Plz (if not very tedious) write the feature in the to-do list for next version smile

Im not sure but I bet  that video*N is not useful because Ill lose the "smoothness magic" if I do not match the refresh rate in a *1 *2 *3 *4, etc, factor....

Hi guys.
I need this feature to do slow motion.

I have a 60hz monitor.  When using the classic avisynth scripts if I interpolate video to 120fps, or 180, or 240, or 300 I can get a fantastic slow motion effect -

Can I edit any file of SVP 3.1.1 to allow these new settings in the Target framerate drop menu?:
to screen refresh rate x2
to screen refresh rate x3
to screen refresh rate x4

Best regards


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Hi guys.. wink

I do not want to open another "I love you guys" thread, so Ill reply here,

Im using framedoubling scripts since 3 years now..  and this is the best motion that I have never seen before. (Im in love with the 6px motion vectors grid. The smoothness is really great... I feel a bit dizzy watching the screen now).

Thanks a lot for the hard work of the team.. coders and testers, and big thanks for maintain this project alive!!!


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Thanks for the stats smile . Ill be using coreavc and ffdshow now.. meanwhile Ill test different players. I like Pot because it contains great built in splitters but I have to check what amount of memory I  can save Vs MPC-HC


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MAG79 wrote:

PotPlayer and LAV decoder are both very like "to eat" memory more than other players and decoders.

I use Pot + LAV... but I want to get the max of my computer (Im decoding with CPU not GPU)

What videoplayer and decoder do you recommend?


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For a framedoubling fan, I have no words!!!!

Guys you are great!!!! wink its amazing how effectively 10% CPU is being saved and without need to spend money in new hardware/videocard/etc!!!

Really big thanks for this release and sharing this good software with the world wink

I love the good programmed software.. and this is a good example: Each time less resources needed and the performance is better. (Totally opposite to these coders that rely on hardware brute force and hardware upgrade if their bad codec programs run slow in old machines) (Example: M$)

Thanks again. I cannt donate because Im unnemployed, but I hope this post will be enough to send us my gratitude to this great piece of good codec software.


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Chainik wrote:

- the next major version (3.1) will contain almost completely rewritten mvtools

wow chainik! great new!!!
some info about the new surprises that will be implemented? wink

Im sure that this release will rock!! since I use SVP dlls the scripts are working better than ever (Cpu usage)


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editing the MSmoothFps.avs is the way for me smile

thanks for your support and fast replies. You are a nice team wink


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MAG79 wrote:

No, chroma=false is not used in SVP 3.0.1.
And we do not planned to use it in 3.0.2.
You can insert this parameter to SVP AVS-script manually.

Ok no problem Ill add it manually. I discovered the file  AVS\MSmoothFps.avs


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I always used scripts with chroma=false. The CPU saving is a must for everyone with "old?" CPUs wink

this feature is ready in 3.0.1? coming in 3.0.2 release?

I continue using avisynth scripts cause I can optimize the CPU load changing some values that are defaults in SVP (like chroma)


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did you guys try mvtools2 x64? When I used it I gained a boost of 10% (I measured it with several enconding tests) 10% of cpu saving in a quad core cpu or higher is a big saving.

It its a huge boost already available for everyone with a >1 cores CPU.

In my case I dont have a videocard to use SVP GPU mode and improve performance.
Modern videocards are only designed for gamers and its a waste spend big amounts of money if you only need them to watch the desktop

Im also a big fan of x64. I did also my benchs and the mvtools2 x64 saves cpu


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>>>I dont have enough cpu to run these settings
>>What CPU do you have?

Here 9550 Quad Core.
Problem is that I dont have GPU. Im not a 3D gamer so I have the cheapest videocard.

