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Setting up MPC-HC


SVP can work with MPC-HC via two methods:

  1. AviSynth Filter ("AVSF"): modern and fast, supports 10-bit and HDR, doesn't hang on seeks.
  2. ffdshow raw video filter: legacy, use it only if you have issues with AVSF.

Basic settings

  • Open View -> Options main menu item
  • In Internal Filters section
    • Click on Internal LAV filter settings -> Video decoder and choose DXVA2 (copy-back) mode

Show pictures

  • Open External Filters section
    • Click Add Filter... then select AviSynth Filter in the list and press OK
    • Select AviSynth Filter and set Prefer mode
    • Double-click the "AviSynth Filter" line, ensure Enable remote control is selected.
    • Click OK and close Options window

Show pictures

  • Choose the right video renderer:
    • Open Playback -> Output section and set Output -> DirectSHow Video to:
    • madVR: in all cases except very low-end video card (such as old Intel's integrated GPUs)
    • Enhanced Video Renderer (custom presenter): for maximum performance and compatibility, but you'll loose 10-bit and HDR support

For the ffdshow just replace "Avisynth Filter" with ffdshow raw video filter in the above steps.

How to check

  • List of filters in use should be like this:


  • Useful information about current renderer stats can be seen with Ctrl+J hot key.

Additional comments

  • True HDR or high quality tone mapping: AviSynth Filter + 'MPC Video Renderer' or madVR