Is there any way to do this without Stereoscopic Player?    I see that there's a free conversion tool, "BD3D2MK3D", can I use SVP to transcode SBS 1080p24 to SBS 1080p60 and then use this conversion tool to turn it to frame sequential 120 FPS?

BTW, if I had a projector that natively supported SBS 3D playback, would it understand SVP's SBS@60FPS?

I have a cheap old projector that supports 3D, but only in "frame sequential" mode, at 1280*800p120, with each eye getting 60 fps.

Of course, all 3d movies are in other formats.  I have seen online, quoted below, that SVP can take the standard 1080p24 side by side (SBS) 3d movie and convert it to 120 fps frame sequential, while also interpolating it to a true 60 fps per eye.

How do I set svp to do this?

SVP, for example, will take any 3D format input and expand it to any target framerate / refresh rate and display it in frame sequential … h.3020898/

DDU + installing 417.71 drivers & enabling GPU Accel appears to have fixed the issue.

BTW, should I be using this "Optimize for Compute Performance" option in the Nvidia Control Panel when running SVP?

I recently switched back to a Nvidia GTX 970 from my Radeon R7 260x.   

Using my paid copy of SVP 4, I now get much worse performance than I did when using the far weaker R7 GPU.   SVP does not list the Nvidia GPU as available for acceleration or transcoding, and in opencl.log reports:

Number of platforms                               0

Weirdly, I used to use paid SVP with the 970 last year and it worked well. 

What's going on with this?


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Will there be an updated SVPMark tool?


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When I transcode video with SVPCode, the audio always winds up being out of sync with the video.   For a bit, it seems sync'd, but skipping ahead in the video will have the audio many seconds off of where it should be.

I've tried encoding with Nvidia GPU, AMD GPU, and software and the problem persists.   

Any ideas on how I can fix this?


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I have 4 video profiles but only 2 are choices on the window for streaming?

If I change the name of a profile, the name changes in the main SVP window but remains the same on the "SVP Streaming" window?

Here's a screenshot, what's going awry here?:


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With SVP 4 Pro, I've been trying out the streaming functionality.   

One problem is that when streaming through the web UI, I only get to choose between 2 profiles (One I created, one named "automatic") and both of these transcode to 144 Hz.     So, looking at the Online User Manual, I made another profile, and set it to stream to 60 and set it to be used when casting, but it doesn't seem to help?

How do I get smooth 144 FPS when watching on my PC, but 60 FPS when streaming?

Chainik wrote:

Also depending on the type of stuttering it can be just a well-known issue with playback on secondary monitor in Windows.
Try to make it primary or even turn off 2nd one.

Stuttering is a well-known issue with playback w/ a second monitor?

tobindax wrote:

You might have heard in the past that AMD GPUs have nowadays a built-in "SVP" (utilized on Windows with the BlueskyFRC plugin).

However, I think it's important to point out that the AMD driver only supports 24FPS(x5/2) and 30FPS(x2) videos.

That means 25FPS videos do not work with it and it might only go up to 60FPS.

Sadly BS_FRC does not work with the only version of Windows worth working with: Windows 7 wink

(unless you're using a Intel iGPU o_0)

Yet a "real" implementation of AMD's FluidMotion interpolation technology, as seen in PowerDVD 14, works perfectly fine under Windows 7.

Does your version of PowerDVD have support for AMD FluidMotion?  That's what I've been using as a stop-gap.

it would solve allot problems when or if UHD-Blu-ray drives are made available to for the PC.

Is UHD BD actually coming to PC?  I haven't heard anything definitive.


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Nintendo Maniac 64 wrote:

Like "grid", this setting is also based on the video's resolution after SVP's own scaling, so again, half pixel on a 960x540 video will have the same "feel" as one pixel on a 1920x1080 video.  Similarly, using half pixel with 1080p+ content can not only give displeasing artifacts but it also takes much more CPU grunt as well.

So frame pixel count * 4 -> SVP "pixel precision" * 2?

Victolabs wrote:
MAG79 wrote:

Maybe you need plugin to your browser?

They dont support crunchyroll.

SVPTube supports crunchy?


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Also if you really want to see SVP eat up your CPU, set your shader to "Complicated" - just make sure you don't use it on any videos with moving thin lines or it'll be wavy-artifacts galore!

