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Setting up Stereoscopic Player

Requires: ffdshow, LAV filters.

For a BD3D playback use either MPC-BE or Daum PotPlayer instead!

Basic settings

  • Open File -> Settings... from the main menu
  • In Decoder section choose Preferred Filters tab
    • Select Other -> Video Processor and press Add... then select ffdshow raw video filter and press OK
  • To use LAV hardware decoder for stereo pairs:
    • Install LAV Filters
    • Select Video Decoder -> MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 Video Decoder and press Add... then select LAV Video Decoder and press OK

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How to check

List of filters in use is available in Video Properties window (can be opened with Ctrl+V hot key) on Filters tab.

Additional comments

  • Stereoscopic Player isn't compatible with SVP's additional features like frame crop and black borders lighting and there's nothing we (SVP Team) can do about it, consider posting a request to the Stereoscopic developers.