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Topic: 8/7/6px. Decrease grid step is needed?

Using grids of 8/7/6px... decrease grid step is needed?

is it noticeable when you are looking for smoothness?

I use 8px and disabling or enabling decrease grid step dont show visible differences for my eye.

so... decrease grid step is only noticeable for 32/16/12px?

I would want to know in what configs it is necessary and when you can disable it safely-

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Re: 8/7/6px. Decrease grid step is needed?


I onlhy can tell from my experience... but if you set it to max smoothie... then the default settings → 12px should be already at its peak smoothness
px 8/7/6 however may gain tad lil bit more smoothness.. BUT and this is not for the fainted of heart...  YOu'll get to see artifacts GARANTEED !!!

You can get rid of most of those artifacts by using Artifacts masking ... but that will break smooth playback again.. so therefor... its of no use to set it higher anyway... unless u dont mind watching wave lengts in ur video stream !!!
have experienced that with an specific scene from an episode disc that wos heavily interlaced ..

That said, the method of deinterlacing can have an HUGE impact on smooth playback too... EVEN though ur computer is more then capable to run SVP... it has nothing to do with the performance of ur cpu / gpu... but everhyting with SvP setting in the first place but the method of Deinterlace is just as important for max smooth playback !!!

I have learned that spending hours to get the right setting... and right now i like to think i have it right ... even to play high definition 1080p movies + SVP ....

bout that... took all of my system its resources to run 1080p material + svp in tandem whitout 0 stutter though lol..

Only thing that is still bugging me like crazy is the dvd navigation in mpc-hc is still screwed... but thats more of an FFdshow issue then anything else.... 

have tried many SVN builds from ffdshow to overcome that.. but allas... it seems they still dont get it right !!!