Topic: Side effects of "Force the exact value"?


Does anyone know if there are any side effects from having "Force the exact value" on? For example to use 60Hz + force @ 60.00 FPS than 59Hz @ 59.94 FPS.

Re: Side effects of "Force the exact value"?

I would also like to know.  I can't find any documentation on the feature and its recommended use.  From the fluency and tearing test (in utilities), the output looks much smoother.

I'm wondering if it means that instead of trying to show every frame from the source, even if they don't fit nicely to the refresh rate, it will instead be willing to show interpolated frames that fit nicely and drop the real one.  If that is how it works (just a guess), then I think the only side effect is that you see more interpolated frames and fewer real frames.

Re: Side effects of "Force the exact value"?

it will show much more interpolated frames than in 23.976*5/2 mode
in fact all the frames will be interpolated (= more blurry, more artifacts)
while in *5/2 mode one in every 5 frames is the original one