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Topic: blue frame won't dissapear

I don't know what happened, svp pro already correctly by the default was blurring black bars. I wanted to disable that, because i thought it was part of a video. But now, it won't blur them again and i didn't change much only changed option decrease from screen to disable. I put it back, but it didn't work, even tried restart both svp and video player. So i went over tutorial and did it exactly after that and it doesn't work and yet i have permanently blue lines across video and there is nothing about how to disable them. Okay finally figure how to disable these blue lines, which was in different tab, when you set preview, because i accidentaly touched it and than it started to display. I want to turn back on bluring black lines. Detection of black bars seem to not work in the first place. And croping doesn't work aswell, maybe it is because i ma using sm player, and it can't crop video.

Re: blue frame won't dissapear

Blue rectangle is visualisation of cropping. When it shown Outer lighting option isn't work.
To hide blue rectangle and to make Outer lighting work you need to close SVP Frame size tab.

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Re: blue frame won't dissapear

There is written to crop black bars, that it degrade cpu performance. Yet i can't crop black bars, can't crop more than 1920x960 and i have full hd monitor. While i read all options what it does and did it step by step and it doesn't work. I guess i just forget about it, it would crop part of the image anyways. Ah it can crop to 1080 of i uncheck crop to aspect ratio from tray, but it doesn't work anyways with automatically detect black bars option on/off.
I prefer black bars, againt cropping, or out lighting anyways...