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Setting up IINA (macOS)

To minimize installation problems please consider using at least macOS 10.14.6! See instructions for 10.13 and earlier below.


Basic settings

The following steps are essential after every IINA update!

  • Install IINA, let's assume that you've it in /Applications/
  • Important! Launch it for the first time, then exit.
  • Open Terminal and remove all the libmpv.* files distributed with IINA:
rm -f /Applications/*
  • Link Homebrew's mpv to
ln -s /usr/local/lib/libmpv.1.dylib /Applications/

The rest steps are for the first time installation only.

  • Run IINA again, open Preferences, go to the Advanced section. Check the Enable advanced settings option, then add a few options into the Additional mpv options field:
Name Value
input-ipc-server /tmp/iinasocket
hr-seek-framedrop no


  • Go to the Video/Audio section and set Hardware decoder to Auto (copy)


  • Restart IINA again

macOS 10.13 and earlier

You must rebuild mpv with a --disable-swift option. Since Homebrew has removed this flag, you must run

brew edit mpv 

and change the formula manually as below: