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MAG79 wrote:

If video already has 50 fps (or 60 fps - Excellent!) then why you don't use playing it at refreshrate = framerate?

selectevery.. or using assumefps, convertfps
It is wrong way. You will kill half of information about movements.

50 is the problem... with 60 I can turn off svp (60hz monitor here)

Anyway You are true.. the info is killed and these selectevery/assumefps/ convertfps dont do the trick.
Its better create a preset for resize these videos with high framerate when I dont have enough CPU


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MAG79 wrote:

SVP work with 50 fps and 60 fps very well for me. It detects right meaning of framerate.

these high framerate videos are always a problem..
What you are talking about?

I wonder if there is a solution planned in future SVP versions for these videos
Yes. It is the main task of SVP. If we have some problems with high framerate video then I need a sample to fix SVP.

Hi Mag wink

Sorry for not explain the  word "problem" correctly. SVP is working OK.

These videos are a problem in terms of CPU usage. Im testing with 50 and 60 sources and they run as smooth as 24/25/30 sources.. but I need to resize down the sources about a 20% more to handle them correctly.

I countinue searching the best way to convert the source video to 25/30.. with selectevery.. or using assumefps, convertfps, etc. to avoid resize these huge videos.
What do you recommend?


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these high framerate videos are always a problem.. I dont know yet an useful way to handle them,

You can use selectevery to remove frames and get a 30fps source to do the interpolation later.

I wonder if there is a solution planned in future SVP versions for these videos


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Using grids of 8/7/6px... decrease grid step is needed?

is it noticeable when you are looking for smoothness?

I use 8px and disabling or enabling decrease grid step dont show visible differences for my eye.

so... decrease grid step is only noticeable for 32/16/12px?

I would want to know in what configs it is necessary and when you can disable it safely-

sorry I cannt find this video fragment.. Just take a sequence of a modern action movie with a lot of things moving in the screen

MAG79 wrote:

1) sharper is better.
2) filtered from noise and deblocked source is better.

I wonder if there is any process active into SVP that is pre-sharpening image in certain way

Why you think blurred is better? What source you used for tests?

Hi MAG79 wink
Im testing with the classic "test video avatar". If I apply extreme blur, the image moves smoother ... if I apply extreme sharp.. seem to be very complicated for SVP and the smoothness is partially destroyed.

(Im using 8px grid and shaders by blocks). I have to check other configs

Sometimes I apply filters to the image.

If I apply filters after SVP the cpu usage is higher than applied before.

1) If I apply filters before SVP... how I could get max smoothness? having a blurred image or having a sharper one?

2) What about noise and blocks? Its better leave them or filter them before SVP?

edit: Im replying myself to questio 1)
A blurred or very blurred image moves smoother than a shap or very sharp one...

I wonder if there is any process active into SVP that is pre-sharpening image in certain way... I would want to deactivate it to gain smoothness

If you dont need the extra smoothness, why dot you try with higher motion vector grid values (12 or  16)


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wow MAG79!!! analyse.main.search.distance = 0 is the BOMB!! wink

Im using it and now I dont need to add borders cause I have more free CPU.
Really impressive wink

Im using and optimizing these scripts since 2009, doing tests with the scripts posted the classic AVS forum thread.. (Subjunk) .. and its fantastic to see that each day we can improve a little more our scripts and get the best from our machines wink

Thanks a lot pal! smile


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Hi again MAG79 wink thanks for your support.

My requirements are having enabled these features:
Frames interpolation mode: Uniform (max smoothness)
Motion vectors grid: 8 px. Small 0
Motion vectors precision: Half pixel (default)

At moment Im applying ffdshow resize to 1280x720 to save CPU for big videos .. and also adding inside borders to decrease frame size when I get framedrops. (I wanted to get rid of this small framesize)

If I can tweak any setting in the overrride.js file plz let me know.. I can sacrifice image quality (even sacrifice colors) in trade to conserve the smoothness.
Im using SVP shader: 11. Simple Lite for avoid really big artifacts (dont know if there is lower cpu version to do similar effect).
(I dont have GPU.. Im processing only with CPU)
Im using potplayer as player (overlay mixer/YV12 color space)
XPsp3. All M$ crap removed and only 4 services active in background.

Here is my additional info.

Last processed file parameters:
Filename: test video avatar.mkv
Frame size and frame rate: 1280x720 pixels, 23.975 fps
Internal Avisynth-framerate: 23.975 fps

Detected screen parameters
Screen size and refresh rate: 1280x1024 pixels, 60.015 Hz

Video smoothing info
Smooth factor: 5:2
Resulting video frame rate: 59.937 fps
Repeat 1 frame every 13 sec (without ReClock)

Selected profile: 1280x720@24

Profile settings of video processing
[ExMethod=MSmoothFps_0]        Frames interpolation mode: Uniform (max smoothness)
[ExAlgo=11]            SVP shader: 11. Simple Lite
[ExMulti=MON]            Target frame rate: To screen refresh rate (default)
[ExBlockSize=8x8:0]        Motion vectors grid: 8 px. Small 0
[ExRecalc=0:0]            Decrease grid step: Disabled (default)
[TypeDist=Hex:-6:SATD]        Search radius: Small
[ExPel=2]            Motion vectors precision: Half pixel (default)
[Badsad=1000:-24]        Wide search: Average (default)
[ExSadml=0]            Artifacts masking: Disabled (default)
[ExBlend=true]            Processing of scene changes: Blend adjacent frames
[ExDwnResize=0]            Decrease frame size: Disabled (default)
[ExConvertFps=false]        Blend frames to screen refresh rate:false

Settings by menu
[svp_libflowgpu=0]        GPU-acceleration (OpenCL): false
[ExThreads=0]            Processing threads: Auto
[StereoMode=0]            Stereo mode (3D): Plain 2D
[HandCrop=None]            Frame crop: Disabled
[Borderlight=None]        Outer lighting: Disabled
[BorderlightZoom=5]        Glow amount: 5%
[BorderlightType=8:8:100:1]    Lighting type: Type 3
[VDelay=0]            Video delay: 0 ms
[ExDemo=0]            Demonstration mode: false
[ExTearingTest=0]        Tearing test: false
[EFrameDoubling=0]        Variable frame rate repair: false
[StopSmoothDelayOnRewind=-1]    Turn off on seek: Don't turn off


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Hi guys smile

Can I edit any SVP file to add these new values in the motion vectors grid?

12px is not so smooth as 8px, but this last one is a bit CPU intensive for my machine... so something in the middle like 10px would be a good place to test.

its easy.. if your monitor is 60hz just interpolate to 120fps, 180fps, 240fps, 300fps for more slow motion

chainik wrote a fix into the forum for me.. do a search


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If you are into classic black&white movies.. the effect is interesting and improve many modern movies with that vintage feeling....

anyway .. again. its only an idea for CPU saving.


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With the purpose of save CPU I used in my old computers grayscale decoding to play 1080/720 videos.

It possible to use Grayscale decoding in SVP? it would save noticeable CPU cycles with SVP?

Thanks for the info!!! I always miss a little documentation to understand what these settings are doing exactly and what ones are not necessary when used along others..

Ill do trial and error disabling or lowering these settings and check if the smoothness remains the same. Surely that it will save some precious CPU wink

I want to know if I can disable totally any of these RED settings when using 6px vector grid and max smoothness



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Thanks a lot for share the table MAG79. I know very well now time consuming are these tests (I usually do OS benchs).
Ill check now if potplayer internal resize is less or more cpu hungry than ffdshow one wink

Ill report later

EDIT.- Potplayer and FFdshow provide very similar performance (probably Pot is using ffdhshow code)


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what is the more efficient way to resize a video before SVP processing? (not enough CPU here for my favourite smooth settings).

Currently I use potplayer internal resize, but I wonder if there is a more efficient (CPU saving) way (maybe adding avisynth resize?). FFDSHOW has also resize.. and SVP have a setting to do resize .. but Im not sure what option is better in the video chain. Other ways/tools to apply resize before SVP?

(Im not asking here if lanczos is better than bicubic...  thats another stoy) wink


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Congrats for the new release wink I tested and its running pretty well!!!

Thanks a lot for your work and dedication guys!

working: mplayerc
fail: MPC-HC

anyway about sp3.. both players runs fine without SVP...

You was right

The event log info me that:

Application popup: : \SystemRoot\System32\vga.dll failed to load

I was testing with the old mplayerc and it works OK with SVP.. Ill have to check what is needed with MPHC to run properly in XP

Do you have any clue?

Thanks for the help pal! smile

Hi MAG79 wink

Oh sorry I noticed that I didnt use the correct word.

I have a program "exit" I mean that MPHC automatically closes when SVP should start running

I dont have a crash (with a box message-text-module name etc)

Hi guys!!

Anyone have an idea about why MPHC should "exit" when the SVP playback start?

When I open a file.. teh first frames appear in the MPHC window.. its half a second.. then the SVP should start, ffdshow icon appear..   and its when MPHC automatically closes.

I never was able to use MPHC with SVP.. so I bet its a config problem.. anyway I never get any trouble with Potplayer.

Its a know problem? Im missing something that is not required with Potplayer config?.
At least if I add my own filters to SVP and I writte something wrong, I get screen messages in potplayer.. but player does not crashes.. or if it does.. an error window appear.

(Im not using DVXA or any hardwarare accel.. Im decoding with CPU.. using overlaymixer. winXPsp3).
(MPHC playing fine if I unload SVP)

Forget MT. Its not necessary. I use filters in this way

vectors=SVAnalyse(super, analyse_params)
SVSmoothFps(super, vectors, smoothfps_params, mt=threads, url="www.svp-team.com")
#write here filters like addgrain, scanlines etc (if you like these effect), or you will get rare artifacts processing before SVP
(this is an empty line and have to be included)

If a filter needs an special multithread mode write a setmtmode(x,x) line before it


Yes finally it works with your empty line trick. Thanks a lot pal!
I dont have any world domination script that I dont want to share. I do lots of test trying to find the best filter combo for all sources (an impossible mission as you know but I enjoy with the experiments wink

finesharp (very good for 1080 content)
awarpsharp2 (for anime and crappy sources)

line darkerners:
toonlite (anime)

remove noise:


Everything available in doom9 forums as you know... no mysterious scripts wink

I was asking for place to add scripts After SVP cause I do lot of experiments. Sometimes same filter works better before SVP others after SVP.
Currently doing experiments adding noise (addgrain) before and after SVP when I use low quality sources.. or even add Scanlines.. that is only possible after SVP.

I think that Its an offtopic for this forum.. but these are the "other" scripts that I use a part from SVP smile