Oh My excuses. Im a newbie
I found the problem of this code:

vectors=SVAnalyse(super, analyse_params)
smooth_video=SVSmoothFps(super, vectors, smoothfps_params, mt=threads, url="www.svp-team.com").bilinearresize(1024,768)

The doubled image+green screen appear cause I use Overlay mixer. If I change to VMR7/9 the problem dissapear, but these renders are terribly slow in my mamchine. No 3D videocard here.

this way does not work for me:

vectors=SVAnalyse(super, analyse_params)
SVSmoothFps(super, vectors, smoothfps_params, mt=threads, url="www.svp-team.com")

Hi MAG79
Im testing with your construction and there is some error with it.

avisynth Message
"I dont know what "lastsmooth_video"means

Im not suing any own avisynth line yet... My MSmoothFps.avs file only have these 5 lines that you posted

this is my MSmoothFps.avs file

vectors=SVAnalyse(super, analyse_params)
smooth_video=SVSmoothFps(super, vectors, smoothfps_params, mt=threads, url="www.svp-team.com").bilinearresize(1024,768)

Video with double view (left, right) + Green screen + artifacts.

My goal is use scripts that uses resize command to create masks/etc.. not just a simple resize as this example. (I wrote that in case someone reply saying that I can just resize after SVP with ffdshow )

(sorry for the new thread Chainik).

Adding a New line at the end of SVSmoothFps didnt work,
It works if you add a .myfilter() in the last line but not sure if its the correct place that you point

edit.- I get strange behavior if I use resizes in this place

Hi guys.. currently I use SVP with other avisynth filters and scripts.
I know the places in MSmoothfps and svpmgr.wsf to write the filters that will be applied Before SVP frameinterpolation process.
What is the file and place to write avisyhtn processing lines After SVP frameinterpolation process?

Thanks for the help and support wink


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I wonder if SVP is used in overclocking forums now wink
For use max settings you need really fast/high-end machine.
Personally I enjoy max smoothness but I have to resize everything to 720 or my Q9550 will suffer a lot. I dont have GPU processing available.


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MAG79 wrote:

You can turn off making screenshots from SVP. Change hidden setting: VarChkDimAndFps=2.
Then delete all screenshots manually. Restart SVP manager.

If you can see any new screenshot after that then it is probably some spyware activity. hmm

I use other avisynth image processing into Msmooth.avs before apply SVP. Sometimes when I testing new filters the player crashes.. and I bet that this is the reason to dont get the screencaps deleted


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ok if is a nornal SVP behavior no problem.. I was more worried about spyware activity from a 3rd part


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Yesterday I was reinstalling computer and whiile doing backup of files I found many video screen captures into a hidden folder of SVP placed into "documents and settings" (XP)

The screencaptures had filenames like grab0002.jpg and grsvp106.bmp

My question is:

This is a SVP feature or I had some spyware installed in my computer?
There is a key shortcut to take these snapshots? Maybe Im pressing this key while playing video (I do it several times to control some features of POTplayer) and I didnt notice that its for take snaps.

If its an automatic feature.. how can be disabled?


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Oh Chainik... sorry ... my bad. I tested again and yes its working. The problem was caused by some 50fps WMV that I have and dont allow to change framerate (wmv is a crap) and I though that I was a SVP problem. I tested other 50fps files and works OK.

Thanks for your support and time wink


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((Sorry for revamp this thread. I dont know if it was missed. smile ))
Its possible remove frames with selectevery avisynth command in SVP?
I always got better results for the eye using originalFPSx2 x3 x4 etc than using x1.5 x(6/5) etc for interpolation.


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this table will help
http://www.svp-team.com/forum/viewtopic … 975#p23975

Anyway is better to download all these drivers and test by yourself because we have different hardware

Personally I did tests of several drivers in CPU mode only .. but I didnt find differences


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Hi Chainik and rest of crew wink

In the times before SVP I always used "selectevery" to remove frames of 50fps videos.
My goal was remove frames from the source to get 30fps ... and then use the frameinterpolation script to get a perfect 60fps.

Im not convinced with the result of SVP and 50fps videos 50*(6/5).. and I wanted to test "selectevery" command.