>>>mvtools2 works better when you do x2 x3 x4.. etc instead of using x2.4 (25->60)
>>You are right. It is because of saving all source frames in output. Special for this we have 1m- and >>2m- coefficients. Take a look. You will be surprised. wink
>>Of coarse, true (not 1m or 2m) 24->60 interpolation are losses every second source frame. The result >>is more noticeable artifacts.

plz could you paste an example script using these 1m 2m coefficients? Im really interested to try this


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hey!!! Thanks a lot gaunt!!!!!
I was testing lsad = 800, lambda = 8000 and the fluency is really nice.

I always loved fluency of my 8x8 script but using these lasd and lamdba combos I can go back to 16x16 or 16x8 blksizes..

Big thanks again for this help pal! wink


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MAG79 wrote:

Thanks for interesting information.

I was not able to reproduce same smoothness with SVP yet
The closer SVP settings to your script are:

Try this. Your opinion is interesting to us.

I dont have enough cpu to run these settings sad
In my opinion you are limiting SVP if some values cannt be changed.
Personally I trade quality for smoothess, and I turn off options to save CPU cycles

For example, Im using rfilter=0, sharp=0, search=4, chroma=false, mode=0 for saving CPU cycles, not for image quality

MAG79 wrote:

And now let's have a look at your script.

1. assumefps(25000,1001)
Is it mistake? This function is changing the video speed. You could not change speed from avs-script in ffdshow. It can lead to loss synchronization hmm

I notice that mvtools2 works better when you do x2 x3 x4.. etc instead of using x2.4 (25->60)

All the clips available are 24 25 or 30.. so I decided to set monitor to 75hz and convert all videos to 25fps and then apply mvtools. (25->75 x3)

I know that assumefps is not the best way to convert every video to 25 because some audio sync problems will appear. If you a better way to do .. plz tell me wink

MAG79 wrote:

2. blksize=8 and hpad=22, vpad=22
Why you need so big values for hpad and vpad?
I think 8 pixels is good enough for them.
SVP uses hpad=vpad=blksize.

you true. In fact these values that Im using here are random because I dont find many differences tweaking them

MAG79 wrote:

3. chroma=false
SVP uses chroma=true. It is more difficult for calculation but all SAD-settings are working by another way.

For me chroma=false is a must.. or Ill need to buy a new CPU and I cannt hmm

MAG79 wrote:

4. plevel=1
SVP uses plevel=0. It adds more smoothness than plevel=1.

thanks for the tip .. Ill fix smile

MAG79 wrote:

5. searchparam=3, pelsearch=0
SVP uses searchparam=pelsearch=Radius. I can't say good or bad about this. Just this is implemented so.

6. badrange=(-24)
SVP uses default (24). UMH vectors search instead of Exhaustive.

At moment I dont notice too much difference in smoothness using different values. Ill have to try different ones. maybe I can improve image quality without loosing smoothness

MAG79 wrote:

7. pnew=50,lambda=1000,lsad=1200
SVP uses the same values. These values are default for MVTools plugin.

I need to fix that too. Subjunk pointed me that before smile

MAG79 wrote:

8. lambda=250
SVP don't change this parameter. It it still 1000 by default.
This is a good idea. cool To search with value of 1000 and to repeat search with value of 250. It has to reduce coherence of vectors.

Im using the values that appear in the mvtools documentation: lambda=(blocksizex1000)/64

MAG79 wrote:

9. SetMTMode(1)
Why is this line?
Is this a some trick? For what?

In the AVS forum we are using that value since long time. Dont ask me why because Im not the creator.. but it does not hurt in our scripts wink


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got it! thanks! smile


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I know that you have tested tons of scripts.. but I want to post here my fav one. Maybe you find this movement interesting.

