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[Used Filter List]
  (1) Built-in MKV Source
  (2) Built-in Video Codec/Transform
  (3) AviSynth Filter
  (4) Enhanced Video Renderer(Custom Present)
  (5) Built-in Audio Codec/Transform
  (6) DirectSound Audio Renderer

[Video Information]
  Codec: AVC1 - CopyBack D3D11 DXVA Decoder(VLD) - NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070
  Input type: AVC1(24 bits)
  Input size: 720 × 480(1.78:1)
  Output type: NV12(12 bits)
  Output size: 720 × 480(1.78:1)
  Frame rate: 23.976
  BitRate: Unknown

[Audio Information]
  Codec: AC3(0x2000) - Built-in FFmpeg Decoder(ac3)
  Sample rate: 48000 -> 48000 samples/sec
  Bits per sample: 0 -> 16 bits/sample
  Channels: 6 -> 2 channels
  Bitrate: 448 kbps


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I don't see anything here, also nothing like you talk about MPC in Filters section!

I screenshoted statistics but file is too large to upload geez:  https://ibb.co/0yLcymY


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It didn't help, do you know how to do this in PotPlayer?


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I don't know how to get rid of this, MPC resizing old 4:3 tv shows on 16:9 monitor to 4:3 or like 21:9.

It didn't happen on previous versions.

I tried to change Alter video frame size to Disabled, but it had no effect!

Can you advice? It resizes sometimes back, but it is annoying AF! And only restart of video player helps other times!

I tried use MPC-HC 64 bit ,or PotPlayer, same issue.

Now I am looking at it, i tried to check Fixed Aspect Ratio 16:9, i completely overlooked that i am blind big_smile

I will answer whether or not it helped...

Oh i thought it was obvious.

Any video that has like explosions or sudden loud sounds. Point is i want to make sudden loud sounds lower without dialogues being too quiet.

Loudness equalization helped significantly.

Still i was looking for some Video Player which can tweak this further, or with AI. As it can be still loud.

Like this: https://www.instantfundas.com/2012/06/d … d-use.html

Except problem is that it makes dialogues too quiet or if they overlap, so i thought maybe there is some video player with AI now that can isolate sudden loud sounds!

I already tried this, it is unfortunately super insufficient, still noises are suddenly loud as hell!


can you recommend me SVP supported video player that can lower sudden loud noises. Most tv shows voice barely audible, but then sounds/effects are mega loud! I tried something in VLC in past but it didn't work well and maybe voices even quieter! Or something with AI that can do that.

Thanks a lot!


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Hello again,

what is the best player, most secure ideally (one which doesn't have many known security vulnerabilities), no tracking and most ecological (lowest power consumption as possible)! Doesn't have to be perfect just which is the best? While i am installing this?
Not sure what to install, i was just using MPC forever...
I think KODI might be secure, VLC has many flaws, mpc is not supported, and others are not maintained. Tho if they are not so popular, so they are less likely to exploited so... Oh this some on TV like, this sucks!
I think i will use KMPlayer... Doesn't matter much given what it is possible to chose from, every big has updates, but more chance of being exploited so...
How to set up KMPlayer, settings page is outdated!
I have directshow x64 for x64 KMPlayer, lav filters are already installed it says in decoder page and they are there when i right click/filters, i can't force ffdshow raw video filter, because there is only prefer, or set merit. It looks same like MPC, not like on pictures! Don't know what else... Avisynth was installed too, no idea why it doesn't work!

And how to use Dlss3, i want to try on old ass movies! Couldn't find tutorial. - Oh optical flow is DLSS never mind...

Also not sure to what it is related, sometimes colors are completely off, or white and black and there is grey rectangle over whole width of screen at the bottom... I have GPU OC, but it should be stable, didn't have this issue in MPC before.


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I Am on 9600kf, RTX 3070. Mpc enhanced video renderer. My cpu usage is like average 25%, or like 34% and gpu 9-17% (depending on movie). It is pretty low already, but i wonder if there is room for improvement. I use 144fps, low artifact masking, maximum quality, lowest quality - no difference! Threads auto, hw acceleration enabled. Not sure if there is room for improvement - are a lot of custom setting, can you advice me seting for lowering CPU/GPU usage so it matters, without sacrificing image quality much? I want 144fps tho!


i don't know what is going on... SVP not detecting playback all of the sudden. It says perhaps SVP starting with admin privileges, but i checked and it doesn't. I tried either way. All of the sudden it stopped working. I was using it today without any problems. I am using MPC HC + Mad Vr + SVP Pro + Reclock.

EDIT: now it is randomly working, no idea why. Never mind...

I use potplayer now, it was played frames instead of dropped lol. So it is fine. index is 1.00. And no dropped frames.

Actually trying to set refresh rate closest to target fps bugged svp pro out and i was getting svp index 0 sometimes. I don't know why, i had reported by svp 119.883 hz and than all of the sudden without doing anything 123.xxx So i reverted that to default refresh rate and everything is fine: 3 dropped frames like per 3 minutes and svp index is 1.00 at all times !!!

Thanks for help anyways !