What is the exact place to add "selectevery"?  I was trying to add it into MsmoothFps.avs and in SVPMgr.wsf (in the pace where I write avisynth lines).. but these places do not work.

Other offtopic question
- In my old times I always was working with buffer back/ahead disabled (ffdshow/avisynth tab)-
If I uncheck that buffers checkbox while SVP is running.. video stop and do not continue.
How or Where can I disable these buffers?

Oh man .. Ill do my tests right now.. Im not a lazy guy wink I just was asking because I though that you had already some test results of different drivers versions in you SVP database.

As I notice in your table I dont know why performance varies in each version. Ill bet for older versions first since I dont need these openCL goodies.

Edit.- I tested random versions starting from 258.96 to latest and really no noticeable difference between them.

Hi guys.
I use SVP in CPU mode (I dont have decent GPU to do any processing), so I use Overlay Mixer in the Potplayer render type.

I use a Geforce 7300SE  + 266.68drivers

I wanted to know If using overlay mixer and decoding from CPU can I get better performance updating drivers.

I was checking your first post about performance tables of different NVIDIA drivers, but the scenario is using GPU for decoding.

Anyone could set render to overlaymixer and CPU decoding codecs/SVP and check performance of some Nvidia drivers?

Thanks for the help

Thanks for the tip chainik. I didnt know that feature. Ill play creating new profiles wink

Chainik wrote:

Check "Program files\SVP 3.1\AVS\MSmoothFps.avs" wink

SVP directly copy the code to output AVS script.

Thanks for the tip Chainik wink Currently I was editing the SVPMgr.wsf to add the avisyhtn filters. This new way is easier and handy.

One thing that I miss is the possibility to add/remove filters while movie playing.
Its possible to do that?

I have crappy video sources and when I used ffdshow+framedoublingscripts I did many tests with different filters while movie playing until I got the best filter-combo for the movie.

Best regards pal!!

EDIT.- What is the correct place into the ffdshow/avisynth tab to add my own avisynth filters? Its the solution for me to see the changes realtime


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@MAG79 I use XP too.. plz dont discontinue the support for XP. It is very popular yet
@airport try potplayer and overlay mixer video render


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Here using XP.
SVP installs perfect in my machine and working ok. XPsp3

I was using XPsp1 before and I remember having issues when trying to install SVP.


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Anyone can post their experience with SVP and netbooks?

I was checking these netbooks:
They includes an ATI HD6250 or 6290. Im not sure what settings can Ill use with them.
Maybe the CPu is not enough....


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mindz Im a smoothness freak like you.

My fav settings at moment uses:
Interpolation Mode: Uniform
Motions vector grid: smallest one (lower than 8)
Motions vector precision: half pixel


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Im like a tester.. all day doing trial an error.. and testing new settings and scripts.-...
my cpu is very limited.. so the meter is useful for me to check if Im losing frames or not

Anyway I know  that Its not a must have feature.. so not needed to lose time coding it.
Nevermind. smile


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Would be nice addition show the SVP-index value into a little tray icon. The floating window is ok but sometimes is not necessary read the graph, and it s a waste of screen if you only need to read the realtime numeric values

WORKING"!!!!!!! big_smile Thanks a lot pal!!!

And problem solved in less than an hour wink
I like people like u. smile

hey yes.. that would work,
When I was using mvtools I did num=120 den=1 or num=240 den=1

dont worry about trying to maintain audio in sync or do audio timestretch... this feature is to play certain scene and check the video motion only.. the details of video scene.. not needed to fix audio

I was testing with a script like this in ffdshow and tweaking "num" and "den" I got teh slow motion effect
so its posible.. I only need a way to add these controls (x2 x3 x4 , etc) in the SVP menu

V = ffdshow_source()
S = V.SVSuper("{scale:{up:0},gpu:1}")
A = S.SVAnalyse("{main:{search:{distance:2,coarse:{distance:-10}},penalty:{lambda:2,plevel:1,lsad:1600}},refine:[{thsad:250}]}")
V.SVSmoothFps = (S, A, "{num:5,den:2,algo:13,mask:{cover:0,area_sharp:2},scene:{mod e:0,limits:{scene:10000}}}", url="www.svp-team.com")
GetMTMode(false) > 0 ? distributor() : last