My goal is to get max smoothness in porn movies/sports. I can sacrifice some image artifacts if I get more fluidity in the movement. So this is my best after 2.5 years of tests( and Im sure that  can be improved)

(I convert source framereate to 25 and then apply mvtools to do 75fps. Using 75Hz monitor)

super=MSuper(pel=2, hpad=22, vpad=22,  rfilter=0, sharp=0)
backward_1=MAnalyse(super,  chroma=false,  isb=true, blksize=8,levels=0, searchparam=3, pelsearch=0, plevel=1, search=4, badrange=(-24), pnew=50,lambda=1000,lsad=1200,global=true)
forward_1=MAnalyse(super, chroma=false, isb=false, blksize=8, levels=0, searchparam=3, pelsearch=0, plevel=1, search=4, badrange=(-24), pnew=50,lambda=1000,lsad=1200,global=true)
backward_2=MRecalculate(super, chroma=false, backward_1, blksize=4, searchparam=1, search=4, pnew=50,lambda=250)
forward_2=MRecalculate(super,chroma=false, forward_1, blksize=4, searchparam=1, search=4, pnew=50,lambda=250)
MBlockFps(super, backward_2, forward_2, num=75000, den=1001, mode=0, thscd1=400,thres=100)
GetMTMode(false) > 0 ? distributor() : last

I was not able to reproduce same smoothness with SVP yet.. because I dont have enough cpu to use all settings that I need. (Im waiting for chroma=false and save cpu cycles, because no GPU ghere to help).


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Chainik wrote:

"avisynth oldies" don't need SVP at all  big_smile

you are true wink but the best thing of SVP is that you have a floating menu with all parameters that you can change and see the results very fast with few clicks

(at least useful for realtime users like me wink


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Chainik wrote:
SubJunk wrote:

You will see that the speed of InterFrame can far exceed yours at different presets

Fight! Fight! Fight!!!  big_smile

We are here to unite, help each other and create the most perfect frameinterpolation scripts. wink

The bad guys here are the videocard brands. ATI and NVidia that dont want to add the frameinterpolation feature in the cards because they are payed by the TV brands to not add this technology.

Personally Im bored of pay each time for most powerful CPUs and overclock, when dedicated chip in video cards would do that easily.

You have created a way to use the GPU in the frameinterpolation process... so lets help to improve scripts and lets kick the ass of that greedy videcard market smile


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MAG79 wrote:
travolter wrote:

I would also want to test with different MT values

Setting of threads number: Menu - Number of threads (in Advanced or Expert interface)
MT Mode you can change manually only.

Got it! wink If you create version for pro users add freedom to use any value. I see 15 but not 16 (probably there is not much difference.. but dont limit us) wink


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nevermind about framedoubling. Im using this name because 2 years ago people was doing only 30->60 (x2). Frame interpolation is more correct. ( I personally use 25 -> 75 always.. and that is x3)

About the limitation .. I know that unexperienced users can change parameters and destroy the effect that you have tested.. but at least leave an option to change every parameter for testers and pro users (Im not pro user but I love investigate). A hidden menu or similar.. so amateur users dont need to worry about it.

About levels.. yes.. I know that 0 would be best.. but sometimes with certain scripts maybe you would like to use different values.

For a normal user that does not know about scripts the current easy way is the best. But for avisynth oldies there are lot of limitations if you are not able to modify every parameter.


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Works!!!! All my needs are filled now smile

Thanks for the help pal! wink Time for deep test now


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ok Ill wait for next version wink

Anyway why not add all parameters into a hiden submenu? I see that SVP is an easy way to add framedoubling.. but removing the posibility to tweak certain parameters is a way to add limitation to the program.


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OK Ill test, but this is a bit tedious process. A place to insert lines to the script is a must.

I need them because I add ColorYUV(autowhite=true) and toon(0.5) in every video that I play.. and these features are not implemented into ffdshow.

Plz if this is easy to implement.. add a place to insert lines before the framedoubling script in next versions wink


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I usually use some setting that saves CPU

MSuper --> Sharp=0
MAnalyse & MRecalculate -->chroma=false, search=4

and this option to move things smoother:
MAnalyse --> levels=0

Can I add these options editing any file into the svp3 package?
There are slider to change the values that Im requesting?

Best regards smile