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Setting up Daum PotPlayer

Requires: ffdshow, Intel Media SDK DLLs (for BD3D)

Basic settings

  • Press right mouse button -> Preferences... and go to Filter Control -> Filter Priority (Overall) section
    • Click Add registered filter and selectffdshow raw video filter in the list, then press OK
    • Select ffdshow raw video filter and set Priority: Prefer

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  • Go to Filter Control -> Video Decoder section and ensure all set to Built-in Decoder
    • Click Built-in codec/DXVA settings and in the window opened check Use DXVA and Use DXVA2 Copy-Back Mode

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Direct interface

PotPlayer supports Avisynth and Vapoursynth directly, without the need for ffdshow. However this mode is NOT recommended as it has some limitations, for example it doesn't allow to change the video frame size, so SVP's Video frame and Outer lighting functions won't work.

  • Turn off ffdshow raw video filter in the Filter Control -> Filter Priority (Overall) section, in case it was already set earlier
  • Go to SVP's Application settings -> All settings and set main.setup.potplayer.native = true, then restart SVP
  • Start a playback, SVP will now use Avisynth video filter directly

How to check

List of filters in use should be like this:

BD 3D setup

  • Choose Install additional codec (OpenCodec) at installation time, or simply download Intel Media SDK DLLs.
  • Open Preferences and go to 3D Mode section,
    • Mark the Enable H.264 MVC 3D Decoder checkbox,
    • Set Output mode to Synthesized View: TAB at full resolution.

Many useful information can be seen in the Playback/System Info... window which can be opened with Ctrl+F1 hot key.

Additional comments

  • LAV Filters can be used instead of built-in decoders.