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Setting up Daum PotPlayer


Requires: Intel Media SDK DLLs (for BD3D)

Basic settings

  • Press right mouse button -> Preferences... and go to Filter Control -> Filter Priority (Overall) section
    • Click Add registered filter and select Avisynth Filter in the list, then press OK
    • Select Avisynth Filter and set Priority: Prefer
    • Double-click the "AviSynth Filter" line, ensure Enable remote control is selected.

Show picture

  • Go to Filter Control -> Video Decoder section and ensure all set to Built-in Decoder
    • Click Built-in codec/DXVA settings and in the window opened check Use DXVA and Use DXVA2 Copy-Back Mode

Show pictures

!!! DO NOT mix this with ffdshow filter!
!!! DO NOT use "native interface", ensure main.setup.potplayer.native = false

For the RIFE support just replace Avisynth Filter with VapourSynth filter in the above steps.

How to check

List of filters in use should be like this:

BD 3D setup

  • Choose Install additional codec (OpenCodec) at installation time, or simply download Intel Media SDK DLLs.
  • Open Preferences and go to 3D Mode section,
    • Mark the Enable H.264 MVC 3D Decoder checkbox,
    • Set Output mode to Synthesized View: TAB at full resolution.

Many useful information can be seen in the Playback/System Info... window which can be opened with Ctrl+F1 hot key.

Additional comments

  • True HDR or high quality tone mapping: AviSynth Filter (AVSF) + MPC Video Renderer or madVR
  • RIFE for TensorRT: use the "Vapoursynth Filter" instead of "Avisynth Filter"
  • LAV Filters can be used instead of built-in decoders.