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Is v3.1.7 heavier on the GPU or something? Apologies for the double-post, but I've got a status update. I've tr... MAG79 28-07-2015 13:59:12
SVPMgr.exe - System Error; DevIL.dll is missing Try enabling "D3D Fullscreen" if you're using "Enhanced video renderer... MAG79 11-08-2015 15:09:10
SVP 4 more artifact-heavy than SVP 3 on lower-end CPUs? OK I've attached the script. I've also attached a very short real-wor... MAG79 16-08-2015 05:49:04
Bad perfomance on a laptop screen Also, if you're using MPC-HC, it's always a good idea to try "D3D Full... TheWorldsEnd 16-08-2015 08:19:21
Intel I7 4770 vs Intel I5 4590 Svp performance difference? Few people use Xeons, so you probably would have been better asking fo... The Protagonist 22-08-2015 20:10:43
Should I download Version 4.0, or stay with 3.17? SVP4's current settings is optimised for low-end hardw... xenonite 26-08-2015 21:51:47
Should I download Version 4.0, or stay with 3.17? Another thing I forgot - using D3D Fullscreen and only using Bilinear ... xenonite 27-08-2015 12:42:25
10 Seconds long I'm going to quote myself regarding the typical things to test first..... JamieFX 20-09-2015 07:42:55
Stutter until Rewind? This sounds similar to the flickering issue I have with SVP 3.1.7; I o... VB_SVP 20-09-2015 08:05:51
Stutter until Rewind? I just tried option #1 and #3 (With different CPU threa... VB_SVP 20-09-2015 21:46:31
SVP doesn't need a high spec! I had a misunderstand in SVP that is SVP needs a high sp... kibumm 07-10-2015 11:18:31
I5 6500 vs I5 6600 vs I5 4690k,need help deciding on cpu for build. MadVR is great for screen tearing reduction with it... The Protagonist 12-10-2015 02:47:43
Recommended settings for Intel NUC Core I3 4010u I also have a dual-core Haswell CPU (Pentium G3258) except that mine h... ionutm80 16-10-2015 11:28:09
Performance Problem After Update Disable GPU acceleration in SVP? It's worth a shot... you'd want to r... fsghassan 20-10-2015 13:40:24
Recommended settings for Intel NUC Core I3 4010u Hi, sorry, I tried to download your samples in the eve... ionutm80 21-10-2015 07:47:24
Odd stuttering issue while using madVR 10bit output FYI, you made a typo in your first sentence - surely it's not "54.94Hz... river 24-10-2015 02:42:25
Recommended settings for Intel NUC Core I3 4010u Your AMD color issue sounds like a feature, not a defect. Look into f... MAG79 03-11-2015 02:48:24
About Motion Smoothness of SVP4 I had a similar issue that was solved by increasing the processing thr... Keis 10-11-2015 14:38:59
Howto "reset" profile to autodetected settings from performance check? So, how do I get a new profile based on settings that... MAG79 13-11-2015 01:34:40
Extremely Choppy Video - SVP 4 the problem is broken video drivers If that's ... brandough 15-11-2015 05:06:41
svp 4 pro settings I made a post recently that might help. It won't really tell you what... Jeff R 1 15-11-2015 06:13:25
[Solved].MKV only work with .23 SVP shader First off, try the following three things if you haven't already... ... ckychris 15-11-2015 10:53:30
Completely disable video crop in SVP 4 what about padding instead of cropping, to not lose any... Mystery 27-11-2015 02:42:56
SVP 4: Video plays slowly, audio plays normally. Are you using MadVR? See if this occurs with "Enhanced Media Presente... MAG79 05-12-2015 09:52:36
SVP 4: Video plays slowly, audio plays normally. Are you using MadVR? See if this occurs with "Enhanced Media Presente... Quaternions 05-12-2015 21:21:56
Every 10 or so seconds video stutters and SVP info appears at bottom It's probably because the framerate is changing 23.983 and 23.925 fps.... Blackfyre 06-12-2015 14:08:03
4K Issue, Streaming issues, Performance/scaling at future resolutions You can edit your own posts, so there's little need to make two posts ... dlr5668 07-12-2015 08:07:03
SVP can't find my GPU? Another user had the same problem; they solved it by running DDU (Disp... MAG79 13-12-2015 15:36:30
Can't get it to work Let me guess, Windows 10? If so, go into the LAVfilters configuration... I408 14-12-2015 09:17:47
Laptop for around $1000 usd for madvr and svp The key is to get a laptop with an intake vent...which is not many lap... jaytrinitron 15-12-2015 19:09:55