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You need to set cookie file in SVPtube:
1. Open video in browser and save cookies.txt
2. Copy link to this video and wait for SVPtube reaction about age restriction.
3. Set cookie file to SVPtube Authentication menu.

I've just checked. It worked.

More information see here: https://www.svp-team.com/wiki/Manual:SV … n_Websites

You need DXVA2 (copy-back) to return frames from GPU to system memory. Otherwise SVP can't get them.
DXVA2 (native) process frames inside GPU and do not copy them to memory.

About DeoVR and Vhirlgig. These players needs Codec Tweak Tool for tuning: https://www.svp-team.com/wiki/SVP:Whirligig
And Codec Tweak Tool can't give you ability to select AviSynth Filter instead ffdShow.
So, for now answer is NO. But I think it is possible to find another way to select AviSynth Filter. We need some searching and investigating...

меню SVP > Настройки > Показывать сообщения в OSD

1. Open instruction: https://www.svp-team.com/wiki/SVP:VLC
2. Click to "How to manually set folder permissions" link
3. Repeat all steps by pictures

> все равно 100%цп

1. Закрыть плеер. Какая загрузка ЦП?
должна быть 0%

2. Закрыть SVP, воспроизвести видео в плеере. Какая загрузка ЦП?
должна быть не более 5%

Что за видео уплавняете? FullHD?

> Core(TM) i3-10300T CPU @ 3.00GHz подходит?
Для fullHD более чем

Хорошая альтернатива: Автоматический профиль
Это набор предложенных разработчиками настроек для разных уровней производительности.
В контрольной панели SVP во вкладке "Профили видео" выбрать: Увеличивать частоту кадров > До экрана > Сбросить параметры к: Профиль 1..13
Вот тут как раз и находятся 13 разных наборов настроек плавности для самой слабой системы (профиль 13) и самой производительной (профиль 1).
Выбирайте, переключайте, изучайте.

Полезно будет посмотреть еще руководство:
SVP User manual > Увеличение частоты кадров > Выбор параметров вручную


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SVP menu Application settings > Load at Windows startup


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You need to set folder permissions: https://www.svp-team.com/wiki/SVP:VLC
See pictures appears after click to link: How to manually set folder permissions


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Hello, Xavier


You don't need to install anything except SVP. SVP will install all software needed.

Please open video with MPC-HC to get situation "No playback available" and send us problem report from SVP menu: Information > Send problem report...
We will look your logs.

Also, you can look what is wrong in your logs yourself: SVP menu Information > Events log wink

GPU rendering gives more quality. So, don't turn it off.

".. one frame drop/repeat every 1,06 hour..."

It is normal to any Windows video player. Because of video synchronization to your display current refresh rate.
23.976 fps must be synchronized to 59.989 Hz. Numbers may be differ.

One frame drop or repeat in 1 hour is awesome result of synchronization.

72 Hz trick works with PC displays and projectors.

otic wrote:

Because Nvidia is not able to keep their audio/video clocks at stable 23,976 fps

Why do you think so? I can't confirm.

About i7 11700k integrated GPU. I have not access to this CPU but it have usual Intel UHD Graphics with 32 units. It can work with SVP to interpolate new frames up to 4K, I think.
But it seem it have not power enough to upscale or downscale video with madVR at high resolutions.

Of course, one neet to check If I wrong.

You can try another settings.
1. Multiplier must be integer: 24 fps *3 = 72 Hz. Switch to 72 Hz mode
2. Artifacts can be lowered by lower smoothing effect. Select 1m- 1.5m- or 2m- interpolation mode in SVP profile.
3. Change artifacts type from waves to squares. They look less visible to human eyes. Select shader 10 in SVP profile.
Also you can find my advices here:
Artifacts around lines
haloing issue
What are the best possible settings?
Artifacts issue


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You need to open file override.js with notepad from folder SVP 4\scripts
Take line you need from file override_list.txt and paste it into override.js just between lines:



change value. In your case to 0:

analyse.main.search.distance        = 0;

It will override profile setting: Search radius (See picture below)

The description of setting analyse.main.search.distance:

Search range on finest level:
0 - don't search on finest level at all, greatly increase search speed but may still looks good with GPU rendering. This option is opposite to "super.pel".

See more in this manual: https://www.svp-team.com/wiki/Manual:SVPflow


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These metrics (PSNR and SSIM) must be calculated at the same source to compare them correctly.
We have not calculate PSNR and SSIM with videos by your link. It will be interesting if you will do it.

"Reset on seek" option is for ffdShow players only. It is not applied to VLC player.
I have checked SVP with VLC. In my case SVP-Index is not detected at all smile

Thank you for information.
We will look why it happens.

Если смотреть на вкладке Журнал (отрыть по меню Информация > Журнал),
То эта строчка должна появиться в самом верху, сразу после того, как Вы сохраните файл override.js

Спасибо за информацию.

Похоже, нужна подстройка чувствительности обнаружения смены сцен.
Нам нужна дополнитльная информация:
1. ссылка именно на этот видео-файл и тайм-код описанной смены сцены.
2. отправить сообщение об ошибке из SVP, тогда мы сможем воспроизвести настройки, которые используются Вами сейчас и настроить чувствительность:
SVP меню Информация > Сообщить о проблеме...


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to enable SVPtube verbose log:
1) open All settings: SVP menu Application settings > Additional options > All settings...
2) set new value to setting: tube.verbose = 10

to view log:
SVP menu Information > Events log

to send error report with logs:
SVP menu Information > Send problem report...


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Yes. You need to install component SVPcode:
SVP menu Utilities > Additional programs and features... > Add or Remove components

Also you can check if this component is enabled in SVP:
SVP menu Application settings > Additional options > Extensions

You can adjust audio delay in any player manually, find what exactly value you need and remux your file with this value.

What about audio stream length and video stream length in the source file?
Are they the same?
Maybe audio stream in source file has some delay at beginning?
After SVP the delay is 0 and you get this desynchronization.


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The best way to use right mpv version installed on your PC is to launch mpv from SVP menu: Open file via mpv...