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I have identified the issue to source from PotPlayer's AviSynth, I was trying to use SVP natively, and by default the "Buffer (back/ahead)" setting on PotPlayer's AviSynth was set to 10/10, while on ffdshow's AviSynth it was set to 0/21. I assume this setting is optimized from you guys.

Setting PotPlayer's AviSynth to 0/21 gave me similar results to using SVP via ffdshow's AviSynth.

An observation I made while using the same settings on SVP(ffdshow)/SVP(native) was:

When SVP via native: I cannot use 23 threads on SVP when the "Complicated" shader is enabled, the video is stuttering. 21 threads and below resolve the issue.

When SVP via ffdshow: I can use 23 threads on SVP when the "Complicated" shader is enabled.

However, if I set PotPlayer's AviSynth to 0/23, I can use 23 threads on SVP under the SVP(native) configuration and have no problems.

My question is; are AviSynth's buffers 1to1 related to SVP's threads? Is there an ideal setting for the "Buffer(back/ahead)" setting to use or is the fact that I have to use more than 21 indicative of a problem?

EDIT: Also, this issue exists only when GPU acceleration is enabled, otherwise, it does not, I can use the 0/21 buffer on SVP(native) as well.

I was under the impression that this setting would also resolve issues such as edge artifacting from GPU acceleration, such as this:

These artifacts as you know are more prominent on settings higher than 1m and shaders such as Complicated. Is there a different setting that can be disabled as so to have the CPU process these and avoid such artifacts, but still retain some GPU acceleration for performance?

Ah I see, thanks!

Thanks Chainik, do I simply delete said line, or setting it to "1" also works? Can it be done via "User defined options"?

I found this information from Chainik:

Chainik wrote:

More precise rendering (floating point vs. integer math), correct rendering on frame edges, rendering in "linear light", bicubic subsampling.

Chainik wrote:

in fact CPU and GPU rendering was pixel-to-pixel identical in SVP 3.0.x (Interframe 1)

now with all that FP math and bicubic sampling GPU's result is more accurate and smooth BUT a little bit blurry

As such, is it possible to tweak the settings and have GPU acceleration like SVP 3 had as so to avoid the "blurriness" but still have GPU acceleration performance?

Or can the setting responsible for the blurriness being activated when GPU acceleration is on, be disabled and keep the rest?

I am using LAV + madvr, and I am currently smashing my head to make Vapoursynth work with PotPlayer in hopes of getting 10-bit output, it should work like this no?

I am bumping this older thread to verify something; Chainik does activating Vapoursynth on PotPlayer and have "Allow output in 10 bit color depth [Vapoursynth]" enabled NOT provide 10-bit color pass-through?


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I am pretty confident there is some delay, seems to be around 150/250ms, are you suggesting that this comes from another source/conflict and not SPV's threading?


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Are you certain there is no delay anymore? I can use 23 threads with 0+- ms difference or are smaller amounts of threads still advisable, like 5 or 7?


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Does increasing processing threads still add audio delay on SVP? If so, is there some kind of measurement as so to correct via LAV - e.g. 23 threads=X ms delay?



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First of all, great job both improving SVP's 4k performance and finding a way to transfer colors.

I am having issues on all HDR sources; reds seem very weak while also a green tint covers the majority of the films, resulting to distorted colors, specifically skin tones.

Is there some specific solution to this?


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No response from the devs? Is this simply not working as it should? There are still some files not being detected and there are audio sync issues - any support?


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Bump, I have still not figured out a way to make SVP function properly with Avisynth or Vapoursynth. Any advice?


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James D wrote:

Have you installed vapor package in SVP add components? Vapor is 64 bit only so should be the player.

Yes of course, I have the following installed:

SVP Manager Pro:
[DS_64] Core for DirectShow 64-bit
[VPS_64] Core for VapourSynth 64-bit

3rd-party software (mandatory):
[DS_64] ffdshow filters 64-bit
[DS_64] Avisynth+ 64-bit

Accordingly, I have a fresh and unaltered installation of PotPlayer for testing purposes. Any ideas on why this is happening? Did I really not miss anything on my configuration as I described previously? I was expecting it to be more complex to be honest.

PS: Also playback stutters/slows down on some of the files with which SVP does work, even though there is no apparent system load issue. In reality, there shouldn't be any issues relating to the system performance at all since technically only PotPlayer runs now without madvr or anything else it previously run along with ffdshow.

brucethemoose wrote:

It mostly does (including HDR conversion), the options are just hidden away in MPV.

