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As I can see you are playback 4K videos. It can be weak CPU issue not VLC issue.
Hardware requirements: https://www.svp-team.com/wiki/Manual:SV … quirements
4K tips: https://www.svp-team.com/wiki/SVP:4K_and_HDR


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Your clips are too short to SVP interpolation:

08:48:23.459 [i]: Playback: ignoring too short clip (7 secs)

You can change SVP setting main.setup.min_duration. It has value of 15 seconds by default.

BOth SVP-Manager and video player must be launched from the same user without Admin privileges.
https://www.svp-team.com/wiki/FAQ#Admin … eges_issue

Check is it overheating of your CPU and throttling.
Use AIDA64 for this just in moment when you see lagging in SVP.


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If you are talking about SVP profile settings then start from these:
https://www.svp-team.com/forum/viewtopi … 181#p74181
https://www.svp-team.com/forum/viewtopi … 776#p72776

And change values of Motion Vector grid and Motion vector precision if you have SVP Index < 1.0

When you are using SVPcode you have chance to use extra options for used libavcodec (ovcopts).
You need to use Encoder-Advanced mode (as shown at your screenshot).
In quick manual by pressing button ? I found these options about aspect ratio:
--ovcopts=aspect= sample aspect ratio
--ovcopts=sar= sample aspect ratio

I've add one line to test:
And I've done video with pointed aspect ratio (AR). But it is ratio not width/height for picture. It is AR for pixel as I can see.
So in your case you have 720x480 movie with 16:9 picture aspect ratio.
In internet I found formula for NTSC DVD: (16 * 480) / (9 * 720) = 7680 / 6480 = 32 / 27
So you need to try:

It will work for any crop because this option fixes pixel width to its height.


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Your CPU is core i5 (4 cores). Minimum requred CPU for 4K is core i7 (4 cores). But you can try.
https://www.svp-team.com/wiki/Manual:SV … quirements

First of all try these advices:

You need to get SVP index = 1.0 at SVP performance monitor tab while playback 4K videos.
What SVP index value you have now?


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It is mean these hotkeys are already used in your system. You can ignore these warnings if you don't use hotkeys.
Or you can configure hotkeys to start use them: SVP menu - Application settings - Edit keyboard shortcuts...


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Try these SVP profile settings:
https://www.svp-team.com/forum/viewtopi … 181#p74181
https://www.svp-team.com/forum/viewtopi … 776#p72776

When you playback video with potplayer and SVP works via ffdSHow do you see the same results? Looks like 15 fps too?
Try to change renderer: madVR, EVR are recomended.


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Error is:

05:11:43.280: [vapoursynth] Could not initialize VapourSynth scripting.
05:11:43.280: [user_filter_wrapper] Creating filter 'vapoursynth' failed.

Do you have mpv not from SVP bundle?
SVP needs mpv with vapoursynth support.


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You can select what you want.
- NVENC is NVIDIA hardware encoding. It works faster but quality low a bit.
- H.264/H.265 Software encoding. It gives better quality, have a lot of settings but uses CPU and works slower.

> software CRF = 12
It is extremely low. I use 18 for most cases.
It is not simple question about corresponding software and NVENC settings to get the same quality. Approximate answer you can get when switching from software to NVENC. As I can see CRF=12 corresponds to 35 Mbit/s.

About astect ratio (AR). In general case it must be the same as in the source.
Looks like you have video with unreadable aspect ratio. So acpect ratio was reset in output video.
You can fix AR by third party tools or use additional encoder options in SVP Encoder-Advanced mode.
In quick manual by pressing button ? I found these options about aspect ratio:

--ovcopts=aspect= sample aspect ratio
--ovcopts=sar= sample aspect ratio

You can use them.


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Both MPC-HC and MPC-BE needs to adding ffdShow raw. MPC-HC installed with SVP is already has this setting.

To eliminate hungs try to change SVP setting "Reset on Seek": SVP menu Application settings - Additional options.
With value "Don't reset" you can see some frames from the past for few seconds just after rewind.


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> Can I set up a converting queue?
https://www.svp-team.com/wiki/Manual:SV … code_Usage

While encoding, you can enqueue more files as well as pause or cancel transcoding process.

> Does the image lose quality after converting?
It is full transcoding. With completely decoding source frames and encoding them together with interpolated frames.
You can minimize quality lose by adjusting encode settings. Start from settings by default. It is most common settings to get not very big file size with not visible quality lose for human eyes.


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It working so. At beginning video playback SVP must to detect framerate, select profile and start to calcuate new frames to frame buffer then start to display them.
You will see stutter at the beginning.
If you want to watch high framerate video without stutter in loop then transcode this video first via SVP and watch its interpolated version from disk.


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disable option: Application settings - Show OSD messages

I've just checked with MPC-HC and Ctrl-Arrow Down. It is still working to me. At speed 0.5x and 0.25x. No problem. Look at SVP status and in SVP logs.

SVP does all other stuff:
- Detect and cut black bars
- Another frame crop and frame resize
- Outer lighting

You can use option "Temporarily disable SVP" in SVP menu to completely disable SVP processing.

Черные полосы. Они влияют на результат. Их надо отрезать.

4k = 3840x2160 = 8M points
your resolution = 5400x2700 = 14.5M points
in 2 times more points

30 fps and 60 fps = in 2 time more frames.

Your task is in 4 times more complicated than task for 4k 30FPS.
Is your processor in 4 times faster? smile

Советы такие:
1. Обновиться до SVP В числе исправлений: fixed wrong SVP window size with screen scale >100%
2. Если не помогает, то править файл C:\Program Files (x86)\SVP 4\ui-scale.txt

Прошу сообщить какой из советов помог


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tip: Use MPC-HC x64 player and NVIDIA CUVID decoder
What video player are you using?
I think you have already read this:
SVP: 4K and HDR
FAQ: Video lagging and stuttering on 120+ Hz monitor


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Попробовать в potPlayer разные режимы растяжения кадра. Горячие кнопки Ctrl-Enter, Alt-Enter и Ctrl-Alt-Enter

Why you need more than one video at once.
How you watch it?
(I can watch only one video at once).

BTW. When I playback two videos 24fps and 30fps simultaneously they both playback with SVP at 60fps without any issues.
Check SVP setting value in menu - Application settings - Additional options - Running multiply videos. It must be setted to: Use SVP in all opened videos

Your link is working to me via SVPtube 2 with mpv player.

To send problem report use SVP menu - Information - Send problem report...

P.S. with VLC player this link is working too. Repeat instruction steps carefully: