Late but I painfully just had this case, I solved it by checking whether the container_fps is 0.00 or 23.81, if its value is one of those, I then change it 23.976.

Apparently the problematic video reported wrong fps, checked with MediaInfo resulted in correct fps but using ffprobe returned 500/21 (23.81 fps).
Since mpv using ffmpeg, so mpv got the wrong fps too.

Another way maybe by checking video meta info with MediaInfo, get the correct fps and run the mpv with options --no-correct-pts --fps=<fps-from-mediainfo>

I'm still finding a way whether it's possible to run a script once before actually running the video/mpv player itself. (Well, using bash is pretty much possible, but I prefer double-clicking my video file tongue )

If the plugin is .dll, whether you put in vapoursynth-folder/vapoursynth64/plugins or vapoursynth-folder/vapoursynth64/coreplugins
or you can load it in script with core.std.LoadPlugin("your-dll-path")

If the plugin is Python script, ensure that file is accessible from your script, for example like putting it beside your vapoursynth script

> version numbers on the Download page are more accurate wink

ehem, my bad wink , referred the wrong page

> sure, buy it! big_smile

if only I could buy license for the shared lib only wink big_smile

empleat100 wrote:

Since svp stores vapoursynth files in different locations and have specific version of python and vapoursynth. I cannot use easy installer, or there was some addon not sure what it was to install filters and scripts. How do install vapousynth filters for this version of vapoursynth which comes with svp ? I need debanding and denoise, since default denoising filters in video players cause extremely low framerate even on state of art graphic cards, because these algorithms are badly coded. I asked on doom, but they didn't asnwer.

How do you "install" it anyway? I assume you're on Windows.

Actually, you don't install it, you just download the necessary vapoursynth and python(portable) and follow the instruction and you get the working (and isolated) python-3 instance with vapoursynth available as a module. There's no pip or easy_install tho but it's not hard to add it.

As the thread title, is that the only free SVPFlow version only? Is there a newer update for free version?

It's quite dated (latest update 2016-02-23) and I'm not sure whether to buy full license when I just want the interpolation.

It's not like it's a problem and it's running smoothly in my newer machine, (I'm old SVP user but then couldn't use it anymore because I changed my rig to weaker one, and only able to use AMD Fluid motion before, just recently able to use SVP again after buying a better PC).
So this just a curious question.

Thanks for the hard work, guys.


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TayyabKhalid wrote:

Which SVP settings are you using?

Hard to explain, because I'm using SVPFlow directly without SVP Manager.


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TayyabKhalid wrote:

How did you fix it, please help me too!

I haven't fixed it yet, too. Maybe it's just me, but the stuttering I've experienced is minimal. It's still dropping frames in constant rate, though.


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I think every HorribleSubs releases that I'm following this season has that frame-rate. (Hundred, Sousei no Onmyouji, and Gakusen Toshi Asterisk).

In my case, it was constantly dropping 1 frame for 1 second or so. I thought the problem because of 8-bit video that use GPU hardware decoding (my gpu system that I can access now very weak compared to my old system), but after some observation, it's because of the frame-rate.

The stuttering didn't really noticeable though.


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I posted some definitive difference about Free vs Pro … 685#p55685

ionutm80 wrote:

Hi, Am I missing something here ... or in fact for you is the same because display is at 59.974... and composition rate at perfect 60 which also translates in dropped frames.
My problems is not with the composition rate but with the display rate enforced by NVidia driver being 59.937 instead of 59.9400x as I'm getting with Intel HD4400 for instance ...
Or I'm loosing something?

Oh, sorry, I misunderstood your first post.

So, you want to make whether the SVP or display rate match exact each other, right?

If your concern about the different about ~0.01 which the cause of dropped frames, you can rest easy that it wasn't the case.
Dropped frames is purely because the system couldn't keep up with the calculation so in order to sync with the audio, the renderer starts dropping frames (CMIIW).

In my case, the current system I have has very low specs so it just couldn't play smoothly without closing other resource-intensive apps such as firefox and chrome.

As long the different doesn't differ too much, it's neglectable.

Thanks for the help NM64, but I gave up to investigate it anymore (and because I didn't have much time to tweak it).

