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Do you disable frame crop setting?

Are you playing the video while checking/hovering the SVP icon?


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Yeah, I noticed it too, but it only happened when I seek too often in MPC-HC.

I set the delay after seeking 1 second. When I seek consecutively in fast fashion, it will freeze.

So when I want to seek, I usually delay some times before seek again.

Using Ctrl+left/right arrow is working fine too. So if I want to seek some particular scene, I just click into the rough time with cursor and then using Ctrl+left/right to see the scene that I seek. (or using Alt+left/right arrow if the rough time is very far from what my intended scene)

I noticed it too as soon I'm using SVP but I don't think that's a bug/defect tho.

Sintaek wrote:

It worked! thanks mashingan!!

Glad it works smile

So it works after you fix the DirectShow filters?

Or did you re-install?

Sintaek wrote:


  • I have MPC-HC x86 installed.

  • I installed K lite codec pack 1080 full pack(because it has the ffd show raw filter)

  • I installed AVI synth 2.5.8

Are you installing the MPC-HC separately? Not from K-Lite? From K-Lite, there's option to install the MPC-HC x86 and x64. Of course you can't use madvr and SVP when using x64.

I'm assuming you have already installed the required and third-party packages except ffdshow, correct?

Don't forget to update SVP too big_smile

Try to fix your DirectShow filter using codec tweak tool then.

Additionally, if you're using K-Lite as your codec pack, you don't have to add external filter anymore in MPC-HC.
Just enable Avisynth and change Raw video to all supported in ffdshow video setting. You can already use it with SVP.

If the problem persists after fixing the DirectShow filters. Uninstall all codecs, and reboot your system.
Then do with this sequences:
1. Install K-Lite full, with bundled MPC-HC.
2. Install Reclock.
3. Install Avisynth.
4. Install Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 SP1 MFC Security Update.
5. Install SVP 3.1.6, with its hot fixes.
6. Turn on the SVP manager (in case you forget it big_smile, it's because you need to turn off the SVP when updating the fixes).
7. Open ffdshow video setting, Go to Codecs, scroll to lowest options. You'll find the Avisynth and Raw supported option, enable those two, and OK.
8. Enjoy your smooth video.

Chainik wrote:

why someone needs "10bit output"?  hmm
you're probably watching this on 6-bit LCD panel  big_smile

So true  lol

Kongou, I can play it with 10-bit output.

Check the screenshot in this post

You need to use Libavcodec instead of LAV video decoder.

The way I installed the SVP is very different with the recommended way. I told the installation way to my friend using K-Lite too, and it's was a success. Of course, he already installed K-Lite long time even before he knew about SVP.

This is when I use libavcodec when playing it

1. It works fine with output in 10-bit
2. Need to disable LAV decoder in order libavcodec to work.
3. Enable libavcodec in ffdshow setting.
4. The svp manager works fine too.
Back to topic, I think the inability to display the video is laid in renderer.

There's a high chance that some of broken filter in registry. And it's take higher priority than renderer from SVP.

If you're using K-Lite, there's a tweak tool that fixes that. It can detect and remove the broken filter, and re-register the DirectShow


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Hi, the guide actually is already old big_smile

The best setting is your default setting. Then you can change several setting to fine tuning it.
Of course you wouldn't want change the setting too far away from the default big_smile

I've compared it, the guide setting and my default setting. The default setting definitely better.

You could select your favorite "benchmark" video big_smile and see the differences when you change the setting.

Oh, this is the screenshot from my "benchmark" video
But this is kinda extreme and very rare case, additionally, the scene movement is very fast.
(That's why I made it my "benchmark" video  lol )


Procrastinating wrote:


I've seen your webm video, the image really smooth and sharp in my player.

I don't watch the Kill la Kill, but I didn't notice any distorted image. Your webm file is even better than my "benchmark" video. big_smile


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Is it possible that the stream movies using vbr instead of fpr?

Genki wrote:

Sure it plays IN 10bit ? just because it plays something that is in 10-bit doesn't mean it's being played as it should in 10-bit.

My bad. It can play the 10-bit video but the output automatically in 8-bit precision.
You could make the output to 10-bit by changing the decoder from LAV to libavcodec (ffdshow). Although from my finding it will make huge memory penalty.

You could manually change the ffdshow setting.

e.g. I played using LAV decoder takes memory about 600-750 mb, when I changed it too ffdshow decoder, it became 800-1000 mb.

While 8/10-bit precision is about encoding efficiency, the 8/10-bit output about the color matrix. Since I couldn't sure how to differentiate the color precision, I opted use LAV decoder (it's lighter than libavcodec too  big_smile )

You could forcefully to display in 10-bit by changing the output setting too smile
Although the 8-bit video will be displayed in 10-bit too big_smile. But honestly I couldn't really spot the difference

Sintaek wrote:

I tried to reinstall SVP and it didn't work.
Looks like I may need to use the avi synth x64 bit

I think avisynth 64 bit won't work too, but it's no harm by trying.


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tc213 wrote:

How do I lower the profile settings?

Are you using XP?
If that's the case, you may want to change the renderer into Overlay Mixer, that's the lightest renderer for MPC.

Choosing the larger Motion Vector Grid setting is helpful too. In my case, the default is 12px. Average 2, but it always makes the CPU's load more than 50% (~70%), so I opt to 16px. and the load downs to about 30-40%.

For video 1080p, I choose 28px. Although usually 1080p works fine, but I only have 1080p movies which have many effects (particularly particles effect) so I lower the setting.

You can experiment with setting that fittest for you specs.


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tc213 wrote:
Chainik wrote:

- ensure you have "Enhanced video renderer (custom presenter)" selected as video output

Could you please tell me where I would find this? I rightclicked SVP Manager in systems tray, and didn't see any "video output", and double click on it and didnt see it there as well.

Open MPC, press o (this open the setting), check at right Playback->Output, and change the renderer for DirectShow Video


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tc213 wrote:

I looked at my uninstall list for any codec packs I had, and I found one called "K-Lite".  I uninstalled that, uninstalled Avisynth.  Then reinstalled it.  Now SVP works big_smile Thanks a ton Chainik!

That's weird. I still using K-Lite and never have problem with SVP  big_smile

I'm using madvr in MPC-HC and MPC-BE, and those two player work fine.
I don't install MPC-BE, I'm using it as portable and still work fine with SVP smile

I even don't installing full package and I can still play it fine. I'm using K-Lite codec pack and I even updating lav filter, ffdshow, vsfilter/xy-vsfilter, etc. which come together in bundle pack and I still can play it fine.

I even encode the video into HEVC and have no problem when playing it.

First of all, you can play 10-bit precision anime video well even using SVP. So there's no need to differentiate it.

2nd, do you reboot your system after uninstalling the older codecs? Installing codecs usually fiddles with registry, so the best (or more like the safer) option is to reboot your system.

3rd, check your configuration setting, where did you mess it? You can't hide behind standard packaged configuration anymore when you want most of your codec packs. KCP is good, but only for beginner and it's very limited. That goes same with CCCP. Those two codecs even don't install ffdshow.

Additional  smile , don't use the guide in help for setting anime big_smile the best setting is the default or about that
I tried the guide for anime setting and I got worse than my default setting big_smile

So, uninstall every codecs related to the video, reboot your system, and install again with default configuration. If the problem persists, change some setting and see what the difference.

Btw, what's your output setting in MPC? madvr? EVR CP?