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Re: Problem with a 23.809fps anime

mashingan wrote:

I think every HorribleSubs releases that I'm following this season has that frame-rate. (Hundred, Sousei no Onmyouji, and Gakusen Toshi Asterisk).

In my case, it was constantly dropping 1 frame for 1 second or so. I thought the problem because of 8-bit video that use GPU hardware decoding (my gpu system that I can access now very weak compared to my old system), but after some observation, it's because of the frame-rate.

The stuttering didn't really noticeable though.

With Hundred from HorribleSubs (an honest name...) SVP reports 23.809 FPS for me.  The OP's video is still 23.976 for me though.

HorribleSubs' screwy framerate isn't across the board this season though as their rip of "Attack on Train" is the normal 23.976.  I wonder how they managed that lol.

Re: Problem with a 23.809fps anime

is there someone else that have downloaded my file source and detected 23.976 instead of 23.809?