I have only one display.
I am using exclusive mode with slow gui.
Evr custom has no impact on that.
No change what so ever !

I don't know what else to do, but it is still much better with pot player, than what i have before with Smplayer. But if you have any ideas yet, be my guest.


i just installed Pot player 32 and SVP index is 1.00, i had issue with unstable index and movies are now much more smoother since i installed this player. But i still notice tearing sometimes, or lag. Even i have SVP index 1.00 almost at all times. But when i open playback info from Pot player. I see a lot of dropped frames - like 50 per second. And sometimes i have a little bit less than target fps (119.880). But i don't have more than a little over 120. I don't know if whole frame is dropped, if i don't have it in time. But that still doesn't explain 50 dropped frames per second, while i see 119.77 fps least. How can i drop 50 frames at the same time, that doesn't make even sense. And svp index was during all of this exactly 1.0. And my monitor frequency svp pro reports 119.884, only 0.004 hz difference. Cpu isn't even maxed, gpu isn't maxed as well. Strange indeed...


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Finally get to switch to daum pot player 32 bit, works amazing at default settings. SVP index is 1.0 almost all times.


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For smplayer it is quite smooth not teared, but sometimes it shakes a bit. I will test mpc-hc later.


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Ye. I watch 95% 720, or 1080. Different size from 1.5GB to 4+ And mp4, mkv and such, it happens always.


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I have intel i7 3770k 4.1ghz, geforce 780, 1600mhz ram. No matter what quality i set, svp index is spiking a lot and i can see that on movie sometimes. I tried googling but didn't find much, i am using SMplayer 64 bit and i configured it by a tutorial website. I tried many different players and svp index was spiking always, more or less... I tried different amount of threads and various advanced settings, but nothing had any effect what so ever. Svp index is spiking a lot from 0.95 to 1.1, or 1.2 usually, or more sometimes.

Any ideas what is causing this ?


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NEVER MIND looks like faulty episode, it was bugged, never had bug like this in 10 years of watching tv shows...


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It is very strange i didn't have problems long time. But audio is out of sync by large margin. And file i am playing is from same tv show and therefore has almost same parameters, but all other episodes were okay. I didn't change anything long time. I did find only 1 topic which says to put threads on auto, which i already had. I am using sm player x64.

I don't even know where to paste parameters. There is nothing on vapoursynth website and i tried plugin autoloading and nothing loaded, while i downloaded plugin for my version.

and follow the instruction

Yet that's a problem, on github page of these plugins is 0 instructions how to install and on vapoursynth page plugin autoloading does nothing.  And also folders are in different places. I think i found one of three.
I was reading though and there is nothing actually how to install plugins and where to put parameters. I have no idea how to set this up. 
I was trying to find some tutorial which would give example but found nothing, usually there are some community tutorials for stuff like this.
I mostly don't care about debanding, but noise in some tv shows is very annoying and denoising helps a lot.
I asked on vapoursynth page, if doesn't matter that i have this version of vapoursynth, so that doesn't matter anyway.

Since svp stores vapoursynth files in different locations and have specific version of python and vapoursynth. I cannot use easy installer, or there was some addon not sure what it was to install filters and scripts. How do install vapousynth filters for this version of vapoursynth which comes with svp ? I need debanding and denoise, since default denoising filters in video players cause extremely low framerate even on state of art graphic cards, because these algorithms are badly coded. I asked on doom, but they didn't asnwer.


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How do i disable bechmarking, i turn on and off cpu cores a lot and this popping out every time.


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There is written to crop black bars, that it degrade cpu performance. Yet i can't crop black bars, can't crop more than 1920x960 and i have full hd monitor. While i read all options what it does and did it step by step and it doesn't work. I guess i just forget about it, it would crop part of the image anyways. Ah it can crop to 1080 of i uncheck crop to aspect ratio from tray, but it doesn't work anyways with automatically detect black bars option on/off.
I prefer black bars, againt cropping, or out lighting anyways...


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I don't know what happened, svp pro already correctly by the default was blurring black bars. I wanted to disable that, because i thought it was part of a video. But now, it won't blur them again and i didn't change much only changed option decrease from screen to disable. I put it back, but it didn't work, even tried restart both svp and video player. So i went over tutorial and did it exactly after that and it doesn't work and yet i have permanently blue lines across video and there is nothing about how to disable them. Okay finally figure how to disable these blue lines, which was in different tab, when you set preview, because i accidentaly touched it and than it started to display. I want to turn back on bluring black lines. Detection of black bars seem to not work in the first place. And croping doesn't work aswell, maybe it is because i ma using sm player, and it can't crop video.


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Didn't help urfotunatelly.
I started to trying more players and in kmp x64, it works with external lav filters. I was googling yet similar problems on svp forums and found to use these...
EDIT: wait, it started happening again, yesterday i already watched 20 minutes without problem, today i start pc and again sound is cutting and previously it was happening every 5 or 10 seconds. I don't understand how it can start happening after restart and there is nothing wrong with my pc, i watched videos in aac codec while, when this was already happeing with e-ac-3 or other codecs, without a problem.
And if i disable svp it stops.

EDIT2:SM PLAYER works fine for now, will see...