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MAG79 wrote:


The error appeared after some time of video playback at random time, usually it's one time in 20 minutes. But when really unlucky, it could be happened twice

the error was very random but happened

Looks like overheating and some instablity in your hardware. Stress tests are needed. I recommend to test components (CPU, GPU, memory), look to the temperatures and to improve cooling.

I don't believe it's hardware issues, but I agree I need to improve the cooling.
Based on log I have, there's no throttle in CPU.
The error happened twice in that log, first in 00:15 and second in ~00:18.

The memory usage was quite smooth with no (obvious) indication of memory leaks.

This log I made after I've been annoyed with frequent random crashes, to find out why the crashes happened, until I thought the error was from newer version. After rolled back the versions, no errors happened anymore smile


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Blackfyre wrote:
mashingan wrote:

The current versions are:

MPC-HC:         (38c98cd)
LAV video Decoder:
MadVR:                    0.90.10

The biggest recommendation I can give you personally speaking; Uninstall K-Lite Codec Pack (I haven't used it in years), and use the SVP Installer to keep MadVR, LAV Filters, and MPC up to date (they all get updated a few days max after the update is released)

The crashes actually were happened when I was using newer than those version. In MPC-HC, it's still better with caught exception, but with MPC-BE it was immediately segmentation fault (In MPC-BE the error was very random but happened, when I was unlucky, I got that segfault sad )
Luckily I'm using MPC-BE only for testing/skimming video, not actually watching it.


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MAG79 wrote:

I didn't faced with the error on your screenshots. When the error is appear?
Right after video open or after some time of video playback?

Can you localize the error? The cause is maybe one of:

newest version of madvr, lav, mpc-hc

The error appeared after some time of video playback at random time, usually it's one time in 20 minutes. But when really unlucky, it could be happened twice sad
Only tested with 64-bit filters chain.

For now, I haven't able to localize the error. I realized it's the new version which the source of error after trial and error installing and uninstalling the packs.
The current versions are:
MPC-HC:         (38c98cd)
LAV video Decoder:
MadVR:                    0.90.10


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I've experienced nastier error.

When using newest version of madvr, lav, mpc-hc, I got access violation error. I'm using direct show filters from k-lite.
After I downgraded the version, the error doesn't happen anymore.

I don't know whether it's plugin error or simply one of filters, but I don't think it's SVP manager problem since I don't use SVP manager but the error still happens.


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nabildanial wrote:

Hi SVP devs,

I was trying out SVPFlow in realtime using Vapoursynth and mpv on Arch Linux, but can't get it working at all.

I changed the sample script as follows

import vapoursynth as vs

core = vs.get_core(threads=36)

clip = video_in
clip = clip.resize.Bicubic(format=vs.YUV420P8)


super  = core.svp1.Super(clip,super_params)
vectors= core.svp1.Analyse(super["clip"],super["data"],clip,analyse_params)
smooth = core.svp2.SmoothFps(clip,super["clip"],super["data"],vectors["clip"],vectors["data"],smoothfps_params)
smooth = core.std.AssumeFPS(smooth,fpsnum=smooth.fps_num,fpsden=smooth.fps_den)


Am I missing something?

You need to add keyword fps when calling core.svp2.SmoothFps to be fps=container_fps

smooth = core.svp2.SmoothFps(clip,super["clip"],super["data"],vectors["clip"],vectors["data"],smoothfps_params, fps=container_fps)

You don't need to add optional keyword fps to invoke SmoothFps if the clip is called with core.ffms2.Source
This is the thread that I asked about it before for reference

I think the default already container_fps though.


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Maybe, but you're using 32bit video filters chain right? It should be no problem if you're using potplayer 32bit.


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Do you remember to add ffdshow raw in external filter?


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Chainik wrote:

there're three different paths on Windows now:

1. ffdshow32 + Avisynth 2.6 + any DS player
2. ffdshow64 + Avisynth+ x64 + any DS player
3. vapoursynth64 + mpv

I know it's confusing...

I've completed all three paths big_smile
but with #1 is ffdshow32 + Avisynth+ x86 + any DS player

The nice thing about third option is, I don't have to install mpv, vapoursynth and python 3.5. Download the zips, extract it, and play it  wink
The VC runtime needed is already available in my case (not sure when I installed it lol )

Thank you!
I added the keyword argument to core.svp2.SmoothFps to follow your example.
It seemed it need fps=container_fps, before I edited it, mpv always complained that SmoothFps couldn't find the framerates smile

In SVPFlow page for vapoursynth didn't stated for fps so I didn't know before.
(This is my first time trying vapoursynth, seemed nice, because of python syntax? big_smile )

Thank you again!
Worked marvelous cool

Hi, is it possible to use

clip = video_in

instead of

clip = core.ffms2.Source(source="the_video_file.mkv")


I want to test your mpv build with various videos but seems redundant if I have to change the video source and calling it again in cmd.
For now using video_in will return error.
I'm on windows 10.

Thanks in advance.


