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Setting up The KMPlayer

There're two versions of KMPlayer available:

  1. 64-bit "KMPlayer 64X" is a fork of MPC-HC with the very same UI, please refer to that page for instructions.
  2. 32-bit version is basically an outdated Daum PotPlayer, so we highly recommend to use it instead of KMPlayer.

Basic settings

  • Click right mouse button -> Options -> Preferences... and open Filter Control -> Custom Filter Manager section
    • Click Add registered filter... and select ffdshow raw video filter in the list then press OK
    • Choose ffdshow raw video filter and set Priority Settings: Use forcibly option

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  • It's recommended to replace internal KMP decoders with LAV Filters:
    • Install LAV Filters
    • Open Filter Control -> Decoder Usage -> Internal Video Decoder section and click on Select None

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    • Go to External Video Decoder section
      • Click External Decoder Search and in the window opened press Add System Codec then select LAV Video Decoder and press OK twice
      • Choose LAV Video Decoder from all the video formats
      • Click C button near any video format and in the LAV properties window choose DXVA2 (copy-back) mode

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  • For SVP's additional features (frame crop and black borders lighting) to work correctly it can be necessary to:
    • Open Video Processing section and set Condition: Disable
    •  ???

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How to check

  • List of filters in use available from the Filters sub menu and it should be like this:


Additional comments

  • Video renderer can be set from Options -> Preferences -> Video Processing section on the Renderer tab.
  • Using of SVP's additional features in The KMPlayer requires some special settings and aspect ratio value should be adjusted manually.