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SVPcast is an SVP 4 extension for streaming videos processed through SVP on the desktop PC.

While you can open SVPcast video stream in any video player, there's a deeper integration available in SVPlayer to make streaming as easy as possible.

Minimum software versions required:

  • SVPlayer for Android / iOS: 1.4.0
  • SVPlayer for Android TV / Apple TV: 1.2.0
  • SVPcast:

PC setup

  1. Install SVP 4, also install (Windows) or enable (macOS) SVPcast extension.
  2. Turn on SVPcast's web interface and choose shared video folder:
    • SVP menu -> Streaming -> Web UI -> Enabled
    • SVP menu -> Streaming -> Web UI -> Choose videos folder...
  3. Check that Web UI is up and running: SVP menu -> Streaming -> Web UI -> Open in web browser
  4. Adjust video profiles. By default the built-in profile "SVPcast streaming" will be used, however you probably want different interpolation settings for SVPlayer (set target rate other than fixed 60 fps; enable RIFE; etc.) For example, make a copy of RIFE profile, then add "Apply this profile IF" condition: "Video player" = "svplayer" and optionally "Add scores" with any positive value so this profile could beat the "SVPcast streaming" one.


  1. Run SVPlayer, ensure SVPcast share is shown in the "Locations" list of the file browser.
  2. Browse files as usual, start a playback.
  3. Wait a little bit after each action, the video stream can't start instantly, it needs ~5 secs to start or restart.
  4. Choose audio and/or subtitles as usual, but keep in mind that the stream will be restarted after tracks switching. Subtitles will be hard-coded into the video stream, fonts are not adjustable in current version.
  5. Timeline seeking is also possible, but again, the stream will be restarted - be patient!
  6. Turn on HEVC (H.265) encoding and adjust bitrate if necessary in Settings.


SVPlayer can't find SVPcast share

Device running SVPlayer and PC running SVP must be in the same LAN, obviously.

Open URL manually - does it redirects to the correct IP address?

If you have several PCs running SVP in you LAN you may need to specify unique names for them in in SVP's All settings. After that put the same name into in SVPlayer.

Video stutters

Is your PC powerful enough to process your video in a real time, especially if you're using RIFE playing 4K videos?

Check video stream caching status (on the seek bar or in OSD stats), pause video for some time to allow it fill the cache.

Is hardware encoder active? Check that the correct encoder selected in SVP menu -> Streaming -> Video encoder.

Probably you need to reduce streaming bandwidth (bitrate).