Avisynth Filter (AVSF)

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Please be aware that Avisynth Filter is currently at BETA stage.

Avisynth Filter (AVSF) is a modern and lightweight ffdshow replacement providing the following benefits:

  • High color bit depth support (P010 and P016 formats),
  • HDR meta-data pass-through from LAV Video Decoder to madVR video renderer,
  • Easy to maintain and add features, will support all the future Avisynth updates.


SVP installs everything AVSF needs automatically. If you install it manually you must turn on a "RemoteControl" feature via Windows Registry key:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\AviSynthFilter\RemoteControl = 1 (DWORD)


  1. Add "AviSynth Filter" to the external filters list, check it and turn on "Prefer".
  2. Don't forget to uncheck "ffdshow raw video filter" and/or "ffdhow video decoder"!
  3. That's it!


Known issues

  • 10-bit output works best with madVR video renderer. EVR may just hang or not show anything other than a black screen in some cases.