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MistahBonzai wrote:

Anyone using ffdshow 64bit with SVPflow Avisynth+ scripting like the ones posted by yan04000985 http://www.svp-team.com/forum/viewtopic … 410#p57410 with MPC-HC? (he uses MPC-BE x64)

Wasn't your problem already over?
http://www.svp-team.com/forum/viewtopic … 265#p56265

By using your handle name, may I assume the video source is Fairy Tail from HorribleSubs?
I did download Fairy Tail before from HorribleSubs but when I watched it, it was stuttering horribly (even with SVP) and I had to change my source to other fansub.

While everyone has his/her own way to script, I would suggest you to format the option like you write a json.

It's easier to edit and to be read.

If the video source is already badly stuttering, even SVP can't help.

I did try it before, only to encounter BSOD. After that, I didn't try again.

I believed combination integrated and discrete GPU need a special mobo/OS/software/etc to support that and I thought my pc specs wouldn't be able to support that.


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Maybe different permission? I think I read about it somewhere but cannot find the related posts.

In my case, I can't run reclock unless I play the video as admin.

But reclock doesn't have 64bit version so it's matter not smile


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It should be options->external filters


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Nintendo Maniac 64
I misread your post by I meant available in SVP3. As far I know, the search type is not available via GUI. I don't know in SVP4.

The default value is 4 (exhaustive search) though. So it would be best if you check your "last used script" and check variable analyse_params whether the main.search.type is redefined in there. If not, it's safe to say you're using default value.

My setting for search distance pixel and search type have different value between 720p and 1080p video. 1080p considerable lower setting with distance = -6 and type = 3, while for 720p distance = -10 and type = 4.

Do you use MadVR? If yes, how about enable reduce banding artifact?


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Nintendo Maniac 64 wrote:
mashingan wrote:

... could give ... (especially if combined with Exhaustive Search).

To be honest, the difference in CPU utilization between "Average" and "large" always seemed within margin of error to me...

Of course, for 720p video and Hexagon search, the rise should within "common" CPU's capabilities. Especially if one has very good CPU, the different of CPU usage can be neglected.

But not so with laptop, the higher the CPU usage, the faster battery will be exhausted. Again, this is depended on how the laptop user tolerates the CPU usage though. (Well, the idea of watching video/film comfortably using laptop already questionable too wink )

Nintendo Maniac 64 wrote:

This to me seems like the kind of thing that should have a visible setting in the GUI when you're not using the "Automatic options selection" no?

SVP3 is available, SVP4 only pro. Since I don't use SVP Manager anymore so cannot say for sure.


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ThomasLiddiard just did of what I've advised to you before smile
http://www.svp-team.com/forum/viewtopic … 955#p54955
But because I don't have SVP4, I couldn't give you an example of how to do it

Nintendo Maniac 64 wrote:

Wait, I thought the way this worked was that Average gives less smoothness but also less artifacts, hence why it was the default (but whenever I tested it I never really saw a difference)...

Are you saying that "Large" actually results in more smoothness and fewer artifacts?

analyse.main.search.distance, analyse.main.search.coarse.distance, and analyse.refine.search.distance is used for motion analysing after all.
The better analysis result, the better interpolation.

But just be aware, the larger the value (the pixel that to be analysed), the more burden to CPU. Even changing -8 to -10 could give significant rise in CPU usage (especially if combined with Exhaustive Search).

Based on ThomasLiddiard's finding, SVP4 seems to use analyse.main.search.coarse.type = 2, it's Hexagon Search while SVP3 is using the value 4, Exhaustive Search. The Hexagon Search is way lighter than Exhaustive Search. I personally use 4 for 720p and 3 for 1080p (Uneven Multi Hexagon search, UMH).


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SwordOfWar wrote:

UPDATE: I see the problem. Directory path DOES work, but you have to use "/" instead of "\" in the path.
C:\Anime won't work...but C:/Anime will work
I tried to copy/paste from windows explorer and did not realize this was an issue. Maybe you can auto convert "\" to "/" for user input path?

Since '\' is the escape character, you must input it "\\".
But certainly it's really helped if it supports path normalization.

SwordOfWar wrote:

Allow setting a directory (include subfolders) for profile condition.

Wow, why I didn't think of this before smile

SwordOfWar wrote:

What condition settings do you suggest to detect Anime? I have seen the available conditions but nothing useful for detecting anime vs Film/CGI.

Apart from directory condition you said above, it would really hard to do. Let's say it's possible if the video container embeds the tag video source type, but not every encoder will follow it.
Not to mention when the encoder embeds wrong type, SVP will choose wrong profile, and it affects our watching experiences smile

Have you tried driver version 350.12?
It's worth trying based on this post.

I think your problem is very likely in the driver.

But before you tweaking your driver, how about try to watch with other video player?
MPC-BE, choose the 7zip extension if you don't want to install it.
PotPlayer portable
VLC portable

Above video players are portable, but only MPC-BE and PotPlayer that can use ffdshow raw filter.
Try with one of those and compare whether the problem persists.

If there's no problem with other video player, it's very likely MPC-HC problem.

Been using K-Lite for years, never had problem like yours.
I even am using it with SVPFlow x64.

Do you use Codec Tweak Tool? There is 'Fixes' option over there.
It can detect and fix broken DirectShow filters installation.