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Does increasing processing threads still add audio delay on SVP? If so, is there some kind of measurement as so to correct via LAV - e.g. 23 threads=X ms delay?


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I think this issue was eliminated many-many years ago smile
Seriously, I don't faces it anymore.

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Are you certain there is no delay anymore? I can use 23 threads with 0+- ms difference or are smaller amounts of threads still advisable, like 5 or 7?

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I am pretty confident there is some delay, seems to be around 150/250ms, are you suggesting that this comes from another source/conflict and not SPV's threading?

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Re: Audio Delay per SVP thread?

I have identified the issue to source from PotPlayer's AviSynth, I was trying to use SVP natively, and by default the "Buffer (back/ahead)" setting on PotPlayer's AviSynth was set to 10/10, while on ffdshow's AviSynth it was set to 0/21. I assume this setting is optimized from you guys.

Setting PotPlayer's AviSynth to 0/21 gave me similar results to using SVP via ffdshow's AviSynth.

An observation I made while using the same settings on SVP(ffdshow)/SVP(native) was:

When SVP via native: I cannot use 23 threads on SVP when the "Complicated" shader is enabled, the video is stuttering. 21 threads and below resolve the issue.

When SVP via ffdshow: I can use 23 threads on SVP when the "Complicated" shader is enabled.

However, if I set PotPlayer's AviSynth to 0/23, I can use 23 threads on SVP under the SVP(native) configuration and have no problems.

My question is; are AviSynth's buffers 1to1 related to SVP's threads? Is there an ideal setting for the "Buffer(back/ahead)" setting to use or is the fact that I have to use more than 21 indicative of a problem?

EDIT: Also, this issue exists only when GPU acceleration is enabled, otherwise, it does not, I can use the 0/21 buffer on SVP(native) as well.