Based on my finding, AMD APU is weaker for single thread computation than Intel. If it's about "only" rendering, I think AMD is better because AMD has better performance with multiple threads. Not to mention it's actually using physical threads instead of Intel which using Hyper-Thread.

Unfortunately, SVP is still computation-wise heavy. It still has to do the iteration/calculation which can only thrive in single thread/process. (This is only my thought, though). So considering how weak the system I has in single thread, I just gave up to investigate more sad

ionutm80 wrote:

OK, thanks. Will test that and see what happens.

Check the attachment of my setting for exact 60fps smile

Nintendo Maniac 64 wrote:

Just to clarify, does this system have a stand-alone discrete GPU and an APU, or does it only have the integrated graphics built into the APU?

It has stand-alone GPU which linked with APU. From the pic of system, the discrete is R6 Radeon (primary) while in APU is R5 M200 (linked).
But the memory is shared with GPU (I don't know with which GPU), so is it standalone or integrated?

Nintendo Maniac 64 wrote:

You did change the resizer for evr-cp to one of the three "Bicubic" settings, right? (A=-0.60 is smoothest, A=-1.00 is sharpest).

Yes, I changed to Bicubic (A=-0.60) with D3D fullscreen was ticked.

Nintendo Maniac 64 wrote:

Perhaps due to poor/cheap design on the laptop manufacturers part, it cannot pull enough power to charge the battery and run the system at full-tilt which then may force the APU to underclock.  Setting it to optimize for battery life may cause the APU to not run at absolute full-tilt, but still run at a faster than than when it's underclocked.

Alternatively, because SVP + MadVR is extremely demanding on both the GPU and CPU, maybe it's throttling the CPU or GPU portion in order to boost performance and thermal headroom of the other, in which case you should follow the steps here to try to mitigate that: … d-p/351374
(the only thing is that you're using the new GPU drivers interface while that guide is written for the old Catalyst drivers)

I think you're correct about cheap design, originally laptop I used was available for premium/high spec laptop, but my current work can only afford the cheaper version of it sad

I inferred that when the setting to max performance, somehow the Windows (e.g. ShellExperienceHost.exe, explorer.exe, SearchUI.exe) actually used the "portion of perfomance" too. I just couldn't selectively choose which performance I need to maxed and which I don't need. sad

I'll check that link after this.

Nintendo Maniac 64 wrote:

10bit doesn't have GPU hardware decode while 8 bit does, so it's likely because your GPU has too much utilization, either from being maxed-out or from being underclocked.

Any idea on how to make 8 bit videos don't use GPU decoder? I tested the hardware decoder in LAV to none but it was the same.

Nintendo Maniac 64 wrote:

I've never used SVPFlow without the SVP manager, so I've no idea.  However, I can't help but see a pattern with your issues relating  to the GPU not having enough headroom whether due to being maxed out or due to underclocking.

Could you tell me how to check if it was underclocking?


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myfakeacc wrote:

Post your VO config. You can make it everything from incredibly heavy to absolutely negligible.

My config together with its MPV is in my PC system and currently I've no way to access it sad
I think the only config I added was vo=dxd3d and vf only to load the vapoursynth script.

As the title mentioned, I've had unfortunate circumstance that I couldn't access my PC and have to stick with said system.

With so much pain at setting, I finally could do the setting that play with SVPFlow.
I'm using madvr because I somehow noticed the quality different between madvr and evr-cp.
OS is Windows 10.

There are several question about this:
1. The video performance was dropped very much when battery was charging. I changed the setting to "optimize battery life" instead of "max performance" in power plan in order to mitigate the issue. Why is it work that way?
2. I played 8 bit video, it was constantly dropping a frame every ~5 seconds (the stat was 1 frame repeat in 5 seconds). But played ok when playing 10 bit videos. Why is it happened that way?
3. I played without SVP using 32 bit video player (I'm using SVPFlow without SVP manager) and the GPU already utilize 100% but no dropped frames. Why is it worked that way?

My madvr setting:
Chroma upscaling: Bicubic sharpness 100 with anti-ringing filter
Image downscaling: Bicubic sharpness 100 with anti-ringing filter to relaxed and scaled in linear light
Image upscaling: Lanczos 3 taps with anti-ringing filter
CPU queue size: 20
GPU queue size: 16
All in general setting of rendering are ticked the exception "delay playback start until render queue is full" and "disable desktop composition".
16 video frames shall be presented in advance.
All other option should be (almost) in default setting.

