SVPlayer for Android

  • Requires Android 9+
  • Full SVP engine inside
  • A standalone video player
  • Free test period
Latest version
1.4.1 2024-04-11
No ads / restrictions Regular updates Great support

You only need to purchase a license key here if your device doesn’t have Google services (GMS) or you can’t pay for In-App purchases on Google Play for some reason. In other cases we encourage you buying SVPlayer via Google Play.

valid email address is required, otherwise you won’t receive the license key!

  • Local payment systems processing powered by Paymentwall.
  • Available payment methods varies per country.
  • No PayPal account needed for card payments via PayPal in most countries.

Purchase conditions

  • One-time payment only, NOT a subscription.
  • You’re allowed to use SVPlayer on a single Android device, however you can transfer the license to another one.
  • You can transfer the license from one device to another by using License Manager.

Please refer to the License Agreement and Contract-Offer if you have any questions.

Shipping and return policy

  • Please try before buy: make sure it works for you first!
  • No physical shipment: the product license key and invoice are sent by email within a few minutes after purchase.
  • We offer an unconditional money back for 7 days from the purchase. Regarding refunds please contact us via