A long time ago in SVP 3 I just sent in a donation and I guess the devs kept track of that and sent free licenses for SVP 4. I don't normally support things (it's been like, Wikipedia and this) but I felt like the product was great and worth sending in $20 or whatever it was.

The product does a lot while asking very little from you, and the automatic setup was nice. I had read about avi-synth scripts before but it was a bit difficult to set up so I never got into it; it's nice that the setup takes care of all the steps for you.

But again that's your personal preference; I can't help you from a features standpoint, more just from a "did you feel this software was worth $20" standpoint. I thought it was, and probably more given how much video I watch on my PC.

Just wanted to update since you linked to my old thread; with the latest version of SVP, and MadVR off, everything works fine, even 1080p videos, up to 60fps. Sorry you are still having problems; it sounds like it is the same as what I was having. I have no idea what "fixed" it for me, I just chalked it up to installing the latest version of SVP that was on the website.

I wanted to update and reply that with the latest update 3.1.2 everything is fine. MadVR was too demanding for some files so I just disabled it; smooth FPS > madvr for me.


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I don't know if this is the right place to report errors but after a reboot SVP popped up and said there were errors and to report them in the forum, so here goes:

2:31:53.257; Start: SVPMgr 3.1.1 starts...
2:31:53.258; Start: read settings file settings.ini
2:31:53.258; Start: load language file - English. Duration: 19 ms
2:31:53.277; Start: clear Logs folder
2:31:53.278; Start: SVPMgr folders prepare. Duration: 9 ms
2:31:53.287; Start: performance graphs prepare
2:31:53.288; Start: read settings file SVPMgr.ini
2:31:53.289; Start: monitors settings detection. Duration: 1787 ms
2:31:55.076; Start: disable LNG-file write when UAC enabled
2:31:55.077; Start: change SVP-manager priority
2:31:55.077; Start: register hotkeys
2:31:55.079; Start: check launched instance of SVP-manager
2:31:55.080; Start: check Avisynth installed. Duration: 154 ms
2:31:55.234; Start: get versions of modules used
ffdshow.ax/avisynth.dll: 1.1.4342.0/
2:31:55.235; Start: refresh autostart state in registry
2:31:55.236; Start: some more work with registry
2:31:55.238; Start: create menu. Duration: 6 ms
2:31:55.244; Start: update settings file settings.ini. Duration: 273 ms
2:31:55.517; Start: update monitor settings
2:31:55.518; Start: prepare "About the program" window. Duration: 10 ms
2:31:55.528; Start: enable ffdShow waiting mode
2:31:55.530; RefreshSVP begin
2:31:55.532; RefreshSVP end: Waiting for ffdshow video
2:31:55.533; Start: prepare to work is complete
2:33:30.393; GetDimensionAndFPS_Grab start. Duration: 118 ms
2:33:30.511; GetDimensionAndFPS_Grab result: 624 352 23.976
2:33:30.513; T1T: prepare
2:33:30.517; T1T: begin
2:33:30.520; T1T: GetAllMediaParams
2:33:30.522; T1T: SettingsPrepare
2:33:30.527; T1T: Preparing smooth playback...
2:33:30.530; T1T: WriteAllMediaParamsToIni
2:33:30.531; application launch...
command: D:\Program Files (x86)\Media Tools\SVP\SVPMgr
parameters: main "C:\Users\Phil\AppData\Roaming\SVP 3.1\" 624 352 23.976 624 352 5 2
write to log: True. Duration: 514 ms
2:33:31.045; T1T: SVPMgr main. Duration: 32 ms
2:33:31.077; T1T: Playback
23.976 * (5 : 2) = 59.94 fps
2:33:31.078; SetPriorityPlayer: 2. Duration: 2196 ms
2:33:33.274; this is changing FalseVFR_Dwn. ffdShow-framerate: 15.737 SVP Index:1.01/1.01
2:33:34.211; this is changing FalseVFR_Dwn. ffdShow-framerate: 12.205 SVP Index:0.85/1.36
2:33:35.147; this is changing FalseVFR_Up. ffdShow-framerate: 18.862 SVP Index:0.85/1.36
2:33:36.083; this is changing FalseVFR_Up. ffdShow-framerate: 21.754 SVP Index:0.97/1.23
2:33:37.081; this is changing FalseVFR_Up. ffdShow-framerate: 23.598 SVP Index:1.02/1.13
2:33:38.017; this is changing #2. ffdShow-framerate: 23.976 SVP Index:0.88/0.00
2:33:42.696; clear interval. Duration: 936 ms
2:33:43.632; RefreshSVP begin
2:33:43.635; RefreshSVP end: Waiting for ffdshow video. Duration: 513 ms
2:33:44.148; GetDimensionAndFPS_Grab start. Duration: 125 ms
2:33:44.273; GetDimensionAndFPS_Grab result: 624 352 23.976. Duration: 10 ms
2:33:44.283; T1T: prepare
2:33:44.293; T1T: begin. Duration: 8 ms
2:33:44.301; T1T: GetAllMediaParams
2:33:44.302; T1T: SettingsPrepare. Duration: 15 ms
2:33:44.317; T1T: Preparing smooth playback...
2:33:44.319; T1T: WriteAllMediaParamsToIni
2:33:44.322; application launch...
command: D:\Program Files (x86)\Media Tools\SVP\SVPMgr
parameters: main "C:\Users\Phil\AppData\Roaming\SVP 3.1\" 624 352 23.976 624 352 5 2
write to log: True. Duration: 518 ms
2:33:44.840; T1T: SVPMgr main. Duration: 61 ms
2:33:44.901; T1T: Playback
23.976 * (5 : 2) = 59.94 fps
2:33:44.902; SetPriorityPlayer: 2. Duration: 5034 ms

