Topic: setting s for low cpu usage

I usually use some setting that saves CPU

MSuper --> Sharp=0
MAnalyse & MRecalculate -->chroma=false, search=4

and this option to move things smoother:
MAnalyse --> levels=0

Can I add these options editing any file into the svp3 package?
There are slider to change the values that Im requesting?

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Re: setting s for low cpu usage

General answer is there - … 2589#p2589

very low impact on performance

see "Search type" parameter in the profile

Yes, this is huge, especially in GPU mode. But wait for the next version wink

We've tested this setting for a while, and decided to remove it from 3.0-release.

Re: setting s for low cpu usage

ok Ill wait for next version wink

Anyway why not add all parameters into a hiden submenu? I see that SVP is an easy way to add framedoubling.. but removing the posibility to tweak certain parameters is a way to add limitation to the program.

Re: setting s for low cpu usage

travolter wrote:


It sounds like AVS-forum thread name. Why framedoubling?
"Frame interpolation" is much better phrase to explain the process. wink
I ask because SVP can not only double framerate but can triple and can get 2.5x framerate (24->60).

You mean framedoubling is the way to add some script from AVS-forum to the ffdShow?

About limitations. This is the one way to avoid strange huge uneffective scripts for end users. In our betas we can change more parameters of MVTools functions in testing purposes.

By the way Levels=0 is default value. All the hierarchical levels are used. SVP now using just this mean of setting.
Do you mean Levels>0?

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Re: setting s for low cpu usage

nevermind about framedoubling. Im using this name because 2 years ago people was doing only 30->60 (x2). Frame interpolation is more correct. ( I personally use 25 -> 75 always.. and that is x3)

About the limitation .. I know that unexperienced users can change parameters and destroy the effect that you have tested.. but at least leave an option to change every parameter for testers and pro users (Im not pro user but I love investigate). A hidden menu or similar.. so amateur users dont need to worry about it.

About levels.. yes.. I know that 0 would be best.. but sometimes with certain scripts maybe you would like to use different values.

For a normal user that does not know about scripts the current easy way is the best. But for avisynth oldies there are lot of limitations if you are not able to modify every parameter.

Re: setting s for low cpu usage

"avisynth oldies" don't need SVP at all  big_smile

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Re: setting s for low cpu usage

Chainik wrote:

"avisynth oldies" don't need SVP at all  big_smile

you are true wink but the best thing of SVP is that you have a floating menu with all parameters that you can change and see the results very fast with few clicks

(at least useful for realtime users like me wink