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SVP: AVI processing was unexpectedly turned off in ffdshow... HELP Also: I have MPC-HC x86 installed. ... MAG79 10-10-2014 04:14:05
SVP hides parts of the video You must change your setting interface to expert (2nd from top). ... Feeed 15-10-2014 23:21:49
So I just got SVPlayer, Help; not working, only audio. This is when I use libavcodec when playing it http://www.svp-team... Genki 09-01-2015 10:07:15
So I just got SVPlayer, Help; not working, only audio. Sure it plays IN 10bit ? just because it plays somethin... Genki 09-01-2015 10:07:19
A total new user, spellbound, however have some queries 1. You can choose either way whether to use supplied MPC-HC or using y... ithehappy 19-02-2015 07:51:37
Ffdshow Problem: No AviSynth filter available (slow playback) Waldgeist If I put "AviSynth" on the Available-filters list... MAG79 01-07-2015 09:51:17
SVP 3.1.7 Problem Tryneal When you're playing using SVP, smoothness option in ma... dlr5668 14-07-2015 03:29:49
Patch video player executable with 4gb patch Sausuke ... I even copy the exe to other folder and patch ..... sausuke 04-08-2015 02:52:55
Video image has glitch with SVP in Windows 10 MAG79 [url= MAG79 12-08-2015 16:02:35
Should I download Version 4.0, or stay with 3.17? If you're curious how SVP 4 TP fare, you can always try it without uni... ithehappy 24-08-2015 02:10:39
madvr fullscreen dropped frames If your SVP index is about 1.0, then the problem is in madvr (or GPU t... SatisfyingCrunch 12-10-2015 23:48:06
Recommended settings for Intel NUC Core I3 4010u To uninstall SVP 4 Free, simply uninstall it via Program Features. (Oo... ionutm80 15-10-2015 07:02:09
I5 6500 vs I5 6600 vs I5 4690k,need help deciding on cpu for build. SatisfyingCrunch If the video is h264, madVr would print it "In... Blackfyre 21-10-2015 10:51:42
Odd stuttering issue while using madVR 10bit output Is it happened with all 10-bit videos? What about 10-bit h264 and 10-b... river 24-10-2015 13:22:16
SVP 4 artifacting is unacceptable CMIIW, the ideal is FPS should be Hz-FPS = delta, where delta should b... Fabulist 16-11-2015 16:37:12
SVP 4 artifacting is unacceptable The FPS usually floor-ed, e.g 59.94 usually only 59, 23.97 only... Fabulist 16-11-2015 16:37:15
Real-time 432hz Audio Auto-Pitching The resample in ffdshow is different? MAG79 18-11-2015 04:46:05
SVP 4 64-bit Windows Hmm, I've been using AVS+ x64 together with SVPFlow x64 and find the m... Ironclad 05-12-2015 06:43:08
SVP 4 64-bit Windows So in your case it would be in the svp64.avs file?qu... Ironclad 06-12-2015 02:15:33
SVP 4 64-bit Windows Ironclad showinfo = true showinfo ? \ last.Subtitle("... Ironclad 06-12-2015 02:15:40
Setting Max Memory and Override Amount of Threads. Open "%SVP_INSTALLATION_FOLDER%\Resources\Settings\default.ini" and ch... MAG79 09-12-2015 10:19:01
Setting Max Memory and Override Amount of Threads. SVP 3.1.7 uses AVSMem value from SVPMgr.ini from folder ... kairukun 09-12-2015 15:33:08
Whats the Definitive differences between Free vs Pro? tl;dr (look from bottom for the summary :D ) Advantage: - Cust... Rhylar 11-12-2015 06:15:43
Whats the Definitive differences between Free vs Pro? tl;dr (look from bottom for the summary :D ) Advantage: - Cust... dlr5668 11-12-2015 08:38:28
SVP Override Settings, Number of Frames buffer ahead? I wen't and check the AVISynth Scripts on ffdshow, the... MAG79 14-12-2015 08:05:58
Request: Adding a new IF variable. The option itself is already there, [url= Blackfyre 21-12-2015 06:44:47
SVP has made videos in Potplayer look weird Turn off "outer lighting". King Mustard 28-12-2015 01:12:01
MPC-HC crashes with AMD Crimson drver and madVR renderer MAG79 There's Crimson (forever) beta MAG79 10-01-2016 11:41:31
Low FPS , no obvious reason Did you installed all components from installer package or separate in... Sora21 16-01-2016 15:57:19
SVP 4 artifacting is unacceptable MistahBonzai "type" is not function, it's option setting. Searc... MAG79 19-01-2016 14:30:33