I can't say I've noticed Complicated ever producing visuals worse than standard.


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For me, I'd get SVP audio desync when I'd seek in the video and, sometimes, when SVP would first "kick in" and the OSD would appear, when I had D3D Fullscreen enabled.

I also have ReClock installed but I don't use it.

I don't know what causes it, I try various things and it goes away for a while.  Disabling D3D Fullscreen always eliminates the desync for me but it makes the video appear slightly less smooth.


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Had similar issues on occasion with SVP 3.1.7, forced me to disable D3D fullscreen and avoid rewind/fast forward.

Turned off OSD to start testing and immediately noticed that the "hang" that occurs when SVP first starts processing the video is greatly reduced, FWIW.


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river wrote:
brucethemoose wrote:

"The only way" for what? Recent CPUs can handle any source up to 4K@30fps...

Not at small block sizes though.

My OC'd 4670k isn't top end, but I'd say it's way above average, and it struggles at 1080p with smaller block sizes.

Also, doesn't AMD have something called "clear motion"? I force enabled it recently, but I didn't see any visual difference in the video players I tried.

Have you tried blueskyFRC?  That one utilizes AMD Fluid Motion Video

Doesn't seem to work on Windows 7 sad


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I seem to recall that there was a way on these forums to set thread counts in SVP 3.1.7 that weren't in the menu-custom thread counts-but I can't seem to find it by searching.

How do I do this?


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Weirdly, Adobe's site claims that it can't even do Optical Flow in real time.

Optical Flow is assisted by Premiere Pro’s Mercury Playback Engine, but it still can’t play back all of the interpolated frames in real time...Once you apply Optical Flow, the render bar will turn red to let you know that it needs rendering for real time performance, even if you have Hardware Rendering enabled.

Considering their resources & that they've been working on GPU acceleration with AMD, which has been pushing a real-time hardware motion interpolation solution for years, I'm rather surprised by this limitation.


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mashingan wrote:

I think every HorribleSubs releases that I'm following this season has that frame-rate. (Hundred, Sousei no Onmyouji, and Gakusen Toshi Asterisk).

In my case, it was constantly dropping 1 frame for 1 second or so. I thought the problem because of 8-bit video that use GPU hardware decoding (my gpu system that I can access now very weak compared to my old system), but after some observation, it's because of the frame-rate.

The stuttering didn't really noticeable though.

With Hundred from HorribleSubs (an honest name...) SVP reports 23.809 FPS for me.  The OP's video is still 23.976 for me though.

HorribleSubs' screwy framerate isn't across the board this season though as their rip of "Attack on Train" is the normal 23.976.  I wonder how they managed that lol.

Huh, did anyone else get an antivirus warning for "Trojan: Win32/Maltule.C!cl" from StaxRip?


Were both flagged as containing that upon extraction sad


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I also have MPC-HC 1.7.10 and the same filter list and I see 23.976 being run through SVP 3.1.7 .

I don't recommend ReClock.  I tried it with this file.  As this is an mp4 file, ReClock actually interfaces properly with it automatically (ie: it detects that SVP has increased the FPS).   I noticed my FPS fluctuating between 55-60 with ReClock enabled, though the audio was synched.   However, after a while ReClock started to cause audio stutter and warble. 

Dunno if it is just because it is so ancient, or because of how much computation power it needs, but I've had a lot of issues with ReClock.


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I've also been having this issue lately, and only when SVP is enabled, regardless of GPU acceleration. I had this issue when I had D3D Fullscreen enabled.

I had to remember to disable SVP before the video ends to avoid it as it only crashed with SVP on.  Also on an AMD Radeon R9 290.  Win7 & SVP 3.1.7 


Now trying latest AMD drivers, D3D Fullscreen disabled & MPC-HC 1.7.10 using only internal LAV decoder w/SVP (no codec packs).  Watched 2 videos through to the end without crashing.  Dunno if that's a fix or a fluke.


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I've been using the Combined Community Codec Pack, which still offers a 32 bit solution alongside a 64 bit one, with SVP and it works pretty much without issue for me.

AndyDragneel wrote:

And another question: what is thr advantage of setting Shader Complicated
Inteaf of Deafult??

Far less "Haloing" in both live-action & animated content, fewer cases of SVP causing artifacts on hardsubs.