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Please read Advanced SVP settings section from the User Manual first.

The list

Work in progress!

Option Default Description Is accessible from UI
frc.color.limit_10bit 72 Allow 10-bit output in supported video players (mpv, libmpv-based, VLC) from 10-bit sources, or force conversion to YUV 4:2:0 8-bit format.
  • 0 - Never
  • 72 - Up to 4K @72 fps
  • 100 - Up to 4K @100 fps
  • 1000 - Always
App. settings -> Add. options -> Allow output in 10 bit color depth
frc.frame.align 8 Align (crop) video frame width to the multiple of this value No
frc.frame.autocrop true Attempt to cut off black bars from the video Video frame -> Detect and cut off black bars
frc.frame.autocrop_tracking true Continiously monitor the black bars width (cause it changes in some releases, e.g. IMAX). "Frame size" tab, long-click on the "Black bars detection" button
frc.frame.crop 0.0 Frame cropping.
  • 0 - turned off
  • from 10.0 to 100.0 - crop to the screen AR by XX%, e.g.: 100.0 - to the screen AR, 50.0 - to the screen AR by 50%
  • from 0.0 to 10.0 - crop to this AR value, e.g. 2.4 - crop to 2.40:1
"Video frame" menu, "Frame size" tab
frc.frame.resize 0 Change frame size (after cropping).
  • 0 - turned off
  • -1 - decrease to screen size (if larger)
  • -WWWWHHHH - decrease to fit into WWWWxHHHH rectangle (if larger), e.g. -12800720 means "fit into 1280x720 rect"
  • 1 - resize to screen size (even if frame is smaller)
  • WWWWHHHH - resize to either WWWW width or HHHH height (even if frame is smaller)
"Video frame" menu, "Frame size" tab
frc.frame.valign 2 Same as frc.frame.align but for the frame height. No
frc.gpu 1 Internal ID of the GPU device to use for the FRC computations. Zero means "CPU only". App.settings -> GPU acceleration
frc.lights.disabled_in_3d true Don't turn it on in 3D modes Outer lighting -> Disabled in 3D
frc.lights.fullscreen true Turn on only when the video player is in full screen mode Outer lighting -> Enabled in full screen only
frc.lights.fullscreen_delay 1500 Delay, in ms, to re-init lighting after full screen state changed to on or off No
frc.lights.glow_amount 10 Width of the glow border in per cents of the frame width No
frc.lights.light_type 1 * 0 - outer lighting off
  • 1 - fill only black bars, either horizontal or vertical
  • 2 - "glow light" from all four sides of the frame
"Outer lighting" menu
frc.lights.max_ratio 2.0 Maximum resulting frame AR value No
frc.lights.min_ar_diff 0.015 Don't turn on lighting if difference between frame AR and screen AR is less than this value No




How many pre-decoded frames request in ffdshow buffers = <number of threads>*ff_mul + ff_add. Low values may lead to video stuttering. No
frc.prefetch.mpv_add 0 How many pre-decoded frames request in mpv buffers = <number of threads>*4 + mpv_add. No 47.0 Maximal source frame rate that (probably) will be interpolated to higher rates No 0.020 Acceptable relative difference between screen refresh rate and target rate for the FRC engine. High values may hurt performance! No
frc.threads 0 Number of computation threads. Higher numbers will give better CPU utilization in exchange for increased memory consumption. Zero means "auto". App. settings -> Add. options -> Processing threads
main.api.on 0 Turn on HTTP server for the remote control "Control options" tab, "External control via HTTP"
main.api.port 9901 TCP port to listen on No
main.blacklist a few entries A list of video players for which SVP will be completely off or with limited functionality "Control options" tab


1 Turn on or off various extensions App.settings -> Add.options -> Extensions
main.language <system-language> User interface language. If there's no known translation for some text string it'll remain in English. "Language" menu
main.osd.delay 3000 No
main.osd.fontScale 1.0 No
main.osd.on true App.settings -> Show OSD messages
main.performance Measured system performance. No
main.performance.base Measured multithreaded CPU performance, this value is used for the automatic profile options selection algorithm. No

and more...

User defined option example

This allows you to add a script variable controlled from either main SVP menu or video profile (may require some JavaScript knowledge).

Pro version only!

Example task: add missing Drop every other frame option.

  • Add new user defined options called "Drop every other frame", exposed to the script as "drop_odd_frames", within "FRC profile" scope, that cat be either ON of OFF:


  • Note the new option added to the list:


  • ... and to the video profile:


  • Open SVP 4\script\generate.js with a plain text editor. Luckily for us there's already a placeholder for "drop every other frame function": find the code block containing "SelectEvery()" Avisynth function call and modify it as follows:
if(profile.drop_odd_frames) //note the variable name here!
  • Save modified .js file (this may require administrative privileges), in SVP's Events log note that SVP caught the change:
20:51:00.201 [I]: Script: script file changed C:\Program Files (x86)\SVP 4\script\generate.js
  • And that's it! Now you can turn it on or off via the video profile.