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Setting up MediaPortal

Requires: both ffdshow and LAV Filters should be installed in advance.

LAV Filters can also be installed together with MediaPortal: Show picture

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Basic settings

All settings are made in the separate application called MediaPortal Configuration, Expert mode should be chosen at start up or just click the Switch to expert mode button.

  • In Codecs and Renderer section:
    • On Video Codecs tab choose LAV Video Decoder for all video formats and LAV Splitter Source for the Source filter
    • Click on properties button near any video format and set LAV to DXVA (copy-back) mode

Show pictures

    • On Video Renderer tab choose Enchanced Video Renderer (EVR): Show picture
  • Switch to Videos -> Video Post Processing section
    • Find ffdshow raw video filter in the list and add it by mouse double-click, then check it in the Activated filters window: Show picture

How to check

List of filters in use can be checked from ffdshow icon in the tray area.