They'll all exposed in MPC-QT though. And the few few things it doesn't do natively can be downloaded as user shaders:


https://github.com/mpv-player/mpv/wiki/ … er-shaders

If the latest MPC-QT release doesn't work, try grabbing the previous version. I think the latest release broke SVP somehow.

I mentioned this because PotPlayer was a pain last time I tried it with SVP.

I have read about this, that it does mostly everything madvr does. But I do use NGU, among other options, which as far as I understand mpv does not feature yet. Regardless, the main problem is mostly technical than comparative; I have spent hundreds of hours calibrating and setting up PotPlayer with madvr, LAV and SVP. To suddenly move away to another software which has a 3rd-party under-development GUI is not really something I would want. Don't get me wrong, I do appreciate the work being put into it, but I am banging my head on the walls around the house trying to understand software I have already been using for years due to their technicalities and intricacies which are difficult for your average user.


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Sorry for the late response. I already had ffdshow raw filter removed when I posted, I do not really know where the problem lied but after I reinstalled PotPlayer it seemed to have worked. Something else was blocking it which I will try to find out later.

Now there is still the problem with file playback, for some reason SVP does not work with certain files. This seems like a PotPlayer issue, since on those specific files the "Use Avisynth filters" in the Avisynth section appears unticked and there is no code below it. The problem seems present only with .m2ts files, some work and some do not. Most of the .m2ts files come from their original discs and play properly with SVP with ffdshow.

The only correlation I could find is that if one .m2ts file does not work the rest of related discs will not work either, for example: if "The Matrix" or "Batman Begins" does not work the rest of the trilogy will not work either (assuming from the same disc set?). Other file types like .mkv do not have this issue as far as I can tell but I could only test so many.

Vapoursynth exhibits the same behaviour - but for some reason when I have vapoursynth enabled (through "prefer_avisynth = false" right?) I still see "Use Avisynth filters" ticked/unticked on PotPlayer and not the "Use Vapoursynth filters" in the Vapoursynth section.

I did try restarting/reinstalling everything multiple times for testing purposes.


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Is there a guide somewhere in layman's terms on how to set PotPlayer up with either vapoursynth or avisynth?

All I found is your thread here: https://www.svp-team.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=3538

And although I switched: main.setup.potplayer.native = true - the "Use AviSynth filters" is not ticket on every playable file. Now when it is ticked I get this:

global svppath="C:\Users\Admin\AppData\Roaming\SVP4\"
try {
catch(err_msg) {
   WriteFileStart(svppath+"logs\err-67d6d30e.avs.log", "err_msg")

But SVP is not working and alternative Vapoursynth never loads. I cannot figure out any other step to take.


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Sorry, I know I pasted SVP 4's manual but when I first searched I got this one: https://www.svp-team.com/wiki/SVP3:User_manual which I did not really understand how it could answer this question.

This is a lot of information for your average Joe (not the manual, everything in general) - I cannot really follow many things being mentioned.

I will try to set it up like this, thank you.


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If you are referring to this: https://www.svp-team.com/wiki/Manual:SVP

I have read it but I do not understand how it answers the question.


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How come it does not have need madvr? From what I can tell it does not have the same functionalities as madvr does.

So is there no way/chance in the future you can get it working on say PotPlayer or MPC-HC without ffdshow?


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But it cannot use madvr and LAV filters - the latter I really need for proper functionality. Am I missing something or are you saying that you are simply focusing on functionality with mpv?

What about other and more developed players, which can also use LAV and madvr?


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But still I cannot use madvr or LAV filters with it as far as I know, so I do not understand how it helps?


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Does mpv not use ffdshow?


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Thanks for the info.

So that essentially makes SVP unusable with all HDR content, which is the majority of UHD blu-rays. Do you guys have any plans of transferring SVP outside ffdshow, to something like LAV filters?


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Does anyone know if it is possible to have ffdshow either passthrough HDR content or allow madvr's HDR to SDR conversion to go through?

As far as I can tell I cannot get HDR or SDR converted HDR through ffdshow.


Does anyone know if there are any side effects from having "Force the exact value" on? For example to use 60Hz + force @ 60.00 FPS than 59Hz @ 59.94 FPS.