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Setting up JRiver Media Center

Requires: ffdshow should be installed in advance.

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Basic settings

Open main menu item Player -> Playback Options...

  • In Video section choose General Video Settings -> Video Mode -> Advanced -> Custom: Show picture
  • Click on ...Custom video mode settings...
  • In the Custom Video Mode window:
    • Select Red October Standard (see "Additional comments")
    • Add ffdshow raw video filter - click on Add... then choose Type: Video post processor and Filter: ffdshow raw video filter: Show picture
    • Add LAV Video Decoder by choosing Type: Video decoder and Filter: LAV Video Decoder and set LAV to DXVA (copy-back) mode: Show picture

How to check

  • List of filters in use should be like this:


Additional comments

  • With Red October HQ selected as a base settings madVR renderer will be chosen instead of EVR.