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AviSynth+ r1841 has been released on April 7th. … ost1763706

Has anyone tried it yet with SVP? What difference are you seeing?

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It doesn't work, only tested the x64 version though.

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OK I just tried it myself (x86 version). It says it's running but it doesn't appear to be doing anything at all and the CPU usage remains low.

Somehow it's not hooking up properly into the rendering chain.

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AVS+ is a deadend. If you had it working almost fine and then AVS+ dev creates newer version which no more works then something is wrong. And if he creates newer version without fixing it then see ya! There are vapoursynth and AVS 2.6 MT. Competition is priceless.
"See ya in another life" happened monthes ago.

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How is the VapourSynth version going? I suppose it's more stable than the AviSynth version? Any drawbacks? VapourSynth itself is still young.

Edit: madVR doesn't work with mvp and Madshi doesn't seem interested in supporting it

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> Somehow it's not hooking up properly into the rendering chain.

lets wait for the next build by pinterf wink

> How is the VapourSynth version going? I suppose it's more stable than the AviSynth version? Any drawbacks?

mpv is a major "drawback" big_smile

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AviSynth+ r1841 works really well for svp encoding / vaporsynth for svp watching big_smile

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New version r1847 is working well.

Here's a performance graph comparison


AVS 2.6

CPU usage is about the same, the first second of playback "might" be a little bit choppier, but the memory usage is TWICE LOWER!!

It seems to be working well so I'll play around with it and see how it stands.

It also "feels" a little bit smoother but such details are hard to know for sure, it can just be me.

Edit: It seems to be more stable at high CPU usage instead of randomly lagging.

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note that this one requires VC++ 2015 redistributables instead of VC++ 2013 for the original AVS+

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Sometimes the playback gets choppy with CPU usage going up and down, not sure why.

The middle part of the graph is while playing a 1080p video, and strangely enough, after saving a first screenshot, then it started playing smoothly and I've let it keep playing smoothly (last part of the graph). Not sure what happened.

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Since memory usage is much lower, it's safe to increase the amount of threads. I find that manually increasing it to the max (23) makes it a little bit more stable.

Overall, it appears to be working better than 2.6 except when it falls into this "mode" where CPU usage jumps up and down. It may be the same bug as in 2.6 where sometimes playback would get choppy for no reason but with AVS+ the bug's effect is worse.

Btw, I used to run PerfectDisk and it would run in the background while playing video and cause lags, so I disabled that.

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posts about mpv moved to the "mpv" thread

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Oh, and the greatly reduced memory usage makes the x64 memory leak more manageable smile

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Here's some more choppy playback

Too bad, because besides these "choppy playback" episodes, it's working perfect.

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are you sure it doesn't happens with 2.6?

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2.6 sometimes get a "little bit" choppy, but the effect is much less worse. I believe it's the same bug but the side-effects are handled differently. Perhaps it's even happening more often with AVS+.

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This is also the version with the best audio/video sync. With AviSynth+, I can finally re-tune audios from 440hz to 432hz with TimeStretch while keeping a perfect sync. With AVS 2.6, I had to instead slow down playback slightly to keep perfect sync. Which caused repeat frames when playing videos that were already 60fps.

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I've been watching a bunch of videos without a single frame delay.

The only videos that have problem are sometimes 1080p videos, whether displaying on 1080p TV or 768p laptop screen.

It will stop for half-second at a time and the continue when the CPU is clearly not at 100%.

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This choppy CPU behaviour you guys are talking about is what causes hanging in the video, I've reported this issue a few times to Chainik & MAG79, try the issue won't happen using that version of SVP. It's also related to GPU Acceleration somehow. Very confusing.

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OK I've been watching videos for 1h30 and it's been surprisingly smooth. Only 2 videos got choppy (both were 1080p). One was unwatcheable until it stopped chopping off and the other one was choppy for 15 seconds and then recovered normal playback. You say v4.0.0.60 doesn't have that issue? mmm

This bug has been around for a while but now it has to be fixed somehow. Everything else is working very smooth with this AVS+ version but this bug got worse when it happens.

Btw, when I increased the amount of threats, it might have increased the frequency of this bug. After setting the thread count back to auto, everything got smooth except a few random rare exceptions.

I know it's frustrating when there is a recurring bug and we can't figure out why the heck it's happening. In my Natural Grounding Player, each video starts the playback twice and I tried figuring out why several times and could never fix it... uh...

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CPU: Intel Core i7 4790K @ 4.7Ghz - iGPU = HD4600.
Motherboard: Gigabyte Z97X-Gaming GT
Videocard: Gigabyte 280X OC WindForce
RAM: 16Gb EvoPotenza @ 2400Mhz

The optimal settings I found that cause ZERO hanging/chopping and ZERO issues for me with SVP + MPC + MadVR are:

Processing Threads = 19
GPU Acceleration = Enabled on my Intel iGPU HD4600 (So that my 280X can be dedicated to MadVR).

Using the following Settings:

The moment I use the latest SVP, crashing AND/OR hanging occurs.
With 19 Processing threads MPC crashing occurs, with AUTO processing threads hanging occurs.

I believe using the latest version, setting processing threads to 21, and turning GPU Acceleration completely OFF makes it work smoothly, but CPU usage with those settings increases to 60% or 70% without GPU Acceleration.

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How can I download and install older versions of SVP?

It appears some videos are pre-disposed to choppy playback. I came back to the one video that was really choppy, and it's choppy again, while every other video were fine (2 were choppy temporarily and then played fine). This one is 1920x1080 25fps... nothing special

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No it doesn't depend on the video (maybe in your case I'm not sure), I watch 95% of my content in 1080p. When I done the testing, I done the testing with the SAME 3 videos.

Version is I think on page 2 or 3 of the recent crashes thread. It was posted by Chainik in one of the posts to use for testing, which I've been using.


Here is VERSION via Chainik

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I don't know what I did wrong but both r1841 and r1847 didn't work for me sad

When I put the avisynth.dll in player, svpflow didn't kick-in. But after deleting it, svpflow worked normally.

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The new AVS+ requires Visual C++ Runtimes 2015. Try installing that.