Just going to stop there because it looks like the log is a lot of that repeated over and over.

Definitely an issue with mp4, SVP and ffdshow; was watching a show in avi and the recent switch to mp4 meant the show switched formats and now there's a 200ms delay.

Doh. Oh well.  200ms it is.

I'm using FFDShow for audio yeah.

Hmm, it looks like some files aren't syncing properly possibly because of FFDshow video.

With MPC-HC all filters enabled, video/audio is in sync, with SVP disabled bu FFDShow enabled, video/audio is out of sync, especially on 720p files. Playback is smooth it's just out of sync.  An video delay of -200ms works for 720p files it seems, but then on SD files the sync is not necessary.


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I am posting but I also donated tongue

Will double check; haven't not used SVP since I installed it, but I think so yeah.  What I don't get is it isn't every file. Some files play fine, at least for a while, and then the sync issues start up.

Yeah I'm still getting issues on some files, usually in the neighborhood of 150-200ms. It seems to happen after opening the file and SVP says "preparing to smooth.." and then switches to ~60fps output.  This causes a minor delay in some files for some reason. I have no idea why or why not; it happens in even SD files now.

Yeah I use the + and - on the numberpad. Not sure what you mean by "grey" but yeah it makes it easier than having to go into the sound options every time.

I'll have to double check my settings when I get home from work today.

I'm trying SVP 3.1 with the "memory leak" patch v2 and LAV and MadVR now and everything seems to be running fine.

Even though everything is smooth, SOME MKV files are still giving me audio delay issues (but not others).  almost all SD clips run fine, some 720p MKV run fine, some 1080p MKV/MOV run fine, but some are still giving a fixed delay (it's not always 200ms; usually between 100-200ms but seems constant), though.


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CPU usage is lower and the quality seems the same/better. Loving it!

Core i5-750 @ 3.6GHz
Radeon 5850
OCZ Agility 240GB

I noticed that for most MKV or MP4 files, the audio is out of sync with the video about 200ms, but for avi files it isn't the case.

I am not getting frame drops or anything like that, and it seems like for 720p or 1080p mkv/mov (hires quicktime trailers) the audio lag is exactly the same.

I tried using both Haali splitter and the built in MPC source filters, but the situation is the same.  I found the MPC source filter worked better than Haali with less crashing when skipping around in a movie (and allows for keyframe jumps, which haali did not).  Is there a fix for this? Or do I need to just offset the audio 200ms for every mkv file in MPC?

I did also tried MadVR and LAV and both of those saw higher CPU usage with negligible performance gains, so I didn't continue using them. LAV was very stutterish.

Hey guys, the tool is really great! Been playing with it; specs:
i5-750 OC'd to 3.6GHz, 8GB RAM.
GPU is a Radeon 5850

Going to play around with the benchmarking tool to see what kind of settings I can run; I played around with some 1080p trailers and the CPU usage hits 100%, so I had to turn some settings back down (default settings were fine; CPU around 40%, but turning settings up = higher CPU).

Thanks for the great program and I agree that turning off "global keyboard shortcuts" is probably a good idea.  Allow users to turn them on if they want but defaulting to on was very confusing for an hour or so.

I noticed when SVP Manager is running, keyboard shortcuts in other programs don't work.

For example, CTRL + SHIFT + T in Google Chrome (undo closed tab) instead activates the tearing test in SVP.

Also CTRL + SHIFT + I in lightroom (to import photos) doesn't work.

Is there a way to disable SVP capturing other application's keyboard shortcuts?  If not it makes the application a lot less useful since I have to manually turn it on or off.

NEver mind, I just found it; toggle hotkeys on and off in the settings. That was easy.