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While using SVP your video card can be used in various tasks:

  1. video decoding (for example, LAV Video Decoder)
  2. generic GPU acceleration in SVP: interpolated frames rendering
  3. full GPU acceleration in SVP: motion vectors search with the help of NVIDIA Optical Flow (NVOF) API
  4. video output: pixel shader filters in the video players, high quality rendering in madVR, etc.
  5. video encoding in SVPcode

Basically every video card released after 2013 is good enough for SVP.

Compatibility table

Series Year Decode SVP math NVOF Shaders Encode
ATI Radeon HD <= 3xxx 2017
ATI Radeon HD 4xxx 2008
AMD Radeon HD >= 5xxx, A,E series IGPs 2009
AMD Radeon HD >= 8xxx, R5/7/9 2xx, newer IGPs 2013 (1)
NVIDIA GeForce <= 7xxx 2005
NVIDIA GeForce >= 8xxx 2006
NVIDIA Geforce >= 6xx (Kepler) 2012 (5)
NVIDIA GeForce >= 16xx (Turing) 2018 (2)
Intel motherboards / Clarkdale IGP 2010 (3)
Intel 2nd gen. Core "Sandy Bridge" IGP 2011 (3) (6)
Intel >= 3rd gen. Core "Ivy Bridge" IGP 2012 (4) (3) (6)

Note 1: not all AMD GPU models support AMD AMF encoder, please check first.

Note 2: GeForce 1650 doesn't support NVOF.

Note 3: most Intel IGPs are slow and sometimes can't even reach 60 fps output level.

Note 4: Intel HD4000 is the absolute minimum.

Note 5: check NVENC video encoder capabilities for the particular GPU.

Note 6: check QuickSync video encoder capabilities for the particular CPU.