Those are questions that somehow I can think for now. There are many others but I'm just at lost of how confusing the system. This is the first time I'm using AMD APU so this is really confusing for me.
So if someone who somehow familiars with AMD APU and GPU, please explain to me and give some suggestions on how to utilize this to its full.
(Below I attached my radeon system and SVPAnalyse parameter options).

Thanks in advance.


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James D wrote:

Zero crashes on fast multiple forward/rewind clicks on AVS 2.6 MT. It was proven in the past by some beta testers and users back on SVP3.
While 2.5 and AVS+ had it. All 32 bit.

If you still have this bug then it should be your player/64 bit/overclocking whatever but not ffdshow. It should be another bug because that one should be gone.

I believe it was workaround, it's not actually solved.
IIRC, the workaround is to make the delay for SVP manager after forward/rewind click so the buffer filling is not unnecessarily done.

As far I understand, SVPFlow will need several frame forward and backward for each frame in order to calculate the interpolation. If SVP manager is off when forward/rewind, those additional frame won't be needed and it's on again after the "search" is stable.


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James D wrote:
nemoW wrote:
James D wrote:

Doesn't AVS+ provide famous bug on fast rewind? When multiple clicks crash it.

AFAIR this happens due to ffdshow x64 bug, not AVS+.

I had this bug with 32bit AVS+.

Isn't that bug available since always?

Fast multiple clicks always give me crash doesn't matter which version. And why it's crashed somehow understandable, because when the player/renderer still in middle of filling the frame buffer, the requested frame then changed even before the previous filling completed.
And then user clicks it again even before the 2nd filling completed, and after that user clicks it again even before 3rd filling completed and so on.


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I don't know what I did wrong but both r1841 and r1847 didn't work for me sad

When I put the avisynth.dll in player, svpflow didn't kick-in. But after deleting it, svpflow worked normally.


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Chainik wrote:

or "hwdec=d3d11va-copy", marked in the docs as "experimental (Windows only)"

Could you share the newest mpv build with vapoursynth?

It seems I couldn't able to build it using msys2 in windows sad

dlr5668 wrote:

AviSynth+ r1841 works really well for svp encoding / vaporsynth for svp watching big_smile

How? I replaced the avisynth.dll whether 64 bit in system32 and 32 bit in syswow64.
(oh, for 32 bit I tested by putting the avisynth.dll in video player folder so it immediately found)

None of those two working.


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Mystery wrote:

How is the VapourSynth version going? I suppose it's more stable than the AviSynth version? Any drawbacks? VapourSynth itself is still young.

I never used vapoursynth before except for svpflow, but then I never used avisynth too.
However it's certainly nicer than avisynth

Chainik wrote:

> How is the VapourSynth version going? I suppose it's more stable than the AviSynth version? Any drawbacks?

mpv is a major "drawback" big_smile

mpv is gpu intensive sad
the only way I can watch with mpv is to lower the setting of my svpflow options.
cannot use any hardware decoder, always fallback to software decoder if used together with svpflow.

mpc is lighter but unstable, mpv is more stable but heavier sad


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It doesn't work, only tested the x64 version though.


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C0rn3j wrote:

Had a quick look, doesn't seem to handle 144FPS hmm

EDIT: Or it does.. how exactly would I need to edit the script for that?

This is the snippet code in my avs script

displayRefreshRate = 60.000
speedup = displayRefreshRate / last.FrameRate
(abs (speedup - 1.00) <= 0.05) ? eval ("""
   num = 1
   den = 1
""") : eval ("""
   num = ContinuedNumerator(speedup)
   den = ContinuedDenominator(speedup)

This is in python script for vapoursynth

from fractions import Fraction

target_fps = 60.000
speedup = target_fps / container_fps
if (abs (speedup - 1.00) <= 0.05):
    num = 1
    den = 1
    denum = Fraction(speedup).limit_denominator()
    num = denum.numerator
    den = denum.denominator

