add. programs and features" and install the missing one.

Error message - Legacy Avisynth 2.5 is not supported

Starting from SVP ver. legacy Avisynth 2.5 interface is not supported any more. To check which Avisynth library is in use go to "Information" -> "Events log" and find out the path of the wrong avisynth.dll. The most common case is when you also have SVP 3 installed and you're using MPC-HC bundled with SVP 3:

23:25:20.415 [i]: Avisynth:, AvisynthMT 2.5, C:\Program Files (x86)\SVP\MPC-HC\avisynth.dll
23:25:20.415 [E]: VideoPlayer: Avisynth 2.5 isn't supported

Now you've three choices:

  1. delete this 'avisynth.dll' and use the system-wide one from C:\Windows\SysWOW64
  2. replace this .dll it with any other version you like
  3. stop using MPC-HC installed into SVP 3 folder (or just use exclusively with SVP 3)