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SVPmark is a PC benchmarking software based on real-time frame interpolation algorithms and settings from SmoothVideo Project (SVP) version 3.0.


  • Three video frame sizes to test on: SD, HD (720p) and FullHD (1080p)
  • Option to choose whether to use GPU acceleration or not
  • Share your results online at server
  • Compare your results with others

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SVPmark is a "portable" software which means it not requires installation and it can be executed from any folder on your PC.

However, in order to pass all tests it's essential to install Avisynth package first, without it only the synthetic part of tests will be available. SVPmark will check for Avisynth at start up and will install it if necessary.

The list of tests

There's three groups of tests:

1. Synthetic - four CPU and three GPU (OpenCL) low-level tests that simulates most often operations. GPU tests are executed only if you've got a compatible GPU.

Four CPU tests gives you "synthetic CPU" score with MC prefix, and three GPU tests gives you "synthetic GPU" score with MG prefix.

2. Real-life - executes Avisynth scripts on test video files and measures the time it takes. Video files frame size is either defined by user in "Additional test options" section or chosen automatically based on synthetic tests results.

2.1. "Half-synthetic" - two tests which parameters can't be set in SVP user interface. The results of these tests is not used in total score calculation.

2.2. Six tests that you can repeat in SVP with any video file. The total score is a geometric mean of these tests and is represented in the following form: "HGxxxx", where:

  • 1st letter is a video frame size: S - SD, H - HD-Ready (720p), F - FullHD (1080p)
  • 2nd letter is a calculation method used: C - CPU-only, G - CPU with GPU support
  • number - total score with the above parameters

For example AMD Phenom II X6 @3500MHz box with AMD Radeon 5670 gives these scores:

Synthetic SD-video 720p-video 1080p-video
CPU only MC1609 SC8769 HC2954 FC1308
GPU support MG3022 SG9158 HG3847 FG1820

Results database

In order to upload and share your results on our server you need an account at SVP Team forums.

The complete list of all tested systems available as a spreadsheet on Google Docs.
There's no need in forums account for viewing the results tables.