• Windows 7*-11
  • 30-days FREE trial
  • A bunch of video players
  • GPU acceleration
  • NVIDIA Optical Flow
  • RIFE AI-based interpolation
  • HDR support
  • VR players support
  • BD3D support
  • AppleTV & Chromecast
  • One-click converter


  • macOS 10.14+
  • 30-days FREE trial
  • VLC, IINA, mpv
  • GPU acceleration
  • AppleTV & Chromecast
  • One-click converter
  • Works on Apple M1


  • Android 9+
  • Free test period
  • Purchase In-App
  • A standalone video player
  • Samba, DLNA, WebDAV, FTP
  • Full SVP engine inside


  • FREE!
  • VLC, mpv
  • GPU acceleration
  • NVIDIA Optical Flow
  • AppleTV & Chromecast
  • One-click converter
Latest version 2022-04-27
Regular updates No watermarks / ads Great support

The price is for desktop SVP 4 applications only! Android version (SVPlayer) sold separately!

Windows 7/8 may need manual root certificates update.

  1. Install SVPlayer from Google Play on your Android phone.
  2. Open the app, pass the hardware test, open corner menu -> For nerds, press the Buy SVP 4 Pro/Mac license key button.
  3. Purchase the license.
  4. Once the payment is completed, the button will change to Request my SVP 4 license key. Press it.
  5. Enter your email address and press Request license key, then check your mailbox for new messages. If you don’t receive the message also check the junk messages folder!
  6. In case something goes wrong – contact support, we will help!
  • Local payment systems processing powered by Paymentwall.
  • Available payment methods varies per country.
  • Send $16 to this Binance Pay ID: 442551243
  • Don’t forget to write your email in the notes!
  • Please give us some time to issue the license…

Purchase conditions

  • One-time payment only, a lifetime license.
  • Free updates: All updates for SVP 4 Pro and SVP 4 Mac are free of charge, for a lifetime.
  • You’re allowed to use SVP on a single Windows or macOS computer only, however you can transfer the license to another one.
  • You can transfer the license from one computer to another by using License Manager.
  • You can purchase additional licenses for $10 per computer via License Manager at any time.

Please refer to the License Agreement and Contract-Offer if you have any questions.

Shipping and return policy

  • Please try before buy: if you’re new to SVP, try the 30-days trial first to make sure it works for you!
  • No physical shipment: the product license key and invoice are sent by email within a few minutes after purchase.
  • We offer an unconditional money back for 15 days from the purchase. Regarding refunds please contact us via

Additional downloads

SVPflow – download

SVP’s GPU-accelerated Avisynth and Vapoursynth plugins with NVidia Optical Flow (NVOF) support.

Windows, macOS: running SVP Manager is required!