Change the displayRefreshRate (or target_fps) to your target display.
After that you should edit the global smoothfps_params to be able to be supplied the calculated num and den
In example, I do it like this (in avisynth) :

maskArea = 0
algo = "13"
global smoothfps_params = """
    rate: {
        num: """ + string(num) + """,
        den: """ + string(den) + """
    algo: """ + algo + """,
    mask: {
        cover: 100,
        area: """ + string(maskArea) + """,
        area_sharp: 1.0
    cubic: 1,
    linear: true,
    scene: {
        mode: 3,
        limits: {
            m1: 1600,
            m2: 2800,
            scene: 4000,
            zero: 200,
            blocks: 20
        luma: 1.5

Below in vapoursynth

algo = '13'
maskArea = 0

smooth = core.svp2.SmoothFps(clip, superarg['clip'], superarg['data'],
    vectors['clip'], vectors['data'], """
    rate: {
        num: """ + str(num) + """,
        den: """ + str(den) + """
    algo: """ + algo + """,
    mask: {
        cover: 100,
        area: """ + str(maskArea) + """,
        area_sharp: 1.0
    cubic: 1,
    linear: false,
    scene: {
        mode: 3,
        limits: {
            m1: 1600,
            m2: 2800,
            scene: 4000,
            zero: 200,
            blocks: 20
        luma: 1.5
}""", fps=container_fps)

Of course I use the script not for encode but only for watching.


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dlr5668 wrote:

Did u test it with mpv (dxva cb works best with 9xx gpu). My brother used x265 2k video and it was pretty stable.

I think it's about the same when I use option --vo=direct3d (I'm in windows). If I don't use that, it will use the default opengl and my GPU just seemed can't handle that.
Not to mention I'm still using cmd to test with mpv, smplayer refused play even though I already changed mpv executable path to mpv folder sad

Overall, mpv seemed more stable, but when there's scene with heavy type-setting (I usually watch animes and those sometimes have heavy karaoke effects or fancy subtitle), the frames will be dropped. Also, MPC variants seemed more lighter, but maybe it's just me.

Blackfyre wrote:

Well here's something interesting. Enable System-Tray for LAV Splitter, Audio, and Video (all 3 in MPC, and all 3 that are installed separately via SVP Update).

Run a video, and you'll see in the system tray icons if you double click them... LAV Video and Audio are both using Version 0.68 (the latest one that SVP installs), and LAV Splitter uses 0.66 from MPC directory.

I added LAV Splitter in MPC External Filters and set it to PREFER, and it still uses 0.66 which comes with MPC. It doesn't want to use the newer one that installs with SVP.

I'm not sure if this is relevant at all, but might help identify the issue maybe?

Yes, I'm aware of that. I've already tried it before to check whether it's internal or external lav that gives me error. When I was using internal decoder lav, it still crashed and same with external lav.
However after changing hardware decoder to none, the crashes seemed to stop. But like I said before, I'll try more to see whether that's just fluke or not.


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Correction about my old finding, I still find the crash when using older versions.
After testing whether it's because of MadVR or not, it's still crashed.

But after I changed hardware decoder to none in lav video, apparently the crashes are subsided.
Before, no matter whether I chose hardware decoder to dxva native or copy-back, those two options always gave me crashes.

For now I'll see for some more time to check whether I'll encounter more crashes again or not.


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MAG79 wrote:

Thank you for screenshot.
Just for test try to reduce CPU temp to 60 (by downclocking and better cooling) and check if errors remain?
I think you will be surprised wink

I think CPU temp = 80C at 48% CPU load is too much and very dangerous temperature.
Because SVP can produce up to +30% CPU load at some difficult places of video while playing.

I agree, my PC is really old (~5 years already), haven't had any chance to tweak it.

dlr5668 wrote:

Run intel burn test avx for 30 minutes and check temp.

Thanks, my CPU doesn't support AVX, but I hope the burn test support SSE4.
Currently running it, but I sometimes use this PC to encode videos (it could be 1 hour, usually ~2 hours and there's several occasions it went about ~3-4 hours). Never BSOD.

blabb wrote:

I had a feeling this thread would get too cluttered with mashingan posting another problem in here^^
Maybe his problem should be moved to another thread?

Nah, the topic is "recent crashes", so I added the information about my finding and the workaround for it. smile
I found by rolled back to older version for some filters to older version solved my crashes. roll