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Setting up Windows Media Player for Windows 7/8

  • a.k.a. WMP
  • version used: 12.0 - 32-bit (Windows 10)


The same settings apply for Windows Media Center 32-bit (a.k.a. WMC).

Requires: ffdshow and LAV Filters should be installed in advance.

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Basic settings

Note that even 64-bit Windows editions contains 32-bit edition of the Windows Media Player.


    • Click on Preferred decoders and in the window opened set all video types to ffdshow (for 32-bit decoders only) then press Apply & Close: Show picture
    • Click on Preferred splitters and in the window opened ensure that all video types to LAV Splitter: Show picture
    • Click on MS Codec Tweaks and disable all 32-bit Microsoft video decoders, then press Apply & Close: Show picture

How to check

List of filters in use can be checked from ffdshow icon in the tray area.

Additional comments

There's no option to set some video decoder plus ffdshow raw video filter so we can't use LAV hardware decoder here.