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Setting up ProgDVB

Requires: both ffdshow and LAV Filters should be installed in advance.

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Basic settings

  • Open Settings -> Options from the main menu
  • In Video -> Codecs section
    • Choose LAV Video Decoder for all the video formats
    • Click on decoder's properties button and set DXVA2 (copy-back) mode: Show picture
    • Set Video Renderer: Enchanced Video Renderer (not the EVR Custom Presenter!) and Post Processor: ffdshow raw video filter

Show picture

How to check

List of filters in use can be checked from ffdshow icon in the tray area

Additional comments

  • TV broadcasting is often contains interlaced video formats so it's recommended to use hardware de-interlacing if it's available. If you have NVidia video card OR Intel's Core 2nd gen. CPU and later you can set LAV Video Decoder to NVIDIA CUVID and Intel QuickSync modes respectivly.