are you sure of that there are no single drop during watching a whole movie? Some time I was thinkig the same but after watching after some 20 min, suddenly noticed single drop frame on TV  with its interpolation...

and your cpu might be to weak to handle a 120fps interpolation with 4K, hdr content


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BetteBalterZen wrote:

Hello all

I've been using SVP and MPV together for 4K HDR @48FPS movies for a long time.

Are you able to play 4K in 10 bit mode, with 59.940 FPS, without HW decoding- in mpv-with your 8700k CPU?

cgrosgm wrote:

2160p60 cpu:22%  gpu:77%

Can I ask you how’s your PC efficiency when playing 4K with 59.940 fps, 10 bit output and without any of the HW decoding via mpv player?


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justinluyang wrote:

thank you, i will stay with 60fps.

does with 4K,  59.940 fps and 10 bit output run smooth for you, then?


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thanks @Blackfyre for reply!
First of all I want to stay with bitstreaming the truehd signals so methods like Reclock is not for me smile
Well, finally I upgrade my laptop CPU from 6700k to 8700k and I'm able to achive a watchable standard with 24x2 and settings like here (also using throttleStop to keep CPU alive in hard-laptop enviroment smile ) I mean 4K ,10 bit content, ofcourse !

I thought about i9 9900k but for a laptop it's too much throttle, with 8700k I can barerly keep avg 4.5 Ghz..


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dlr5668 wrote:
aeneas1 wrote:

very interesting and helpful thread....

currently my display is set at 59hz and i have svp set to 2.5, so for 23.9 movies i'm getting 59.8, is there a better setting i should be using?

24 x 2, 24 * 3, etc

if I choose option with 24x2 , what refresh rate I should go with: 50 Hz or 59 Hz in Nvidia Panel?


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I’d like to know what does it mean when OSD info gets gray color? I only see this when playing 4K hdr movies but with 1080p it’s green.


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hey fieldskeb,

how do you get 5.1 sound ( like dts, dolby digital) with this capture card? I was thinking of recording the output stream from SVP but in manuals of the capture cards say it cannot record multichannel sound?

I've just done research: according to laptop reviews these CPUs go down to 3.0 GHz when Cinebench Multi Core rendering...- would it be enough power for 6-8 cores?

well, laptop's CPU are quite powerful nowadays:)

what do you think about i7 9750H or higher models like i9 9980H, is it going to work?

madVR is showing dropped/repeated frames during when playing on 59,940 TV, I thought it should be constant...


I've noticed that I do not have smooth playback of transcoded mkv file and found in MediaInfo that FPS is 59,940 BUT: Variable (!):

I'm using NVENC deafult settings:


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Chainik wrote:

> does transcoding (SVPcode) will keep HDR metadata from 4k rips?


is it even possible in the future, maybe?
I'm thinking about like video grabber, for now, like this one:> do you think this could work? Recording live-transcoded video signal?


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aaah, I get it now! smile
I'm OK with  the  "basic" HDR at the moment, thanks for explanation Chainik smile


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reading SVP headlines on main page, you're saying that MPV support HDR playback but no dynamic HDR.
I don't quite understand that, HDR is "dynamic" by itself

let's say I'm gonna build a PC with i.e. Ryzen 3900x, should I stick with GTX 1070 (to save up some $) OR is it worth to go with some RTXs? I mean if I had so much power from CPU, would I get some benefit from Nvidia Optical FLow technology?


oops, sorry, now I found the answer in this topic:


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Chainik wrote:

Every 65'' oled has its own motion interpolation.

always been curious about how TVs do it? Do they have such powerfull  8-cores CPU inside, too? To enjoy what SVP can gives us, it' requires some power on PC systems...:rolleyes:


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so, after october 2019 update, mpv is able to render with 4K/HDR and my question is:

does transcoding (SVPcode) will keep HDR metadata from 4k rips? Asking because now, in times of new Ryzens/Threadripeers it might take less time to do this smile


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Is that what your mpv.conf file look like? It's kinda strange compare to Blackfire's settings list...?


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kathampy wrote:

MPC-BE plays 10-bit smoothly with SVP.

Are you sure of 10 bit output in MPC-BE? VLC and MPV can do it only...(?)


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for 1080p will be fine, but for 4K 10bit it’s not enough- had same questions here:

dlr5668 wrote:

ryzen 5 1700 is more than enough, so ryzen 9 3900X is overkill

even for FRC to 59,940 FPS, 4K 10 bit, HDR content?

I’ve just noticed that AMD Ryzen 9 3900X come out, is SVP prefere to use some Intel or Amd architecture? When I look at the benchmarks, what parameters I should consider then ( multithreding, video en/decoding)? I was decided to i9 9900K but Amd Ryzen 3900x will be better choice now?

back to my hardware question, VLC with HDR- i9 9900k can deal with it?;)