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dlr5668 wrote:

Did u change monitor/tv hz to match that ? eg 71.928 for 3x

I've just try to set 3x, but refresh rate only can set @ 59,940 Hz with my Samsung TV. Got keeping grow frame drop number but it seems also smooth...

cemaydnlar wrote:

Why would you use svp when new tv's can do interpolation better ?

Yeah, maybe you're right but in my case  I have some choppy playback-single moments, with my Samsung's inerpolatiion, it's quite old model: KU 6400.... Or it might be because of nvidia eternal problem with keeping 23,976 clocks in perfect sync? Anyway, with my config above, I didn't found any artefacts around the moving objects etc.

I've decided to share my SVP Pro and MPV Player settings. I think I've achived some "normal" playback smoothness (without soap-opera effect).  Maybe others will be interesting to do this too. I've spent a lot of time reading/asking members/devs about diffenrent things.So let's go...:

Audio/Video configuration:

PC-->A/V receiver-->TV

Windows settings:

In NV panel:4K, 59.940 Hz, 12 bit, 422 colour format.
In Windows 10 display properties: Enable HDR

CPU: i7 8700k ( with MCE enabled--> 4,7Ghz)
RAM:32 GB @ 3200Mhz
GPU: RTX 2070 Super (GTX 1070 was using before-also fine,just replaced because I needed USB-C video otput)

MPV config file:

hwdec=no   (in my case I had some choppy moments when using hardware decoding, I think it's due to GPU overload)

video-sync=display-desync (I think it works like Reclock but lets you do bitstreaming without audio drops)




audio-spdif=ac3,eac3,dts-hd,truehd (it lets all multichannel audio to passtrough)

I do not use NVOF function, don't like, it has worse artefact masking in my opinion.
Above settings I use for watching 4K HDR and 1080p; with 23,976 fps content.
AND- don't forget to turn off TV's interplation feature, it will ruine whole SVP effort smile

SVP Pro settings:

Chainik wrote:

SVP does transcoding via mpv player which is unable to preserve HDR meta-data after encoding...

Will this be ever possible? Maybe with in the last HDR-able update of avisynth, if not from mpv engine?

Chainik wrote:

Nope. The "avisynth filter" author can't replicate the crash on his rig... and it actually ReClock who crashes, so .... dunno what we could do about it.

> One more thing when do all files modification about adding 10 bit support with DirectShow, MPV player do not playback in 10 bit mode then (?!)

are you sure? hmm mpv must work the same way it used to.

Now, mpv does work in 10 bit mode, after update smile

... just want to add one thing about Reclock crushing- noticed that it does work with 1080p movies but crashing with with 4K HDR. Is this can be some hint fory you,maybe?

Chainik wrote:

If you open the AviSynth Filter properties, the "AviSynth script to load" field must be empty. Is it?

yeah- it's empty, still crushing tho....any ideas?

Well, with 64 bit MPC-HC+madVR it's OK, ofcourse madVR stats are showing some reapted frames but I personally didn't noticed that smile

Oh! One more thing when do all files modification about adding 10 bit support with DirectShow, MPV player do not playback in 10 bit mode then (?!)

Is this going to work with 32 bit MPC-HC?

Asking because I wanted to combined SVP Pro with Reclock to get perfect audio/video synchronization smile

I've tried to do it but got crash:

zintapritie2 wrote:

32gb ram
win 10
svp pro 4

1080p60 cpu:15%  gpu:45%
2160p60 cpu:22%  gpu:77%

would like to use less gpu for svp.
gpu for madvr. cpu for svp.

have sellected "no acceleration" for gpu but no change.

svp works beautifully. I love it.

are you able to play smooth 4K HDR at 60 FPS with MPV player, using only CPU? What's the CPU's load and clocks then?

are you sure of that there are no single drop during watching a whole movie? Some time I was thinkig the same but after watching after some 20 min, suddenly noticed single drop frame on TV  with its interpolation...

and your cpu might be to weak to handle a 120fps interpolation with 4K, hdr content


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BetteBalterZen wrote:

Hello all

I've been using SVP and MPV together for 4K HDR @48FPS movies for a long time.

Are you able to play 4K in 10 bit mode, with 59.940 FPS, without HW decoding- in mpv-with your 8700k CPU?

cgrosgm wrote:

2160p60 cpu:22%  gpu:77%

Can I ask you how’s your PC efficiency when playing 4K with 59.940 fps, 10 bit output and without any of the HW decoding via mpv player?


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justinluyang wrote:

thank you, i will stay with 60fps.

does with 4K,  59.940 fps and 10 bit output run smooth for you, then?


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thanks @Blackfyre for reply!
First of all I want to stay with bitstreaming the truehd signals so methods like Reclock is not for me smile
Well, finally I upgrade my laptop CPU from 6700k to 8700k and I'm able to achive a watchable standard with 24x2 and settings like here (also using throttleStop to keep CPU alive in hard-laptop enviroment smile ) I mean 4K ,10 bit content, ofcourse !

I thought about i9 9900k but for a laptop it's too much throttle, with 8700k I can barerly keep avg 4.5 Ghz..


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dlr5668 wrote:
aeneas1 wrote:

very interesting and helpful thread....

currently my display is set at 59hz and i have svp set to 2.5, so for 23.9 movies i'm getting 59.8, is there a better setting i should be using?

24 x 2, 24 * 3, etc

if I choose option with 24x2 , what refresh rate I should go with: 50 Hz or 59 Hz in Nvidia Panel?


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I’d like to know what does it mean when OSD info gets gray color? I only see this when playing 4K hdr movies but with 1080p it’s green.


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hey fieldskeb,

how do you get 5.1 sound ( like dts, dolby digital) with this capture card? I was thinking of recording the output stream from SVP but in manuals of the capture cards say it cannot record multichannel sound?

I've just done research: according to laptop reviews these CPUs go down to 3.0 GHz when Cinebench Multi Core rendering...- would it be enough power for 6-8 cores?

well, laptop's CPU are quite powerful nowadays:)

what do you think about i7 9750H or higher models like i9 9980H, is it going to work?

madVR is showing dropped/repeated frames during when playing on 59,940 TV, I thought it should be constant...


I've noticed that I do not have smooth playback of transcoded mkv file and found in MediaInfo that FPS is 59,940 BUT: Variable (!):

I'm using NVENC deafult settings:


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Chainik wrote:

> does transcoding (SVPcode) will keep HDR metadata from 4k rips?


is it even possible in the future, maybe?
I'm thinking about like video grabber, for now, like this one:> do you think this could work? Recording live-transcoded video signal?


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aaah, I get it now! smile
I'm OK with  the  "basic" HDR at the moment, thanks for explanation Chainik smile


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reading SVP headlines on main page, you're saying that MPV support HDR playback but no dynamic HDR.
I don't quite understand that, HDR is "dynamic" by itself